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KosherTorah School Statement of 42 Principles

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Extraterrestrials from Outer Space? 

  Secrets of Inner Earth? 
Yes, there really are
Biblical/Torah teachings 
  about them all.   
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KosherTorah School
Biblical, Judaic & Spiritual Studies
P.O. Box 628
Tellico Plains, TN. 37385

Ariel Bar Tzadok,
Director, Rabbi

  Religion is more about man than it is about God, and that is the way God wants it to be. 

Explaining mysticism in light of rationalism.
 In-depth classes and courses in the following fields:
Bible, Orthodox Judaism, Kabbalah, & Meditation
(We also cover many other topics, from many other fields)
All of our courses are geared towards
removing fundamentalism, extremism, superstitions, and prejudice from religion.

KosherTorah School Statement of 42 Principles

KosherTorah is different!

We are not like the other online schools, and you know it!


Here are the facts:

  1. Religion today, in general, has been hijacked by a spirit of extremism and fundamentalism.

        KosherTorah takes a stand.

  1. Kabbalah and Torah spirituality have been perverted, and turned into superstition.

        KosherTorah takes a stand.

  1. Reason, rationality, and making sense is disappearing.

        KosherTorah takes a stand.

Let me be direct. In a religious world where balance, peace, spiritual and mental health and more and more becoming compromised, the KosherTorah School stands as a voice against the deafening crowd, crying for a return to healthy normalcy.

And how do we do this?

*  Here at the KosherTorah School, I teach the difficult, and controversial subjects, that no one else is willing to teach.


I offer the public, free of charge, our growing audio library. KosherTorah has the most unique free online audio library anywhere. Check it out, and see for yourself!

But it costs me to offer so much for free! But it must be done, because the general public needs this. They will not pay for something they do not know. So, I let them know and turn to you, my audience, for the support to keep this going.

* Here at the KosherTorah School, I do not teach just books, I explain them, and I make you, my readers, and my students think for yourselves. We are partners, together.

* This is the key: Here at the KosherTorah School, we are not like most of the others. Here, we do not teach you what to think. Here, we teach you how to think... for yourselves!

* Here at the KosherTorah School, you are not indoctrinated, rather, you are educated.

*  Here at the KosherTorah School, together we can delve into ancient texts, and together, we examine them, learn them, and extract from them relevant and practical lessons about the real world around us. Universal Torah.


Torah is not only in a book, it is in everything in life.

* KosherTorah is dedicated to restore rationalism to mysticism, and to free our minds from the fears, superstitions, and fundamentalism that has crept into religion, poisoning it from the inside.


* KosherTorah teaches Kabbalistic and meditative studies as the personal transformational systems that they were originally meant to be.


* KosherTorah teaches about life in this world. KosherTorah teaches about you and me, and how each of us can realistically strive to be the best that each of us can be. Universal Torah.

* Here, at KosherTorah, we do not tolerate prejudice, racism, elitism, or any other such nonsense that seeks to divide sincere spiritual-seekers from one another.


* Here, at KosherTorah, we proudly open our doors to all comers, to all who want to lean, in-depth, the universal truths of the Torah.


The KosherTorah School constantly faces an uphill battle, struggling to be heard. There are so many other, better funded organizations out there, each with its own parochial agenda, each trying to get your money, without as much caring about you.


Caring about you? What does that mean? Does it mean to make you more religious? Religious, in the eyes of whom?


Caring about you should mean, must mean, placing you the individual first, inspiring you to take the lead in your own life, to explore, to discover for yourself. Once you see with your own eyes, you will forever know how to best embrace the Torah in that unique way that only you can.


What does God want from us? God gave us intelligence, and I believe that He wants us to use it. We have to study Torah and learn its true secrets, not just play follow the leader and accept what one is told, just because it is easy and convenient.


Torah has something to offer to everyone. In classic lingo, Torah has 70 faces. The authentic Kabbalah explains this metaphor to mean that each and every soul can gaze into the Torah and extract from it meaning and personal content. And this is exactly what we are supposed to do!


God wants us to gaze into the Torah as it surrounds us in the universe, and to see within it, our own faces shining back at us, and behind us, the invisible, yet supporting Hand of our Creator. This is what our KosherTorah School students are taught to do!


Please help the KosherTorah School maintain itself.

Help us pay the ever growing expenses of staying online, to be heard over the deafening crowd.


Every little bit helps. But all the little bits together do not not add up enough to make a difference!


I turn to you, my readers, my supports, my audience, because only you can make the difference!

The KosherTorah School needs significant, and generous support.

Please help us survive and thrive!



Your monthly support, starting at $45.00, and going as high as you can go, allows the KosherTorah School to survive, to pay our bills, and to get our important job done.

Please look into your hearts, and your wallets, and give generously to the KosherTorah School.

Please use these online links to make your donations. (Please note: due to internet restrictions the largest single donation that can be made is $500.00. For donations larger than this, please enter a multiple number in the QTY item box). Thank you.

Or send your checks, made out to KosherTorah, to P.O. Box 628, Tellico Plains, TN. 37385.


Thank you all for your continuing support. Please help us survive and thrive!


The Works of Ariel Bar Tzadok
(C) 1993 - 2015 by Ariel Bar Tzadok. All rights reserved.