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Religion is more about man than it is about God, and that is the way God wants it to be. 

Bible, Orthodox Judaism, Kabbalah, & Meditation
All of our courses are geared towards
removing fundamentalism, extremism, superstitions, and prejudice from religion.

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Introduction into the Kabbalah of the KosherTorah School

& The Book of Analysis of Faith and Kabbalah

KosherTorah on Government

KosherTorah on Respect

KosherTorah on Kabbalah

KosherTorah on Dialogue

KosherTorah on Love

KosherTorah on "Who is Wise?"

KosherTorah on Halakha (Torah Law)


Daily Thoughts

Insight into Life, the Universe, and Everything...   with a dash of Kabbalah

February/March 2016

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2016 Essays


God, an Introduction, 1


God, an Introduction, 2


Being in the Here and Now


The Final Frontier

Something is Missing in Genesis

Riding the Waves

Succah, the Secret of Remembering

So, You Think You're Forgiven?


Idolatry, the Modern Mind Flu


Yihudim, Rightfully Bringing
Together Things Apart


Don't Forget The Real Message

The Solution for Islamic Extremism

The Real Lesson of the Book of Esther


Souls & their Connection to Torah


Faith, the Final Frontier

Elohim, Shadai, YHWH:
The Three Realities of God


The Myth of the Jewish Soul


The Necessary Evolution of Religion


Healing Your Soul


Abulafian - Vitalian Kabbalistic Meditation
Made Easy


Na'aseh v'Nishmah


Meditation: Embracing the A'lef


The Legend that is the Zohar


Rocking Boats
A Response to my Detractors


Taking a Stand Against

Liars in Religious Garb


2016 - What's New! 
What's Coming

2015 Essays

The Mental Kung Fu Series

Lesson 1
Living in the Light


Lesson 2
Imagine the Imagination


Lesson 3
Beginnings, the Tree & the Bull


Lesson 4
Circling with the Bull's Horns


Lesson 5
The Bull's Horns & the Eagle's Eye


Lesson 6
The Eagle Strikes


Lesson 7
The Thinking Man of the Chariot



Way of Enlightenment Series

According to the Torah Path

Secrets of the After-Life, 1


The NaRaNHaY Soul and is Relationship to Consciousness
(After-Life, 2)


The Reality of Hell
(After-Life, 3)

The Triangle of Freedom
Exodus, Creation & the Sabbath


About Religion, Faith, Science, and Proofs

The Quantum Flux of Religious Realities


The Truth about the 72 Names of God,
and some other Truths about Religion


The Two Commandments
"Heard" from God

Torah and Yoga,
a Proper View

One Law to Rule Them All

To Gaze Upon the True “Face” of God

What is Israel?
What is a Nation of Priests?
What is the Real Lesson of
the Book of Esther (Purim)
Modern Golden Calves in Black Hats
An In-Depth Analysis
YHWH-Adonai, Knowing God
About Successful Relationships
Sacrifices in our Times

Staying Faithful to the Center
(A Guide to Halakhic Observance)


The Meaning of Freedom in the Passover Story


Leaven (Hametz) on Passover in Quantum Torah


To Pray Alone, or with a Minyan


Natural Balance, Respecting Boundaries

Torah, and the Languages of Man
Secret of Unity
Scapegoating and At-One-Ment
The Living Voice
Priests of Israel, and Priests from Israel
Pre-Adamic Humanity (2013)
Is Tomorrow's Twilight Yesterday?
Secret of the Star of David and Seal of Solomon
The Test of Bitter Waters
The Fix for Foolish Fundamentalists

Nature's Instinct & Torah's Law,
The Secret of the Union of Elohim & YHWH

Orthodox Women Rabbis in Halakha
Learning from Every Source, No Matter What
Same Sex Marriages

“Demonic” Attacks & Psychic Warfare


The Wisdom in Work

Respect and Tolerance
Tisha b'Av Today, a Warning for the Future
Mind Building

Meditation Prerequisite 101:
Out with the Bad, In with the Good


Torah Monotheism
& the Truth about Other Gods


Condemnation of Religious Violence

How To Understand Kabbalistc Kavanot Meditations
Guardians, not Jailers

The Difference Between the Original “Secrets of the Torah” and the Zoharic Kabbalah

Capturing God's Blessings and Using Them


Reality Check for the Rosh HaShana Holiday


The Avinu Malkaynu Prayer in Kabbalah


Successful Changes –

How to Accomplish Real Repentance


Rational Kabbalah


Secrets of Forgiveness for Yom Kippur


Mistaking Tons for Pounds Not a Good Idea


The Apocalypse of Succot


Adult Genesis, Scientific Torah


Knowing Noah's "Commandments"


Some Lesser Known Truths about Circumcision


What is Proper Sacrifice to God?


