Religion is more about man than it is about God, 
  and that is the way God wants it to be. 
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Judaism Essays
A selection of the principles, practices and beliefs
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* KosherTorah Statement of 42 Principles

* Will the Real Judaism Please Stand Up

* Israel, the Mission

* An Important Message for Both Christians & Jews


The Sum of it All What Torah is All About
J + 11t = I! (Jews + 11 Tribes = Israel!)
Native American Jews?  A fulfillment of prophecy?
What The Torah/Prophets/Sages Say About Worshipers Of Other Religions
Can A Torah Faithful, Orthodox Jew Believe that Yeshu was (is, or will be) the Messiah?
Building Bridges Between the Faiths
Rationalists verses Mysticism, Why the Hostility?
Learning Living Torah, Living Torah Work
Knowing Torah, Doing Divine Service
Following Torah's "Yellow Brick Road" through the Mind/Soul's "GPS"
Darn Torah! It Don't Make No Sense!
Torah Codes, White Fire Beneath Black Fire
The Way of Halakha - Torah Law
Observing Shabat
Shabat Day, When to Pray, When to Eat
Oriental Martial Arts Are Totally Kosher
Teaching Benei Noah
Extraterrestrial Man, Israel & Torah
Secrets of Pre-Adamic Humanity
Revelations about the Secret Truths in the Zohar
Healing "Demons" in Exorcisms
The Misunderstood Mystical Talmud
In Praise of Dogs
Danger! The Biryonim Are Rising Again!
God & Israel, The Original Family Feud

Angels: Non-Corporeal, Physical or Aliens?

UFOs & Aliens, Angels & Demons in Light of Torah/Kabbalah
Angels & Humanity, the Nature of the Relationship
The Book of the Angel Ariel - Magid Literature
Angels & Demons in Modern Times
All About Angels (from RaMBaM)
Magical Kabbalah, the Rise & Fall of Rabbi Yosef Della Reina
Magidim, Spiritual Guides
Virtual Reality of Alien Angels
Identifying the Sons of G-d in Genesis 6
The Watchers & Big Brother
Be Mindful of the Watchers, but Fear Not their Coming Agenda
Different Kinds of Angels and the Master Plan
You're Being Watched
Story of Possession: The Evil Soul of the False Messiah Shabtai Tzvi
Strikes from Beyond the Grave
Angelic Dominions & Human Influences
Dreams and the Art of their Interpretations
Dreams, August 2006
Way of a Dream
Dream Vision, 34 Omer 5768

Because of Amen

Prophetic Prayer, Aligning with "God," the Universal Mind, Introduction

Prophetic Prayer, Commentary to the Standing Prayer, the Amidah, Lesson 1

Prophetic Prayer, Commentary to the Standing Prayer, the Amidah, Lesson 2

Prophetic Prayer, Commentary to the Standing Prayer, the Amidah, Lesson 3

Gilgulim - The Secrets of Reincarnation
Defending Torah Secrets & Reincarnation
Prayer Against the Punishment of Reincarnation
In Response to the Attack Against Reincarnation
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