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   Angels?   Demons? 
Extraterrestrials from Outer Space? 

  Secrets of Inner Earth? 
Yes, there really are
Biblical/Torah teachings 
  about them all.   
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KosherTorah School
Biblical, Judaic & Spiritual Studies
P.O. Box 628
Tellico Plains, TN. 37385

Ariel Bar Tzadok,
Director, Rabbi

Forms divide, essence unites.
Religion is a psychological archetype.
Religious lessons enlighten us about the collective psychology of all humanity.

  Religion is thus more about man than it is about God, and that is the way God wants it to be. 

Explaining mysticism in light of rationalism.
 In-depth classes and courses in the following fields:
Bible, Orthodox Judaism, Kabbalah, & Meditation
(We also cover many other topics, from many other fields)
All of our courses are geared towards
removing fundamentalism, extremism, superstitions, and prejudice from religion.

KosherTorah School Statement of 42 Principles

Alphabetical Index
of KosherTorah Essays through 2008
for 2009 - Present, click here...

NOTICE:  Some of the opinions expressed in some of these essays I have retracted, and no longer hold.
They are kept here for academic purposes only.
A'Be'Y'Ah The Four Olamot (Worlds)
ABRACADABRA The Power of the Spoken Word
Abuhatzera, Hakham Ya'aqob, His Family and Life
Address The Hate, Then The State
And Away We Go
Applications of Loving One’s Neighbor (Kedoshim)
Attachment (to G-d) - Sefer Devekut
Avinu Malkeynu in Kabbalah
Avodah Zarah: the Sin in Our Times, A Guide to What is Forbidden Idolatry
Avraham Avinu: A Man Of Yesterday, A Role Model For Today (Lekh L’kha)
Best Laid Plans of Humpty Dumpty
Bereshit, the Beginning: The Most Mysterious Of Times
Bereshit, the Secret Codes Within the First Five Verses
Beyn HaMitzarim: The Three Weeks from the 17th of Tamuz to Tisha B’Av
Biblical Sexual Morality: Kabbalistic Insights Why Is It Included As Part Of Law
Big Deal About Purim
Bilaam, Amalek & the Occult
Bitul Koah Esav - Shem Kadosh and Tefilah for Bringing Mashiah
Blessing & Curse, How Much Is In Our Own Hands? (Parashat Ki Tavo)
Building the Feminine Menorah The Ari’zal’s Mystical Psychology (T’tzaveh)

Cancer, What We Learn from it About Terrorism
Change Is In The Air
Concept of Soulmates in Torah & Kabbalah
Course of Current Events - August 2006

