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  and that is the way God wants it to be. 
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When Religion Goes Wrong
Chapter 13 from The Great Partnership, by Rabbi Jonathan Sacks.

It is a privilege for me to share with you the wise words of this remarkable book. The book is readily available for purchase on and other online book sellers. I highly recommend reading it. Rabbi Sacks, the former Chief Rabbi of England, address some serious, and vital points, about the nature of religion, secularism and atheism, and the dangers we all face from literalists, and extremists. This chapter outlines the problems when religion goes wrong in five specific areas, and concludes with what we need to do to avoid falling in to the same pits of disaster that many in the past have done. This is an important message of tolerance, a call for building bridges, and for deepening understanding; a message well embraced and endorsed by

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Aboriginal Torah Wisdom & Responding to Fools!

Torah is Primordial wisdom, and primordial wisdom is the way of the world. Understanding the natural order of things teaches us Torah, following the natural order of things is the Halakha. Living in harmony with nature enables natural wisdom to develop within the heart and soul, this is Living Torah. Torah is found in everything, everywhere. Many are those who refuse to see, because they instead chose to see only that which they wish. Nature/wisdom/Torah will deal with them. We only talk to those who wish to listen, and are open to what we have to say. Readings from Wikipedia, Shakespeare's Hamlet, and Philo. This lesson is as simple, and as profound as it gets. It is my gift for you all. In memory, and in honor of my dad, Aharon Ben Hayim.


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The Great Foundations of All Kosher Torah.

A special class that outlines the purpose of everything. Commentary to the Weekly Torah Portion Nitzavim from the teachings of the Ba'al Shem Tov and Yaakov Abuhatzera.  What religion is supposed to be about.  What Kabbalah is supposed to be, and not be.

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Current Events, July 2013, Concerns & Warnings

Too many strange things are happening all around us. Social divisions are destroying all semblance of any kind of unity. We must remember that underneath all our superficial differences, we all bleed red blood. We are all human beings, we are all souls, created in the Divine Image. The importance of united we stand, divided we fall. Addressing the religious hypocrisy in Israel, with the growth of extremist violence. The dangers of where this could lead.

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Current Events, July 2013, Concerns & Warnings

Pinhas - How to be an Authentic Zealot

From our Weekly Torah Portion series. This lessons addresses pertinent current issues. Reading of the statement regarding the US Supreme Courts ruling regarding homosexual marriages. Reading of my essay, How to be an Authentic Zealot. Readings from Ya'akov Abuhatzera, how Pinhas was properly aligned with God. Ba'al Shem Tov, importance of bonding with the inner essence of Divine attributes. The importance of psychic prayer. Ben Ish Hai, the righteous pimp who had merit before God to bring rain. A real zealot is one who is one internally, in the personal search for enlightenment and bonding with Heaven. Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst. 

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Directives for Spiritual Ascent for the Night of Shavuot
MaYeT DaK - the Five Stages of Spiritual Ascent:
(Malkhut, Yesod, Tiferet, Da'at, Keter)


Shavuot is upon us. This is the time when we celebrate the receiving the Torah on Mt Sinai, so many centuries ago. It is taught that the night of Shavuot is an auspicious time when a dimensional vortex opens up that enables ascending souls to reach out, and make contact with worlds beyond our own.... So, ask yourself, do you really have the courage to embrace a real psychic, telepathic connection to Heaven? Do you want to learn how to lucid dream, and are you willing to put into practice what you will now learn? If so, then let us proceed.      Read more here...
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Taking an Old Story & Making It Real for Today!
This lesson discusses the Kabbalisitic insights of the Ari'zal and explains them, as did the Ba'al Shem Tov, to apply psychologically to humanity.  This is then expanded to include insights from Jungian psychology.  God has granted humanity great powers and great responsibilities.  We do not have the need to look to Heaven for miraculous salvations because God gave us the powers of Heaven to work work miracles ourselves, even though such miracles will appear natural to us.  The story of Purim is a profound lesson in spiritual liberty and responsibility, teaching us how to properly serve Heaven and to fulfill God's Will and purpose.  This class also  puts Purim into its proper historical context and discusses the traditions of the holiday from the Moroccan Sephardic perspective.
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The Relationship Between the Parallel Dimensions
Known as the Spiritual and the Physical.

The spiritual world is the domain of the mind and the imagination. It is the realm of the secrets of the Torah. The physical world we all know well, it is the realm of the body of the Torah. Because the brain cannot function without the mind, neither can the physical world be real to us without the spiritual. Therefore, knowing the spiritual enables us to properly understand the physical. The separation between the upper and lower waters as referenced in the Gemara, Hagigah. Readings from the Shulkhan Arukh, the Shakh and GRA commentaries. The secret of the Unity. How the dimensions evolve/emanate one from the other. This is an important lesson on how the structure of the multiverse is perceived, how there is no real difference between what we call the natural and the supernatural, or the physical and the metaphysical. Inner and out reality, the realities of form and the realities of the mind, just how different and separate are they? Teachings from the Gaon of Vina, Sefer Even Sheleimah, and the Ba'al Shem Tov.

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