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  and that is the way God wants it to be. 
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The Book of the Angel Ariel (An Imaginative Spiritual Diary)

Once upon a time... not too long ago and certainly not too far away... 
Some have told me that this story is one of the best I have written... You decide. 
You want to know what it feels like to have a Magid experience... this novel will "tell it like it is." 
This novel is an imaginative spiritual diary to provide the reader a flavor of what a Magid experience must be like. 
Culled from a number of kosher Torah authoritative sources, I have endeavored to outline in Musar fashion that which I termed "the 18 steps of prophetic ascent."

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A Torah View on Life in Outer Space & UFO's

Got guts? Not afraid of what "might be" in the dark? 
This book documents according to Torah sources how we are not only not alone in our universe, we are not even alone on our own planet. 
If you have any interest in this topic, you must read this book. 
The references are all documented and cannot be disputed. Whether or not you will wish to believe what you own eyes read, that is another story... 
PDF online E-book auto download. 
An in-depth Orthodox review of the modern UFO phenomena in light of the teachings of the Rabbis and Kabbalists. 
This work reviews the Torah beliefs of life in outer space. It also addresses from a kosher Torah viewpoint the allegations of close encounters, aliens abductions, crop circles, and government conspiracies. 
This book contains involved teachings about angels, demons, alternate dimensions, meditative practice, and many other peripheral issues that are sure to be a real eye opener.

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Angels & Humanity - Revelations and Lessons About our Relationship

After you read about UFO's and aliens in light of Torah and see the documented connection between them and what we call "angels" you had better read this. 
This PDF e-book is 30 chapters long and discusses and reveals many secrets about the true nature of angelic beings. 
There are many different kinds of angels and not all of them act in the way that we would define as "angelic." 
This book describes how angels appear among us, how they influence us and how they interact with us. Most important, this work teaches how we can best interact with them.

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The Book of Daniel & The End of Days

This e-book reviews the Biblical Book of Daniel from a Jewish point of view. It discusses the teachings about the Four Kingdoms, the Beasts and their eventual conflicts in the End of Days. This work stays true to the Biblical text without the addition of later commentaries. in this way, we can discover the plain truth of the teachings without all the doctrinal additions that came later. This work outlines very relevant information for our times! It also discusses much about the nature of prophecy and revelation. 
Introduction - Origins of Apocalyptic Literature.
Chapter 1 - Prophecy, Dreams & Interpreting Dreams Symbols in Judaism & Christianity 
Chapter 2 - Nebuchadnezzar's Dream of the Course of Human History
(Comment on Secular Biblical Scholarship & Criticism) 
Chapter 3 - Daniel's Dream of the Four Beasts 
(The Revealed & Concealed In Revelations, Daniel, Chapter 7- The Four Beasts, The Horn, The Saints & The Son of Man) 
Chapter 4 - Daniel's Vision of the War Between the Two-Horned Ram & The Unicorn Goat 
(The Quantum Nature of Prophecy, Daniel 8, Rams & Goats, Persians & Greeks, Muslims & Christians?) 
Chapter 5 - Daniel, Chapter 9, The Prophecy of Weeks 
(Time References In Prophecy, The Secret of the Lost Years, the Secret of the Zadokite Anointed Prince, Pharisees or Essenes & Correcting A Small, But Significant Grammatical Error) 
Chapter 6 - Daniel, Chapters 10-12 
(The Heavenly Sanhedrin & The Angelic Wars, Prophecy & Angelic Time Continuums, The Final Battles, The End & The Transformations)

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Sefer HaZmanim - Kabbalistic Essays on Jewish Holidays

This PDF book includes within it all the essays, kavanot and meditations for the entire yearly cycle. 
Included are chapters about Shabat, Rosh Hodesh and the kavanot of the mikvah. 
Also, lessons about Pesah, the Seder, Omer, Shavout, the 17th of Tamuz, the Three Weeks and Tisha B'Av; Ellul, Teshuva from the Ari'zal, Rosh HaShana, Kippur, Succot, Hoshanna Rabbah, Heshvan, Hanuka, Shovavim, 10th of Tevet, Tu'B'Shvat, Purim and more... 
This includes some of the essays in Tishrei Lessons, but not the newer ones.

