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In-Depth "Biblical-Torah Kabbalah" & "Prophetic" Meditation

The KosherTorah School offers in-depth classes and courses in the following fields:
Bible: Original Semitic/Hebraic Studies
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Meditation: Practical, Hands-On, Experiential

Kabbalah 102 - Gateway to Kabbalah

An excellent, brief introduction into the Pre-Zoharic Ten Sefirot, with emphasis on practice, not theory.

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Lesson 1
An introduction into the topic of the Ten Sefirot and how it was developed over many centuries.
This book introduces us into Kabbalistic concepts before they were forever changed by the teachings of the Zohar and later Kabbalists. The Sefirot are here introduced in accordance to the Sefer Yetzirah and goals of meditation, and not concepts for philosophical contemplations. The beginning of all things. The Singularity of all. What we cannot say about God, the ultimate Unknowable. Not even the Angels see God. Why God is an "IT" and not a "HE." How all things are ultimately united. Experiencing the Sefirot above consciousness. God as the Shekhel HaPoal, the Active Mind of existence. How "ultimate" God is not His Name, and yet how IT is ONE with His Name. The "blue light" of Sapphire.
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Lesson 2
The Supernal Mind and the development of primordial consciousness.
The darkness of the unknown sends forth a spark of light. This spark is them received in the womb of contemplation which nurtures it to give rise to creation. This is the triad relationship of the first three Sefirot, Keter, Hokhma and Binah. The three are discussed within the context of their definitions in the Sefer Yetzirah as being, the Sefer, Sapar and Sippur, the Book, the Reader and the Story. Application is also made to psychology explaining the process that moves from the unconscious to consciousness. The meditative process how this is practiced and experienced is described, as much as words can be used here. Also mentioned are the domains of the Galgal HaMakif (the Akashic Records), Merkava ascents through the Supernal Palaces and Astral Projection and how it differs from these former things.
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Lesson 3
HaGaT, the Primordial Forces that lead to the manifestation of existence.
The forces of expansion (Hesed), contraction (Gevurah) and balance (Tiferet) are unconscious energies that cause all movement in the universe. This second triad of Sefirot emanate forth from the powers of the Mind (the first triad) and bring forth into being that which the Mind thinks. Yet, these forces, opposites as they are, are always in a constant state of movement, and thus life and existence is manifest. These sefirotic forces are experienced as unconscious motivational factors. They are embodied in the Biblical personages of the Patriarchs, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. We learn how the Patriarchs and Matriarchs (Leah and Rachel) are each actual archetypes of layers of consciousness and are applicable to every human being, male and female alike. These primordial forces shape our daily lives and when properly experienced through mediation enable one to navigate the times and purposes for all things under Heaven.
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Lesson 4
The Revealed Force of Balance (Tiferet)
Tiferet expresses itself first as a force of compulsion, exhibiting a natural sense of imposition of the right and proper way, this is Netzah. This natural force of imposition is not for its own sake, but rather for the benefit (Hod) of those receiving it. When natural harmony and balance is embraced, there are great natural benefits, this is the glory (Hod) of God. When all is well and in balance the natural force of Tiferet reveals its latent powers as pure and potent creative life-force energy (nefesh/ruah/chi/libido). These create a psychological foundation enabling one so balanced to receive Tiferet revelation. This is prophecy. Netzah is imposed by the Metatron collective and Hod is disseminated by the Sandalphon collective. These two are the cherubim on the Ark of the Covenant. These are the ones contacted by those practicing the Merkava traditions. Sefirot are not theoretical concepts, they are actual energy forces. They can be experienced, but never understood.
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Lesson 5
Malkhut, the Finale
The physical world, the purpose of creation. This physical world congeals within it all the higher dimensional realms and is directed by opposing forces. There are the angels of Elohim and then there are the angels of YHWH. They do not always get along. Their state of imbalance reflects the general state of imbalance presently experienced here in Malkhut. When the entire sefirotic pattern is internalized and and expressed outwardly, we create the circumstances that can bring about fundamental evolution, the coming of the Messiah. In this class, I also read from my book, Basic Kabbalistic Concepts, the selection on the Ten Sefirot. Thus we speak about Malkhut and then review all the sefirot and put everything in to its proper place.
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We provide for you - and you must provide for us.  
This is the way things work.

We trust you, to do the right thing to, here and now, contribute your donation.

Please donate here however much you can, 
or however much you feel is appropriate for the Torah educational materials that you are about to receive.

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