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Was Babel Nuclear Powered?
Was the Tower a Spaceship?

By Ariel Bar Tzadok
Copyright © 2009 by Ariel Bar Tzadok. All rights reserved.


You might be surprised to know just how advanced-thinking our Sages were centuries ago. The older Kabbalists concealed in their words so many profound secrets that many in modern times still do not understand what was written centuries ago.

Although the majority of modern Kabbalists are merely philosophers who only know how to read books, there are still a few who practice the more ancient traditions and thus learn how to unlock the secret codes that most modern mystical philosophers do not even know exist.

With regards to the Tower and Babel we have to pay careful attention to the words used to describe the incident in the Torah text. We must pay equal attention to the words used in the ancient Kabbalistic commentaries. When we pay attention to the details we are able to unlock many shocking secrets.

In the Torah the pasuk states, “And it came to pass when they traveled from the east, that they found a valley in the land of Shinar and settled there.” (Gen. 11:2). “They traveled from the east” has a coded meaning, but so does the words, “they found a valley.”

It is almost impossible to recognize the secret codes and their messages without knowledge of the original Hebrew. The traveling from the east (‘m’kedem) is understood as a movement away from something, as opposed to being a move towards something. They were traveling away from the “kedem.” Kedem is related to the word Kadmon and means ancient. The travel of the people was specifically their distancing themselves from G-d, and their attempt to remove themselves from Divinely ordained natural order. Their intent was to create an environment immune from natural law, and all its destructive powers, the likes of which was recently seen by the flood.

In order to enable them to accomplish this formidable task, they would need some type of power, or energy, that could create for them an artificial environment, and endow it with the power to withstand natural forces. Numerous Midrashic literature, including the Zohar, state that they discovered this ability secretly buried in the sands, concealed by members of the pre-flood generation for discovery later.

According to Rabbi Eliezer Ben David in his book, “Out Of The Iron Furnace,” they did not find a valley, a Bik’a; but rather they found a Bik’ia. This word Bik’ia means an opening or a discovery. The Zohar and others state that what they found was the ancient technology of the pre-flood generation.

The Hebrew word Bik’ia also means nuclear fission. Both the Torah text and our Sages commentaries seem to imply that the ancient technology hidden by the members of the generation of the flood, and later discovered by the Builders of Babel, was nothing other than the secrets of nuclear technology. As wild as this might sound, when we look into the ancient literature and see how the Sages describe the builders of Babel, and their intentions, we discover that this might not be so wild, and unbelievable, as we might initially think.

Rabbi Yitzhak D’min Acco writes in his Mari’yat Ayin how the generation of Babel had expert knowledge of both natural law and what he refers to there, using the ancient term, the Shiur Komah (the measurement of the stature). These “measurements” are symbolic numbers that were the first form used to house Kabbalistic secrets. The Shiur Komah school of Kabbalah is its oldest form with literature dating back to Temple times and including in it actual sections of Scripture itself.

The “measurements” were by no means the mystical philosophy of the later Kabbalah schools. Rather, the Shiur Komah often included in-depth details about natural law, as it pertains to the universe, and strange and bizarre information about supernatural realities, the meanings of which, while known to the Shiur Komah insiders, is still a baffling secret to all outsiders and later generations. Most of these teachings were not speculations, but rather outright revelations given over to an individual, from either one, or a number of angelic entities.

Rabbi Yitzhak discusses in detail how the generation of Babel had access to all this knowledge, and used it to build their city, and their tower “as a miniature in accordance to the supernal pattern.” Now, let us dismiss the mythology of such beliefs, and understand it for what it really means. The people of the Generation of Babel were not “heavenly-minded” mystics. They were grounded, down-to-earth and by our definition, scientific. However, their science was far more advanced than our own.

Their intent to create an environment as a “miniature of the supernal pattern” meant that it was supposed to be complete and perfect, without any need of anything external, including power or spiritual connection to anything outside. Essentially they were trying to create a shielded bubble, without any openings to the outside. Nothing was to be able to enter, nothing physical, and nothing spiritual. They were even generating their own “life-force” energy, and sought to be disconnected from the universal flow. They wanted to have the laws of natural physics dominate, and exclude any other power, especially spiritual or psychic powers, like those that they held to be responsible for the flood.