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Tishrei Lessons

Table of Contents: 1) Returning to G-d, 2) Elul Contemplations 1, 3) Elul Contemplations 2, 4) Elul Contemplations 3, 5) Ways of Teshuva, Translations from the Kabbalah of the Ari'zal, 6) Torah Secrets of Rosh HaShana & the Shofar, 7) Avinu Malkeynu (Our Father, Our King) in Kabbalah, 8) Torah Readings on Rosh HaShana, 9) The Question of Tashlikh on Shabat, 10) A Message for the Ten Days Between Rosh HaShana & Yom Kippur, 11) Shabat Shuva Insights: Haftara, Kabbalah, Halakha, 12) Secret Truths About Yom Kippur, 13) Secret of Yom Kippur from the Sha'ar HaKavanot of the Ari'zal, 14) The Secret Power Within HaShem Hu HaElokim, 15) Succot in Kabbalah, 16) Hoshanna Rabbah in Kabbalah, Secret of the Seal & Shadow

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Basic Kabbalistic Concepts & Terminologies

One of the greatest obstacles aspiring students experience along the road of Kabbalistic study is the never-ending array of symbolic terminology and representative vocabulary. 
G-d in His infinite mercies has directed the Kabbalists to establish a system of terminologies so that the rational, philosophical mind would have some avenue of passage from the rational to the supra-rational thinking function. Kabbalistic terminology therefore plays this very crucial role in enabling the mind to be properly prepared to commune with G-d. 
It is therefore very necessary that these symbols and this vocabulary be understood clearly and simply. 
This PDF book, automatically downloadable upon purchase, consists of 24 sections that will explain with great ease, yet with significant detail everything you need to know about Kabbalah but had no one Kosher to ask.

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Torat HaKabbalah - A In-Depth Comprehensive Kabbalah Course in 11 Lessons.

This PDF e-book includes all eleven lessons of the Torat HaKabbalah series. 
These include: The Ayn Sof, the Infinite PreExistence, Tzimtzum, Halal, Reshimu and Tehiru; 
The Primordial Withdrawal of Light and What Then Remained. 
The Agulim (Spheres) and Yosher (Columns) of Adam Kadmon; 
the Origins of Female and Male in Creation; 
The Light of the Ears of Adam Kadmon; 
ASMaB and the Creation of Consciousness; 
The Light of the Nose & Mouth of Adam Kadmon 
The World of the Akudim; 
The Light of the Eyes of AK; 
The World of the Nikudim The Breaking of the Vessels; 
Shevirat HaKelim & The Creation of Disorder; 
The Resurrection of the Fallen Primordial Kings; 
Olam HaBerudim & the MAH Hadash MAH, BEN & The Partzufim ; 
The Rectification of Atzilut; 
With Special Sections about: the Relationship of the Kabbalah of the RaMaK and the Arizal, 
and the Twelve Partzufim and the Four Olamot, 
The Partzufim of the Keter of Atzilut; Atik and His Nok, Arikh and His Nok; 
The Nature of Prophecy; 
The Partzufim of Hokhma and Binah of Atzilut Abba and Imma, Yisrael Saba and Tevunah.

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Sefer Yetzirah, Chapter One - Mishnas 1 – 5

PDF online E-book automatically downloaded. 
An original translation of this ancient text accompanied by the commentary Shoshana Tekhelet. 
The first five Mishnas of the first chapter of the Sefer Yetzirah are explained with application to the meditative system that underlies the surface teachings of the text.

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Sefer Sodot Eliyahu - Secrets of Eliyahu HaNavi

This 38 page (23,000+) e-book reveals many profound Kabbalistic secrets explained as a running commentary on the Biblical text from the Book of Kings. This is a one-of-a-kind text, with Kabbalah from both the school of the Ari'zal and the Prophetic Kabbalah.

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The Path of Ascent - Sefer Netiv Aliyah

Practical Lessons for Personal Development & Spiritual Ascent According to the Path of Torah/Kabbalah. 
A 59 page (8"x11.5" pages) e-book. 

