Religion is more about man than it is about God, 
  and that is the way God wants it to be. 
With God's Grace & Blessings
A Simpler,
More Natural Way

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for Biblical, Judaic,
Spiritual/Experiential Studies


2015 Essays

The Mental Kung Fu Series

The Triangle of Freedom
Exodus, Creation & the Sabbath

About Religion, Faith,
Science, and Proofs

The Quantum Flux
of Religious Realities

The Truth about the
72 Names of God,
and some other
Truths about Religion

The Two Commandments
"Heard" from God

Torah and Yoga,
a Proper View

One Law to Rule Them All

To Gaze Upon
the True “Face” of God

What is Israel?
What is a Nation of Priests?
What is the Real Lesson of
the Book of Esther (Purim)
Modern Golden Calves in Black Hats
An In-Depth Analysis
YHWH-Adonai, Knowing God
About Successful Relationships
Sacrifices in our Times

Staying Faithful to the Center
(A Guide to Halakhic Observance)

The Meaning of Freedom in the Passover Story

Leaven (Hametz) on Passover in Quantum Torah

To Pray Alone, or with a Minyan

Natural Balance, Respecting Boundaries

Torah, and the Languages of Man
Secret of Unity
Scapegoating and At-One-Ment
The Living Voice
Priests of Israel, and Priests from Israel
Pre-Adamic Humanity (2013)
Is Tomorrow's Twilight Yesterday?
Secret of the Star of David and Seal of Solomon

Lesson 1
Living in the Light

Lesson 2
Imagine the Imagination

Lesson 3
Beginnings, the Tree & the Bull

Lesson 4
Circling with the Bull's Horns

Lesson 5
The Bull's Horns & the Eagle's Eye

Lesson 6
The Eagle Strikes

Lesson 7
The Thinking Man of the Chariot

Understanding Kabbalah Series

Lesson 1
the Sefirot

Lesson 2
the First Triad

Lesson 3
The Keter-Da'at Syzygy

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