Religion is more about man than it is about God, 
  and that is the way God wants it to be. 
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Bible Lessons
A selection of the principles, practices and beliefs
If you are new to, please begin with these...
* KosherTorah Statement of 42 Principles
* Will the Real Judaism Please Stand Up
* Israel, the Mission
How Much Torah was Actually Given at Sinai?
The Importance of TaNaKh (Bible) Study
The Original Kabbalah of the Bible
Genesis Codes (Bereshit) Within the First Five Verses
Kabbalah and the Secret of Bereshit
A Glimpse into Genesis Secrets, Adam, Animals & Extraterrestrials
Did You Know These Things About Genesis?
Was Babel Nuclear Powered?  Was the Tower a Space Ship?
Avraham Avinu and the War to Free the Minds of Humanity
Avram & the Fight for Freedom
Angels, Non-Corporeal, Physical or Alien?
Does God Lie?  If So, Should We?
The Location of the Garden of Eden, Makhpelah & Mashiah
Eliezer, Avraham's Servant & Role Model of Loyalty
Esav & Yaakov, The Archetypes of Good & Evil, The Integration of Intellect & Intuition
Esau & His Messianic Restoration
Yaakov & Lavan, The Occult War
God Wants Us to Challenge Him and to Best Him!
Identifying Shiloh: The Secret Soul of the Mashiah
Shemot - Taxes Lead to Slavery
Bo - Can You Handle The Supernatural?
Beshelah, Birth of the First TzaHaL, the Israelite Defense Forces
Yitro - Telepathic Torah & the Ten Commandments
Mishpatim - J'ACCUSE!  When the Law Should Not be the Law
Secrets of the Ark of the Covenant
Building the Feminine Menorah The Ariízalís Mystical Psychology
Words of Kabbalah, Parshat Vayikra
Words of Kabbalah, Tzav - Dune
Insights into Parshat Kedoshim 2013
E.T. Torah & The Red Heifer
I'm a "Good Old Rebel," But I'm No Korah!
Bilaam, Amalek & the Occult
Balaam's Occult in the World Today
God & Israel, The Original Family Feud
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Library of Essays 2008 - Past


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