1. Introduction & Alef-Bet Mental Exercise, 4 
2. Oscillating Consciousness, 8 
3. Faith in One's Teacher, 12 
4. Guarding the Gates, 16 
5. Sacred Surroundings, 20 
6. Refining the Vessel, 24 
7. Yesod, the Doorway, 28 
8. The Personality of Sefirot & Partzufim, 33 
9. The Beriatic Mind, ESP & Hishtavut, 38 
10. The Place of Da'at, 42 
11. The Holy Name, 46 
12. The Yihud NER, 50 
13. Torah, Mitzvot, Demonic Attacks, 53 
14. Silence of the Intellect, 57 

This e-book is a great compliment to my hardcover text WALKING IN THE FIRE and contains newer information that the older book does not.

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Devekut - Bonding With G-d; the Teachings of the Ba'al Shem Tov

Insights into Receiving the Spirit of Prophecy 
From the Hebrew Text: Sefer Ba'al Shem Tov, 
the Teachings of Rabbi Yisrael Ben Eliezer, 
Founder of the Hasidic Movement 
Rabbi Yisrael Ben Eliezer, the famed Ba'al Shem Tov has written (Igeret HaKodesh, Gimel), regarding his mystical ascents into Heaven: 
"On Rosh HaShanah (the Jewish New Year of 5507 (1746), I performed the invocation for the ascension of the soul, as is known. I saw such wondrous things in my vision, the likes of which I've never seen before. . . I arose level upon level, until I entered the Palace of the Mashiah (the Messiah), where the Mashiah learns Torah with all the Tanaim (Talmudic teachers), and Tzadikim (Saints), even with the Seven Shepherds . . . I asked the Mashiah, when He will come? He answered me, by this shall you know. At the time when your teachings are famous, and revealed throughout the world, and what I have taught you, and what you have perceived has gone forth; when the masses are also able to recite yihudim (meditative prayers for spiritual unifications) and rise above, as you do, then shall the klipot (the powers of evil) be nullified. Then shall it be a good time for salvation." 
13 page PDF e-book

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Torah and Yoga, A Proper View

  1. Essential Torah Principles

  2. Halakha – Jewish law

  3. Idolatry

  4. Hatha Yoga

  5. Aum (Om)

  6. Chakras

  7. General Conclusions – Elements of Culture

This is a comprehensive overview of religion and Torah, emphasizing the discovery of the universal principles underlying individual cultural religious expressions. This essay addresses issues of religious ignorance and prejudice, and answers important questions pertinent to religious inquiries today.

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The Greatest Story Never Told: The Relationship of the Gentile and the Torah

Still one of the most important books I have written. 
PDF auto download. 
The relationship between the Gentile and the Torah. 
This is required reading for every Benei Noah and non-Jew. Herein is addressed the seven universal laws incumbent upon all mankind and their mystical significance. 
The laws are expanded and include practical directions for Benei Noah spiritual practices. 
Also included is a section, taken entirely from the Christian Bible which proves conclusively why Yeshu could not possibly be the Mashiah.

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Advice for Understanding the Male & Female Psyches

formerly entitled: B'Tzelem Elokim - Created in the Image of G-d 
PDF online E-book downloaded automatically. 
The Divine Image Underlying Human Personality. Kabbalistic Insights Into Men And Women Individually And In Relationships. 
An overall review of the ten sefirot and how they form the basis of the human personality and how the individual columns of the sefirot form the basis for the differences between men and women. 
This revealing work also includes practical advise and information how one can align one's personality with the Supernal Image and thus lead a more psychologically healthy life.

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Sefer Timimei Derekh - The Simple Path

Simple Wisdom - Common Sense Guidance - A Treasure for Every Reader 
This PDF book is a commentary on the 176 pasukim of Psalm 119. 
This book includes many of the secrets of the Kabbalah explained openly and practically. 
This book contains many profound lessons about life and reality. 
It is a devotional text that one may read from any place at any time. 
There is no beginning or end. Each pasuk is a separate lesson. 
This book is sure to touch your heart and soul!

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