Essentially the intent of the people of the Generation of Babel was to “tie G-d’s Hands behind his back.” They wanted to disable the power that caused the flood, and prevent it from every having the ability to again cause such destruction. This intent is what united them all.

It was considered to be the ultimate act of rebellion against Divine Authority, and essentially, it was considered, in the words of Midrashic literature, a declaration of war on Heaven. This is the meaning of the verse (Gen. 11:4) that states, "Come, let us build ourselves a city and a tower with its top in the heavens, and let us make ourselves a name.” As wild as this may sound, the Generation of Babel had the ancient technology to have accomplished this task, and as the verse (Gen. 11:6) says, “nothing they plan to do will be unattainable for them!”

Creating an environment so insular and disconnected from all outside influences is one thing. This may indeed be interpreted as an act of rebellion against living under Divine Authority. However, the intent of the Generation of Babel did not end here. The Torah text makes it very clear that there was both a “tower” and a “city.” The mention of both implies a dual intent. Each was different and served its own purpose. The “city” was to be the place from insular defensive protection. But the “tower” had a more nefarious purpose to it.

According to Midrashic sources, including the Zohar, the Generation of Babel wanted to use the “tower” as their launching pad for a military retaliatory strike on Heaven. They were not just preparing defensively to protect themselves from future Divine wrath; they were also preparing to launch a major military offensive.

Again, to those who interpret Heaven as being just some ethereal, non-physical, spiritual “whatever” place somewhere “over the rainbow,” such intent would be considered the heights of primitive stupidity. But remember who we are dealing with.

We are not dealing with ancient primitives who believed fairy tales about spiritual realities in the same way as is done today. These people had a vastly different experience and knew all too well that the domain that we call Heaven is far from imaginary or just being a non-physical spiritual domain.

They knew very well that the power that brought the flood emanated from the domain of a certain collective of angels. They knew that these same angels, as ethereal as they may be, still had a home in this universe. The generation of the flood knew where these angels came from. They recognized it as a planet somewhere out there in outer space.

According to Rabbi Eliezer Ben David in his, “Out Of The Iron Furnace” (page 50), quoting the authority of the great Sage Rabbi Yonatan Eyebeshutz, the Tower had fire coming out of its bottom and was meant to be launched into space.

According to this, the war that the Generation of Babel was planning was not merely spiritual, but physical. They had the ability and the plans to launch a nuclear powered spacecraft to fight an intergalactic war against a known and clear extraterrestrial threat.

In their eyes, this war had already begun with the extraterrestrials (angels) taking the first “shot.” They blamed these intervening angels for creating the circumstances that brought on the flood. Now, it was payback time. And like the verse (Gen. 11:6) quoted above said, “nothing they plan to do will be unattainable for them!”

Their plan was formidable and their abilities powerful. Something had to be done to thwart their plans, without having to utterly destroy them. Thus the Torah continues to relate what happened next. Gen. 11:7 clearly states, “Come, let us descend.” The powers (in plural) came down to Earth clandestinely and invisibly and launched their own attack.

These powers are later identified in Daniel 4:14 as being the Watcher angels. Their chosen method of attack, as we have seen numerous times through Scripture is not to attack the body, or other physical forces, but rather to attack the individual mind.

These Watcher entities can telepathically and psychically either build or destroy the human mind. We see this clearly revealed in the Book of Daniel where it was ordained that a future King of this same Babel (later Babylon), Nebuchadnezzar, was to be punished “for his sins” not with a lighting strike from Heaven, but rather with a “strike” against his mind. Nebuchadnezzar developed a severe mental illness that literally overnight turned him from a clear headed wise ruler and into a psychotic lunatic.

This is how the Watchers do battle. They are the angels of the L-rd. As they did centuries later to Nebuchadnezzar so too did they do now to the members of the Generation of Babel. They confused their minds by creating disharmony between them, referred to in the text as the “confusion of speech.”

As we all know, “united we stand and divided we fall”. By sowing dissention among the ranks, the Watchers effectively destroyed their united intent, and thus brought about an end to their plans. For the Watchers, it was “mission accomplished.” But there are still some loose ends that we need to follow.

United humanity was spread over the face of the Earth, to be divided into nations, each to face their future destiny; but what happened to the city, the tower and the ancient technologies used to build them?