Cults, Missionaries & Assimilation
Cultivating Courage and Overcoming Adversity - The Message of Haggai
Curse of Strife: Sefer Darkei Shalom – The Ways of Peace
Cyclical Time and the Question of Determinism
Danger of UFO Cults Cloning Babies
Daughter of Voice The Psychology of Modern Day Prophecy
Deaths of Nadav & Avihu: A Punishment of Yesterday Serves as a Warning to the Present
Defending Torah Secrets & Reincarnation
Derekh HaLev - The Way of the Heart
Devekut The Prophetic / Meditative Traditions (Kabbalah) of Bonding With G-d
Doing The Right Thing - Addressing the Problems of Jewish Youth Today
Dreams and the Art of their Interpretations (Miqetz)
Dreams, August 2006
Drug Use, The Dangers Of...Kabbalistic Insights
Elul 2006 - What Does Teshuva Really Mean?
Elul Yihudim - Rashash Kavanot, Companion PDF for the Elul Kavanot CD
Erev Rosh Hodesh Elul Contemplations
Eseret Yamei HaTeshuva (Ten Penitential Days)
Eshet Hayil - The Woman of Valor
Exodus, Past & Present
Fear – The Most Contagious Disease; Courageous Action – The Only Cure
For HaShem Has A Controversy
Freedom Ba’al Shem Tov Style (Pesach)
Fundamentals Of Kosher Kabbalah: A Guide To Kabbalistic Concepts And Terminology (Online Book)
Genesis Codes (Bereshit) Within the First Five Verses
Rabbi's Message to Mr. Gibson
Gilgulim - The Secrets of Reincarnation
Golden Calves, Past & Present
Good and Evil, Twins, Opposites or Both?
Great Lesson - The Value of the Words of the Prophets
Guide to the Practices of the Prophetic Kabbalah: 
The Introduction into Sefer Yikrah B'Shmi (Call Upon My Name)
Gun Control & Torah Law - Letter To My Haredi Neighbor
Hag HaShavuot: Happy Birthday Torah
Hanuka, The Kavanot of the Blessings from Siddur HaRashash
Hanuka – The Real Story
Heights of Arrogance - Dangers of Spiritual Practices To Those Not Properly Prepared
Hillel & the Nothing
Hilkhot Limudei HaKabbalah - The Laws of Learning Kabbalah
Hoshana Rabbah In Kabbalah: The Secret of the Seal and the Shadow
How The Study of Halakha Prepares One To Successfully Study & Practice Kabbalah
How To Best Deal With Life
How To Mitigate Judgment
How to Stop the Road Map? Remember the Power of Little Things
Identifying Shiloh: The Secret Soul of the Mashiah
If You Were A God?
In Honor of My Father On his 25th Yahrtzeit
In Praise of Dogs
Incense Alert!! Is Your Incense Kosher??
Invisible Influences & Immortal Deeds
Invocation To Protect Against Illness & The Evil Eye
Solutions to Insanity
Israel, The Universal Constant in Cyclical Time (Ha’azinu)
Jacob’s Confrontation With Esau: An Eternal Lesson How To Face And Conquer Evil
Jeremiah's Words
Kabbalah 101+  Everything You Wanted To Know About Kabbalah But Had No One To Ask (Online Book)
Kabbalah and the Secret of Bereshit
Kabbalah Study in Halakha (Nitzavim)
Kabbalistic "Mystery of Faith": How One Can Trust G-d in Good Times and Bad
Kabbalistic Kavanot of the Pesah Seder
Kabbalistic Psychology of Pesah
Kabbalistic Secrets of Power Prayer
Kabbalistic View of the Use of Drugs
Kabbalistic Way to Complete Mental and Physical Health
Kahane Quotes - True Non-Violent Path of Rabbi Meir Kahane
Kavanot of Sefirat HaOmer – 5767
Kavanot of Shaharit - The Morning Prayers
Kavanot of the Mikvah
Ketz HaYamim Timeline Revelations About the End of Days
Kitzur Birkat HaMazon - The Sephardi Short Version of Grace After Meals
Korah – A Lesson In Arrogance, A Warning For Today!
KOSHERTORAH.COM:  Our Old Introduction Page
KOSHERTORAH.COM: Our Second Introduction Page: Courage, Honor, Discipline & Responsibility- Message for the Ten Days of Teshuva
Kosher Vegetarianism, Benei Noah & Mashiah
Lag B’Omer & The Secret History of the Zohar
Laws of Idolatry for Today
Laws of Torah Physics What Newton Didn’t Know, But Our Rabbis Did
Leopard, Eagle, Deer and Lion
Lessons in Prayer & Meditation
Lessons of Sodom & Gomorra That We Better Pay Attention To Today (Vayera)
Lessons of the Four Who Entered the PaRDeS: The Dangers Inherent Upon the Path of Ascent
Madonna's Kabbalah - Not Kosher
Maimonides, Was He a Kabbalist?
MaN & MaD - Mayim Nokbin & Mayim Dukhrin - Female and Male Waters
Mashiah Ben Yosef - His Identity & Purpose
Masons, Kabbalah and America
Meaning of Loving One’s Neighbor: Three Sephardic Kabbalists Comment
Meditations For Spiritual Unity: How to Perform (Kabbalistic Yihudim) in English
The Mind's Owners Manual
The Mitzvah of Proper Diet
Mitzvah of Sanctifying the New Moon According to the Kabbalah
Mohin of Tzelem - The Sefirotic Brains: How the Lower Seven Sefirot Receive Their Power
Mortal Love and Immortal Love: Chemistry in Matter and in Spirit
Moshe Received The Torah From Where?
My 50th Birthday
NaRaNHaY, The Five Levels of Soul
Nature of the Mysterious and the Secret of Faith (Hukat)
Nazir: Kabbalistic Insights
NOTHING and "I" - Kabbalistic Insights into the words of Hillel
Of Machines & Cogs
Ominous Days of Omer
Original Human State Prior To The Fall
“Orthodox Style” Missionaries Are Infiltrating Our Communities! Does Anyone Care?
Parting of the Sea: The Secrets of Faith and Redemption For the Seventh Day of Pesah
Partzufim - The Sefirotic Faces
Passion by Mr. Mel Gibson - An Orthodox Rabbi Responds
Passion by Mr. Mel Gibson - Violence in the Passion
Passover Freedom
Perspectives:  Insights into Mortality
Pesah Sanity

