Religion is more about man than it is about God, 
  and that is the way God wants it to be. 
With God's Grace & Blessings
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for Biblical/Spiritual Studies

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Meditation Lessons
A selection of the principles, practices and beliefs
If you are new to, please begin with these...
* KosherTorah Statement of 42 Principles
* Will the Real Judaism Please Stand Up
* Israel, the Mission
Psychic Devekut, Seeing God & Getting Prepared for the Unpredictable
(Kosher "Divination")
Daydreaming, Step One to Expanding Consciousness
Living Torah, Finding YHWH, the Original Way
Psychological G-d & Psychic Redemption
The Image Within - The Way of the Sefirot
Daughter of Voice The Psychology of Modern Day Prophecy
Elul Yihudim - Rashash Kavanot, Companion PDF for the Elul Kavanot CD
Guide to the Practices of the Prophetic Kabbalah: 
The Introduction into Sefer Yikrah B'Shmi (Call Upon My Name)
Kabbalistic Secrets of Power Prayer
Lessons in Prayer & Meditation
Lessons of the Four Who Entered the PaRDeS: The Dangers Inherent Upon the Path of Ascent
Meditations For Spiritual Unity: How to Perform Yihudim in English
Science Underlying Kabbalistic Prophetic Meditation
Three Klipot - Passing Through the Storm, Fog & Fire
Wedding Meditation From Kitvei HaAri’zal
Yichud & Shem Kadosh to Assist One in Losing Weight
Directives for Spiritual Ascent for the Night of Shavuot
Bitul Koah Esav - Shem Kadosh and Tefilah for Bringing Mashiah
Invocation To Protect Against Illness & The Evil Eye
Shem Kadosh for Success
Segulot for Financial Stability
Usage of Holy Names
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Library of Essays 2009 - Present
Library of Essays 2008 - Past


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