A Lasting, Happy Marriage


Why Evil


Where Do Ethics & Morals Come From?


Violence & Hate


Luria/Franklin, the Power in our Hands


The Dangers of Studying Kabbalah
Without Correlative Spiritual Experience


The History of Kabbalah, Let the Truth be Told


The Evolution of Religion


True, Truth & the Mind of the Prophet


2013 Essays

Can A Torah Faithful, Orthodox Jew Believe that Yeshu was (is, or will be) the Messiah?
An Orthodox Rabbi Joins the Fight for Christmas!

Fighting for the Light, Past and Present
Wolves in Sheep's Clothing
United We Stand - Revisited!
Getting Prayers Answered
Different Kinds of Angels and the Master Plan
Telepathic Communication with Real Angels
Does God Lie?  If So, Should We?
Be Mindful of the Watchers, but Fear Not their Coming Agenda
Leave like Avraham, Hide like Rebbe Shimon
What are Angels?
Barukh Dayan HaEmet - HaRav Ovadiah Yosef
How Much Torah was Actually Given at Sinai?
The Reality of Mashiah
Learning ?/!
Peace or War, ! or ?
Forgiveness 101, A Lesson in Common Sense
A New Year for Salvation, But Without Miracles
When Up is Really Down, The Ba'al Shem Tov's Great Rule
Klipot and Religion, an Old & Unfortunate Combination
God & Israel, The Original Family Feud
Will the Real Judaism Please Stand Up
Your Rights! Who Decides?
Pursuing Justice, the Biblical Way
Reconciling Religion with its Extraterrestrial/Telepathic Origins
The Natural Mechanics of Blessings
Standing Right (1)
Israel, the Mission
Overcoming Cycles of Amalek
The Sum of it All – What Torah is All About
Torah Secrets As To Why Bad Things Happen
Following Torah's "Yellow Brick Road" through the Mind/Soul's "GPS"
Psychic Devekut, Seeing God & Getting Prepared for the Unpredictable
How to be an Authentic Zealot
Danger! The Biryonim Are Rising Again!
Balaam's Occult in the World Today
The Deceivers and the Desperate,
Why -Kabbalist- Has Become a Bad Word
Darn Torah! It Don't Make No Sense!
Government Surveillance in Light of Torah
I'm a "Good Old Rebel," But I'm No Korah!
Cursing God or Cursing Religion
The Quantum Psychology of Self-Imposed Curses
Perception in the Science/Religion of Religion/Science
Torah Codes, White Fire Beneath Black Fire
Extraterrestrial Man, Israel & Torah
Lessons from the Other Side, The Necessary Tests
Directives for Spiritual Ascent for the Night of Shavuot
Inalienable Human Rights & the Bible's Natural Order
The Unseen and Its Influence
Secrets of Pre-Adamic Humanity
Shabat Day, When to Pray, When to Eat
Revelations about the Secret Truths in the Zohar
Flying Purple Elephants, Party On!
Insights into Parshat Kedoshim 2013
Healing "Demons" in Exorcisms
J + 11t = I! (Jews + 11 Tribes = Israel!)
Bastiat, The Law & the Wisdom of Sages Past
Learning Living Torah, Living Torah Work
Knowing Torah, Doing Divine Service
Additional Revelation & Vision, Seventh Day of Pesah
Early Morning Vision, Shabat Hol HaMoed Pesah
In Praise of Dogs
Words of Kabbalah, Tzav - Dune
Secrets of Had Gadya
Words of Kabbalah, Parshat Vayikra
Psychological Sefirot
The Assembly to Heal the Collective Israelite Soul
The Sin of the Golden Calf in the Kabbalah of the Ari'zal
Rise of the New Nazism