Pharaohitis, A Political Disease
Physics of Kabbalah - the Union of Mysticism & Science
Pinhas: A Guide For Zealots, Misguided and Otherwise
Practical Parameters of Prayer: What Everyone Needs To Know
Prayer Against the Punishment of Reincarnation
Prayer for Redemption from the 515 Tifilot L’RaMHaL
Prayer of Rabbi Yishmael the Kohen Gadol
Price of a Fox's Head
Psychology, Torah and the Jew
P'tah Eliyahu - The Prayer of the Prophet Elijah
Pulsa D'Nora - The Kabbalistic Curse, Truth & Fiction.
Questions in Halakha - Should Tashlikh be Performed on Shabat
Questions in Halakha - Should one who prays with kavanot pray in a minyan that does not.
Questions in Halakha - Shabat Candle Lighting - The Proper Sephardic Minhag
Real "Magic" in Harry Potter
The Religion of Secularism
In Response to the Attack Against Reincarnation
Responsible Spirituality for The Disciplined Soul
Review of the Halakha of Lighting the Shabat Candles According to Sephardic Halakha
Rise and Fall of Rabbi Yosef Della Reina: The Dangers of Kabbalistic Magic (Online Book)
Role of Kabbalah in the Founding of the United States of America
Role of Ruah HaKodesh in Establishing Halakha (Jewish Law)
Role of the Non-Jew in the Study of Kabbalah
Rosh HaShana 5765 (9/15/04)
Science Underlying Kabbalistic Prophetic Meditation
Secret Kabbalistic Code in Pirkei Avot
Secret of Jewish Survival
Secrets of the Mitzvot, Introduction
Secrets of Shabat Observance
Secret of the Shemitot (Behar)
Secret of the Tree of Knowledge: The Kabbalistic Parameters of Adam’s Sin
Secrets of Successful Prayer
Secrets of the Holy Land

Sefer Devekut - The Book of Attachment (to G-d)
Sefer Etz Haim - The Tree of Life Gate 42, The Lectures of A’Be’Y’Ah, Chapter 1
Sefer Haredim The Book of the Pious - The Unity of G-d, Chapter Seven
Sefer Seder HaYom (The Order of the Day) from the 16th Century Kabbalist, Rabbi Makhir
Sefer Sha’arei Kedusha The Gates of Holiness by Rabbi Haim Vital
Sefirat HaOmer – 5767
Sefirotic Ascent in the Shaharit Morning Prayer Service
Shabat Candle Lighting - The Proper Sephardic Minhag
Shabat Shuva Insights: Haftarah, Kabbalah, Halakha
Shavuot - Happy Birthday to the Torah
Shem Kadosh for Success
Shema Yisrael HaShem our G-d, HaShem is One: from Sefer Pituhei Hotam, Parashat Va’et’hanan by Rabbi Yisrael Abuhatzera
Sheva Hekhalot (Seven Palaces)
Sin of the Golden Calf According to the Kabbalah (Ki Tisa)
Spiritual Cause of Anti-Semitism
Stop, Listen & Learn: Words of Contemplation
Story of Possession: The Evil Soul of the False Messiah Shabtai Tzvi Strikes from Beyond the Grave
Succot in Kabbalah
The Sword of the Sage

Taurus the Bull
Teaching Benei Noah
Teachings of Rabbi Yehuda Fatiyah of Yerushalayim
Tefillin & Acupuncture, A Profound Relationship

Ten Sefirot: How and Why G-d is Manifest in Creation
Tenth (10th) of Tevet - The Fast Day That Did Not Have To Be
That Which Is Greater Than Wisdom
Three Klipot - Passing Through the Storm, Fog & Fire
Three Tefillin of the Kabbalah: An Outline of Kabbalistic Halakhic Practices
Translation of the TIKUNEI ZOHAR
Time, Work and That Which to Consider
To Be A Man!
To Be One Nation Under G-d
To Daven Alone Or With A Minyan (Question in Halakha)
To Ignite the Fire, To Remember Freedom - Derush for Shabat HaGadol
Torah and Martial Arts
Torah and New Age Spirituality
Torah, Beyond The Facade
Torah Code of Honor
Torah From Where? Extraterrestrial Reception and the Nature of Authority
Torah Law Enforcement (Shoftim)
Torah Life of Moderation: When Will We Ever Learn?
Torah Study & Work
Tu'B'Shevat: Its Kabbalistic Significance & How the Seder Is Observed