Ancient legend teaches us that the Watchers destroyed part of the Tower, and left part of it intact to serve as a lesson to future generations. Some modern archeologists believe that they have found the location of ancient Babel, and the remnant of the Tower. Some claim that they also have found evidence of some strange type of nuclear presence there that cannot be explained. As for the location of the ancient secret technology that enabled them to travel to the stars; the possibility of this surviving to modern days brings us into the midst of some of the more outrageous current conspiracy theories.

As society becomes more and more secular and scientific, UFO stories are growing more and more sophisticated. Yet, it is an unfortunate and sad fact that a good part of the UFO conspiracy crowd has over the last decade transformed to become yet another haven for insane anti-Semitic fairy tales and lies. New UFO myths state the ridiculous, slanderous lie that Jews are the descendents of reptilian extraterrestrials seeking to take over the world and who suck the blood out of innocent (Christian) Gentiles who discover their plans; (a modern rendition of age-old stupidities). However, aside from getting Jews falsely involved in the nefarious, conspiratorial thick of things, other new conspiracy theories have arisen to describe certain current events.

UFO conspiracists claim that the reason why the United States invaded Iraq was not to depose Saddam Hussein or to grab Iraqi oil. These conspiracists claim that the real reason was because Saddam Hussein had discovered the ancient Babel “star-gate” and that the Western Powers wanted it wrested from his hands before he learned how to use it, access extraterrestrial help and thus conquer the world as the expected anti-Christ.

Now, maybe you are like me and you get a good chuckle out of this type of nonsense. However, as nonsensical as modern UFO conspiracies may be, it does not mean that everything claimed has to be false simply because it is attached to things stupid and prejudice. Those who claim that Jews are blood sucking aliens are the same ones who believe that Jews put blood in Passover matzah and then claim the Holocaust never happened. What a great way to discredit anything real, however bizarre by attaching it to psychotic ideas and racial prejudice.

According to our Torah traditions there very well is (or was) something buried in the Iraqi (Babylonian) desert which had tremendous power and if understood could bestow that power upon its discoverers. While Torah does suggest this possibility, nonetheless it does not give credence to the conspiracy theory that the Iraqi war was a cover-up for the exploration and exploitation of such a “star gate.” Granted, we may be quick to dismiss this as nonsense, but let us at the same time remember that as history documents, Adolph Hitler (yimah shmo) had a great interest in the occult and, as portrayed in many Hollywood films and documentaries, he did send out expeditions to find ancient, lost artifacts for their occultic powers.

So, while we rightfully should dismiss UFO conspiracists as having any legitimacy, nonetheless, maybe not everything they say in completely false. As with anything else involved in a cover-up, the truth may never be known.

All that can be said for sure is that our modern society is radically changing. It is turning into the type of society that existed in ancient Babel. Modern technology is clearly a new Babel and a new tower. More and more society is turning away from the natural order of things and turning into something strange and bizarre. Indeed, science today has become the new religion. Science alone claims to hold the keys to all supreme truths. Science and technology are the gods of the modern religion of hedonist atheism.

We think that we are emancipating ourselves from the authority of Heaven by proclaiming our new found scientifically based atheism. This is exactly what the Builders of Babel did a long time ago. We know what happened to them. Yet, today we deny the reality of ancient Babel so that we may also deny the moral of that lesson. We say that what happened to them will not happen to us. And why? Because Babel is only a story. It never really happened. As such Babel is only a scare tactic and should not be considered or taken seriously. These are the conclusions of the modern secular atheist. If he is right, then so be it. But, if he is wrong, and both history and archeology do suggest that he is dead wrong; then what?

Are we only fooling ourselves by trying to convince ourselves that Babel was a myth and that there is no lesson to be learned? If indeed Babel was real, then we become subject to the dire words of Albert Einstein. Einstein said that the definition of insanity is repeating the same events and expecting different outcomes. If we are repeating the mistakes of the Builders of Babel, will we not also arouse the interest of “those above” who will have to “descend” among us to observe and to judge.

Are we any different from the Builders of the Babel? Will we suffer their fate of division? In this regard, I think not, because there is no unity today to suffer from division. Maybe today we would be subject to the very fate that the Tower Builders themselves had feared. If there is any truth to modern conspiracy theories about a world-wide cover-up of involvement with entities that are known in the Biblical traditions as “the bad guys” we might be bringing down upon our own heads another intervention the likes of which we cannot possibly imagine. In light of what is happening in the world today, I do pause and wonder.


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