Tetzaveh - Building the Feminine Menorah
Transforming Kabbalistic Metaphors into Practical Action
Secrets of the Ark of the Covenant
Whisper The Glory, Calm the Moment
Mishpatim - J'ACCUSE!  When the Law Should Not be the Law
Yitro - Telepathic Torah & the Ten Commandments
How Do You Think It Tastes?
Beshelah, Birth of the First TzaHaL, the Israelite Defense Forces
The First of the Ten Commandments, Thou Shall Be Free of the Big Lie
Bo - Can You Handle The Supernatural?
Rationalists verses Mysticism, Why the Hostility?
What The Torah/Prophets/Sages
Say About Worshipers Of Other Religions
Shemot - Taxes Lead to Slavery
Who is Truly Smart?
2012 Essays
God Sent You!
Vayehi - The Secret Soul of the Mashiah
Future Predictions
Vayigash 2012 - Joseph & Judah Archetypes
DECEMBER 21, 2012
Because of Amen
Miqetz 2012 - In-Depth Dream Interpretation
Hanuka 2012 - Which Light is Right?
Weekly Torah Portion - Vayeshev 2012
Travels to a Disturbing Foreign Land
Weekly Torah Portion - Vayishlah (2012)
In Defense of Magical Kabbalah (Ma'asit)
Weekly Torah Portion - Vayetzei (2012)
Ruthless War
Cruelty, is it a Reality or a Perception
Weekly Torah Portion - Toldot (2012)
The Word and the Way
Weekly Torah Portion - Hayei Sarah (2012), the Kabbalah of a Good Marriage
The Secret of Faith
Weekly Torah Portion - Vayera (2012), Biblical Law & Homosexuality
Today's Intuited Word 10/28/12
Weekly Torah Portion - Lekh L'kha (2012)
Angelic Dominions & Human Influences
Weekly Torah Portion - Noah (2012)
Building Bridges Between the Faiths
Redeeming the Light, Secrets of the Final Redemption
An Important Message for Both Christians & Jews
Is World War Three Coming?
For Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement, 2012
What Heaven Loves,The Power In Our Hands
Returning to the Inner Tree of Life
Merging Spiritual and Psychological Realities
Secrets of Positive Thinking
The Kabbalistic Secret of Transforming Keter into Malkhut and Back Again
K.I.S.S. Away Problems
Tough New Hope
Practicing Justice, 8 Practical Steps to Make Your Life Better
Teshuva, Rosh HaShana & Aligning With Libra's Passage
Healing Through Inner Sound
Stuck In A Rut? Maybe This Can Help!
Revealing the "Secret,"
The Actual, Correct Way to Pronounce and Use the Name Y-H-W-H
Mind-to-Mind Connections & Remote Viewing
Psychic Development, Submitting to the Crown
Enhancing Psychic Powers By Embracing The Sefirot
Torah Codes, White Fire Beneath Black Fire
Quantum Cause & Effect, The Prophetic Mind & Synchronicity
Guide to Psychological Divination
Prophetic Prayer, Commentary to the Standing Prayer, the Amidah, Lesson 3
Prophetic Prayer, Commentary to the Standing Prayer, the Amidah, Lesson 2
Prophetic Prayer, Commentary to the Standing Prayer, the Amidah, Lesson 1
Prophetic Prayer, Aligning with "God," the Universal Mind, Introduction
The Misunderstood Mystical Talmud
Living Torah, Finding YHWH, the Original Way
Daydreaming, Step One to Expanding Consciousness
Tuning in to the Divine Broadcast (1/3/12)
Nature's Clocks & Bio Time  (12/30/11)
Soul Power - Expanding the Conscious Mind (In 3 Parts) 12/11)
The Difference Between Good People & Bad People  (12/4/11)
