Religion is more about man than it is about God, 
  and that is the way God wants it to be. 
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Religion & Society
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A selection of the principles, practices and beliefs
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* KosherTorah Statement of 42 Principles

* Will the Real Judaism Please Stand Up

* Israel, the Mission

Forgiveness 101, A Lesson in Common Sense
Learning ?/!
Klipot and Religion, an Old & Unfortunate Combination
Cursing God or Cursing Religion
God Sent You!
Rationalists verses Mysticism, Why the Hostility?
An Important Message for Both Christians & Jews
Fighting for the Light, Past and Present
Reconciling Religion with its Extraterrestrial/Telepathic Origins
Derekh HaLev - The Way of the Heart
The Sword of the Sage

Wolves in Sheep's Clothing

Peace or War, ! or ?
Perception in the Science/Religion of Religion/Science
Bastiat, The Law & the Wisdom of Sages Past
Inalienable Human Rights & the Bible's Natural Order
Your Rights! Who Decides?
Pursuing Justice, the Biblical Way
The First of the Ten Commandments, Thou Shall Be Free of the Big Lie
Lessons from the Other Side, The Necessary Tests
Torah Secrets As To Why Bad Things Happen
Government Surveillance in Light of Torah
The Sum of it All – What Torah is All About
J + 11t = I! (Jews + 11 Tribes = Israel!)
Native American Jews?  A fulfillment of prophecy?
What The Torah/Prophets/Sages
Say About Worshipers Of Other Religions
Learning Living Torah, Living Torah Work
Knowing Torah, Doing Divine Service
Following Torah's "Yellow Brick Road" through the Mind/Soul's "GPS"
Darn Torah! It Don't Make No Sense!
Torah Codes, White Fire Beneath Black Fire
Extraterrestrial Man, Israel & Torah
Secrets of Pre-Adamic Humanity
Revelations about the Secret Truths in the Zohar
Healing "Demons" in Exorcisms
The Misunderstood Mystical Talmud
The Way of Halakha - Torah Law
Observing Shabat
Oriental Martial Arts Are Totally Kosher
Teaching Benei Noah
In Praise of Dogs
Shabat Day, When to Pray, When to Eat
Secrets of Pre-Adamic Humanity
Danger! The Biryonim Are Rising Again!
God & Israel, The Original Family Feud
Angels: Non-Corporeal, Physical or Aliens?
UFOs & Aliens, Angels & Demons in Light of Torah/Kabbalah
Angels & Humanity, the Nature of the Relationship
The Book of the Angel Ariel - Magid Literature
Angels & Demons in Modern Times
All About Angels (from RaMBaM)
Magical Kabbalah, the Rise & Fall of Rabbi Yosef Della Reina
Magidim, Spiritual Guides
Virtual Reality of Alien Angels
Identifying the Sons of G-d in Genesis 6
The Watchers & Big Brother
You're Being Watched
Story of Possession: The Evil Soul of the False Messiah Shabtai Tzvi
Strikes from Beyond the Grave
Angelic Dominions & Human Influences
Dreams and the Art of their Interpretations
Dreams, August 2006
Way of a Dream
Dream Vision, 34 Omer 5768
Gilgulim - The Secrets of Reincarnation
Defending Torah Secrets & Reincarnation
Prayer Against the Punishment of Reincarnation
In Response to the Attack Against Reincarnation
What Kabbalah Really Is and What It Is Not
Who Really is a Kosher Rabbi & a Legitimate Kabbalist?
The Message of Mysticism REVEALED
Kabbalah 101+ 
Everything You Wanted To Know About Kabbalah

