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   Angels?   Demons? 
Extraterrestrials from Outer Space? 

  Secrets of Inner Earth? 
Yes, there really are
Biblical/Torah teachings 
  about them all.   
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KosherTorah School
Biblical, Judaic & Spiritual Studies
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Ariel Bar Tzadok, Director, Rabbi

  Religion is more about man than it is about God, and that is the way God wants it to be. 

In-Depth "Biblical-Torah Kabbalah" & "Prophetic" Meditation

The KosherTorah School offers in-depth classes and courses in the following fields:
Bible: Original Semitic/Hebraic Studies
Judaism: Old School, Eastern/Oriental Authentic Torah
Kabbalah: Prophetic/Merkava/Angelic/Ascent Traditions
Meditation: Practical, Hands-On, Experiential


Extraterrestrial Life in Torah, Really?
Yes, Really!

Angels, Demons, Outer Space, Inner Space,
Close Encounters of all Kinds.

Disclaimer:  Television programs edit their material to suite their needs.  My interviews on television are subject to editing beyond my control, and therefore, may not properly reflect my views on any matter.  Please consult the entire body of educational materials that I provide here at the KosherTorah School for my proper and complete views on this, and any other subject.  Thank you.


Here is a selection of materials on the topic of "extraterrestrial" life, including angels and demons.


Virtual Reality of Alien Angels

Angels, Non-Corporeal, Physical or Alien?

Extraterrestrial Man, Israel & Torah

Reconciling Religion with its Extraterrestrial/Telepathic Origins

Telepathic Torah & the Ten Commandments

Mind-to-Mind Connections & Remote Viewing

Secrets of the Ark of the Covenant

Secrets of Pre-Adamic Humanity

Behar: Secrets of the Pre-Adamic Shemitot

Angelic Dominions & Human Influences



MP3 Audio Lessons

Book of Enoch (free audio)

Book of Enoch (Pirkei Hekhalot of Rabbi Yishmael)

Guardians of the Universe (Watchers/Teli)

Torah Legends about PreAdamic Man, Inner Earth & Outer Space

The Biblical Book of Daniel (free audio)

Angels, their Secrets & their Ways (Sodei Raziah)

Secrets of METATRON (Sodei Raziah)

Angels & Demons in Modern Times (free audio)
All About Angels (from RaMBaM) (free audio)
Magical Kabbalah, the Rise & Fall of Rabbi Yosef Della Reina (free audio)
Magidim, Spiritual Guides
Talmud, Alexander the Great's Travels to Inner Earth




is only a selection of the many hours of quality lessons that our school offers. 

Semitic,Hebraic Studies

Classical,Eastern/Oriental Authentic Torah

Angelic/Ascent Traditions

Practical, Hands-On, Experiential


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