Brother To The Destroyer  (11/21/11)
SOCIAL UNREST  A Bad Sign of the Times  (11/17/11)
B.T.'s "Stayin Alive" (11/14/11)
The Message of Mysticism REVEALED (11/9/11)
HATE! (11/03/11)
SOLOMON'S WISDOM #3  (10/31/11)
SOLOMON'S WISDOM #2 (10/26/11)
Solomon's wisdom #1 (10/23/11)
BE LIKE EZEKIEL (10/10/11)
FAITH, NOT FEAR!  (10/5/11)
Repentance to Freedom  (10/2/11)
New Year Predictions, **Guaranteed Accurate**  (9/26/11)
REMEMBER  (9/18/11)
Good Morning, Well, Maybe?  (9/15/11)
COUNTDOWN!  (9/14/11)
WATCH & LEARN! (9/11/11)
The Role of Government & The Pursuit of Justice  (9/1/11)
CHARITY B.S.I. (8/10/11)
Why Home School! (8/02/11)
The History of Satan - Introduction  (7/28/11)
BIBLICAL DEFENSE - The Great Battle & How To Fight It  (7/20/11)
Angels & Emotions - How Best To Serve God  (7/14/11)
Frightening (?) Things To Consider  (7/10/11)
Puzzles  (7/3/11)
Even The Most Logical Rational Argument
Can Be Nothing More Than Sugar-Coated C***
Finding God, First Steps (6/21/11)
Living Faith & Natural Law (5/26/11)
Religion's "New Clothes" (5/4/11)
Leaven On Passover In Quantum Torah (4/10/11)
Conspiracy Theories  (1/17/11)
To Rely On Miracles, Or Not? (1/02/11)
2010 Essays
Election Day - Righteous Choices (10/31/10)
Family and/or Character: How Does One Choose A Mate (10/27/10)
Ashrei Secrets 8, The Reality of G-d's Grace (10/20/10)
Should Government Prohibit Certain Sexual Behaviors (10/18/10)
Ashrei Secrets 7, Cain & Levites  (10/15/10)
Avram & the Fight for Freedom (10/12/10)
The Awe of G-d Found in Natural Law - Ashrei, Pasuk 6 (10/07/10)
Noah's Lesson From The Flood - Natural Law & Natural Judgment (10/04/10)
G-d's Many Faces - Ashrei 5  (9/16/10)
 The Repentance Merry-Go-Round (9/12/10)
Rewards or Obligations? (9/06/10)
Native American Jews?  A fulfillment of prophecy?  (8/30/10)
Secrets of Ashrei, Pasuk 3  (8/29/10)
Freedom - Bible Style (8/22/10)
Distractions (8/04/10)
Beware of Provocateurs Posing as Rabbis  (7/23/10)
And These Words Shall Be Upon Your Hearts (7/21/10)
 Rise Up & Possess Look! What Do You See?  (7/12/10)
The Fall Of Third Israel (7/09/10)
Movement Manifests The Concealed Teacher  (7/05/10)
What Are You Saying??  Abra'ca'dabra  (7/04/10)
Pinhas, Psychic Vision & Natural Balance  (6/27/10)
The True Dark Lords - Modern Day Bilaams & the Occult  (6/20/10)
E.T. Torah & The Red Heifer (6/14/10)
Korah Lives! The Dangers of Extremism (6/06/10)
Fear is a Disease; Courage is its Cure (6/02/10)
 Ruah HaKodesh (Divine Inspiration) & Torah Law: The Match Made in Heaven (5/23/10)
A Special Prayer for Receiving Divine Guidance (Torah) - for Shavuot  (5/16/10)
The Holy Encampment & the Secret Order of the Universe (5/13/10)
 A Gift From Heaven - A Special Kabbalistic Prayer (May 10, 2010)
B'hukotai: The Solution to the Problem of the Divine Curse (5/03/10)
Behar: Secrets of the Pre-Adamic Shemitot (5/03/10)
Secrets of Lag B'Omer & the History of the Zohar (4/30/10)
Three Kabbalists Define Love (4/23/10)
Rosh Hodesh in Kabbalah (4/14/10)
The Deaths of Nadav & Avinu (4/08/10)
Secrets of Faith & Redemption  (4/02/10)
The Coming Storm (3/28/10)