But Had No One To Ask
(Online Book)
Fundamentals Of Kosher Kabbalah:
A Guide To Kabbalistic Concepts And Terminology
(Online Book)
Talmudic Studies & Kabbalah Study - The Nature of this Sacred Relationship
Halakha & Kabbalah - Two Levels of Kedusha (Holiness)
Hilkhot Limudei HaKabbalah - The Laws of Learning Kabbalah
Role of the Non-Jew in the Study of Kabbalah
Kabbalah Today - Helpful or Harmful 
Maimonides, Was He a Kabbalist?
Ways of Teshuva (Repentance) According to the Kabbalah of the Ari’zal
The Deceivers and the Desperate,
Why -Kabbalist- Has Become a Bad Word

Transforming Kabbalistic Metaphors into Practical Action
Evil is Real and We are in Danger!
Role of Kabbalah in the Founding of the United States of America

Madonna's Kabbalah - Not Kosher
Psychological Sefirot
A'Be'Y'Ah The Four Olamot (Worlds)
MaN & MaD - Mayim Nokbin & Mayim Dukhrin - Female and Male Waters
Mohin of Tzelem - The Sefirotic Brains: How the Lower Seven Sefirot Receive Their Power
NaRaNHaY, The Five Levels of Soul
Partzufim - The Sefirotic Faces
Seder HaHish'tal'sh'lut: The Order of Spiritual Evolution
Sefer Etz Haim - The Tree of Life Gate 42,
The Lectures of A’Be’Y’Ah, Chapter 1
Sefer Sha’arei Kedusha The Gates of Holiness by Rabbi Haim Vital
Sheva Hekhalot (Seven Palaces)
Ten Sefirot: How and Why G-d is Manifest in Creation
Why is G-d a He?
P'tah Eliyahu - The Prayer of the Prophet Elijah
Translation of the TIKUNEI ZOHAR
Tikunei Zohar 1, Introduction 
Tikunei Zohar 2, Tikun 22 - Part 1 
Tikunei Zohar 3, Tikun 22 - Part 2
VARIOUS TOPICS (in alphabetical order)
Concept of Soulmates in Torah & Kabbalah
Drug Use, The Dangers Of...Kabbalistic Insights
How to Best Chose a Marriage Partner
Masons, Kabbalah and America
Music and the Power in a Name
NOTHING and "I" - Kabbalistic Insights into the words of Hillel
Original Human State Prior To The Fall
Rise and Fall of Rabbi Yosef Della Reina: The Dangers of Kabbalistic Magic (Online Book)
Secret Kabbalistic Code in Pirkei Avot
Secret of the Unity
Secrets of the Holy Land
Secret of the Tree of Knowledge: The Kabbalistic Parameters of Adam’s Sin
Teachings of Rabbi Yehuda Fatiyah of Yerushalayim
The Kings of Edom and the United States 
Psychic Devekut, Seeing God & Getting Prepared for the Unpredictable
(Kosher "Divination")
Daydreaming, Step One to Expanding Consciousness
Living Torah, Finding YHWH, the Original Way
Psychological G-d & Psychic Redemption
The Image Within - The Way of the Sefirot
Daughter of Voice The Psychology of Modern Day Prophecy
Elul Yihudim - Rashash Kavanot, Companion PDF for the Elul Kavanot CD
Guide to the Practices of the Prophetic Kabbalah: 
The Introduction into Sefer Yikrah B'Shmi (Call Upon My Name)
Kabbalistic Secrets of Power Prayer
Lessons in Prayer & Meditation
Lessons of the Four Who Entered the PaRDeS: The Dangers Inherent Upon the Path of Ascent
Meditations For Spiritual Unity: How to Perform Yihudim in English
Science Underlying Kabbalistic Prophetic Meditation
Three Klipot - Passing Through the Storm, Fog & Fire
Wedding Meditation From Kitvei HaAri’zal
Yichud & Shem Kadosh to Assist One in Losing Weight
Directives for Spiritual Ascent for the Night of Shavuot
Bitul Koah Esav - Shem Kadosh and Tefilah for Bringing Mashiah
Invocation To Protect Against Illness & The Evil Eye
Shem Kadosh for Success
Segulot for Financial Stability
Usage of Holy Names
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