 The Minhag of the Seder Sword  (3/25/10)  
Ignite The Fire - Meditation for After the Pesah Seder (3/24/10) 
The Deepest Kabbalah is the Simplest Truth (3/22/10)
Measure for Measure (3/18/10)
Nisan Revelations 5770  (3/16/10)
Ashrei Kavanot, Pasukim 1 & 2, Meditations on Psalm 145  (3/14/10)
Good Old-Fashioned Fire & Brimstone (3/07/10)
Golden Calves, Past & Present (3/04/10)
Escape to Freedom (3/01/10)
Blood & Guts, the Two-Fold Miracle of Purim (2/24/10)
Ashrei, the Great & Holy Psalm, Part 1 (2/23/10)
The Secret of Souls & Their Connection to Torah (Emek HaMelekh) (2/18/10)
"I" - Insights (2/16/10)
the path of life (2/12/10)
They Saw Childhood's End  (2/09/10)
Sinai Was A Controlled Big Bang (2/03/10)
The Time Is Coming  (2/01/10)
 The Cycle Vision  (1/27/10)
Circle & Square (1/21/10)
The Synchronicity of Redemption: Integrating the Inner & Outer Worlds
 The Nature of Exile, Part 4 (Jan. 20, 2010)
The Kabbalah of Personalities, the Nature of Exile, Part 3 (1/12/10)
The Nature of Exile, Part 2, the Solution (1/07/10)
The Nature of Exile, Part 1, the Problem (1/05/10)
2009 Essays
What To Expect When Mashiah Comes (12/31/09)
The Religious Are Insane! - Torah Is Not! (12/29/09) 
Asarah B'Tevet - The Fast Day That Shouldn't Be (12/25/09)
 Yosef, the "Modern Orthodox" vs. the "Flawed Fundamentalist" (12/24/09)
Religious Drugs (12/17/09)
What To Do When Life Sucks! (12/09/09)
Hanuka 2009 - The Forgotten Lesson (12/06/09)
The "Kung-Fu" of the Torah Scholar-Warrior (12/03/09)
True Faith, Real Righteousness (11/30/09)
Thanksgiving Day (11/26/09)
Ya'akov Avivu & the Perennial Battle Against Evil (11/24/09)
Esav & Ya'akov - Archetypes of the Mind (11/19/09)
The Garden of Eden & its Relationship to Makhpelah & Mashiah (11/13/09)
Angels, Non-Corporeal, Physical or Alien? (11/05/09)
Avraham Avinu and the War to Free the Minds of Humanity (10/27/09)
Was Babel Nuclear Powered?  Was the Tower a Space Ship? (10/20/09)
Did You Know These Things About Genesis? (10/13/09)
A Glimpse into Genesis Secrets, Adam, Animals & Extraterrestrials (10/09/09)
Yosemite Nights II, Contemplations on Y-H-V-H (10/07/09)
Succah - The Secret of Remembering (10/01/09)
Hey! It Ain't Over Yet! (9/29/09)
Segulah for Prosperity (9/25/09)
The Ten Days - A Pep Talk (9/21/09)
Rosh HaShana Pointers (9/16/09)
Mashiah 5770? (913/09)
Masekhet Atzilut, An Ancient Kabbalistic Text (9/09/09)
Numbers, Letters & the Sefer Yetzirah (9/07/09)
Two Messiahs for Two Trees (9/06/09)
Kohelet Thoughts for Elul 7 (9/03/09)
"Dems Fightin Words" - A Religious/Social Commentary (9/01/09)
Kohelet Thoughts for Elul 6 (8/31/09)
Kohelet Thoughts for Elul 5 (8/30/09)
The Secret Power Within "HaShem Hu HaElokim" (8/28/09)
Kohelet Thoughts for Elul 4 (8/27/09)
Yosemite Nights (8/25/09)
Kohelet Thoughts for Elul 3 (8/24/09)
Kohelet Thoughts for Elul 2 (8/23/09)
Kohelet Thoughts for Elul 1 (8/21/09)
Answer to Assimilation (8/20/09)
Secrets of the Shema, Part 1 (8/17/09)
Realities of the Dawn of the Messianic Age, Parts 1 & 2 (8/11-13/09)
Return = Ascent (8/07/09)
5 Weeks, 17 States, 6000+ Miles, The Summer '09 Roadtrip (8/05/09)
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