Torah Portions . . .
Torah Parasha Bereshit - Beyond All Commentary
Torah Parasha Noah - Kosher Vegetarianism, Benei Noah & Mashiah
Torah Parasha Lekh L’kha: Avraham Avinu: A Man Of Yesterday, A Role Model For Today
Torah Parasha Vayera: Lessons of Sodom & Gomorra That We Better Pay Attention To Today
Torah Parashat Hayei Sarah - Teachings from the Ben Ish Hai & a Comment About Makhpelah Cave
Torah Parashat Toldot - To Distinguish Between Good and Evil
Torah Parashat Vayetze - Ya'aqob Avinu and the Battle Against Evil
Torah Parashat Vayeshev - Yosef, Secret of the Masculine (Abuhatzera)
Parasha VaYishlah: Jacob’s Confrontation With Esau: How To Face And Conquer Evil
Torah Parasha Miqetz: Dreams and the Art of their Interpretations
Torah Parasha T'tzaveh: Building the Feminine Menorah The Arizal's Mystical Psychology
Torah Parasha Ki Tisa: Sin of the Golden Calf According to the Kabbalah
Torah Parasha Vayikra: Kabbalistic Value of Korbanot
Torah Parasha Shimini: Nadav & Avihu: Punishment of Yesterday Serves as a Warning to the Present
Torah Portion Aharei: Biblical Sexual Morality: Kabbalistic Insights Why Is It Included As Part Of Law
Parasha Kedoshim: Kabbalistic Applications of Loving One’s Neighbor
Parashat Emor: Two Levels of Kedusha (Holiness) Halakha & Kabbalah
Torah Parasha Behar: Secret of the Pre-Adamic Shemitot
Torah Parasha B'hukotai: The Solution to the Problem of Divine Curses
Torah Parasha Bamidbar: The Holy Encampment & the Secret Order of the Universe
Torah Parasha Naso: The Nazir, Kabbalistic Insights
Torah Parasha B’ha’alo’tekha: Role of Ruah HaKodesh in Establishing Halakha (Jewish Law)
Parasha Shelah L’kha: Fear – Contagious Disease; Courageous Action – The Only Cure
Torah Parasha Hukat: Nature of the Mysterious and the Secret of Faith
Torah Parasha Devarim - Value of Vision, Power To Act
Torah Parasha Ekev - Defending Torah Secrets & Reincarnation
Torah Parasha Re'eh - Where is Your Love?
Torah Parasha Shoftim: Torah Law Enforcement
Torah Parasha Ki Tetze: Yefet Toar: The Beautiful Captive Woman
Torah Parasha Ki Tavo: Blessing & Curse, How Much Is In Our Own Hands?
Torah Parasha Nitzavim: Kabbalah Study in Halakha
Torah Parasha Ha’azinu: Israel, The Universal Constant in Cyclical Time

Torah Social Contract
Torah Study For Human Beings

United We Stand, Divided We Fall
Universe in our Hands
Usage of Holy Names
Value of Gerim (Converts)
Value of Korbanot, Past & Present (Vayikra)
Value of Vision, Power To Act
Virtual Reality of Alien Angels
Commentary to Parashat VaYera, Genesis 18
War: Watch Closely Now
War: A Prayer for Battle
The Way of the World
Ways of Teshuva (Repentance) According to the Kabbalah of the Ari’zal
We All Live In L.A.
Wearing White Garments on Shabat A Halakhic & Kabbalistic Review
Wedding Meditation From Kitvei HaAri’zal
What Are You Looking At?
What It Means To Be A Righteous Gentile (Benei Noah)
What Kabbalah Is & What Kabbalah Is Not: Questions Everyone Asks; Answers Everyone Should Know!
Who Do You Think You’re Fooling?
Why is G-d a He?
Yefet Toar: The Beautiful Captive Woman (Ki Tetze)
Yihud Vavin from Siddur HaRashash
Yichud & Shem Kadosh to Assist One in Losing Weight
Yoke of Donkeys & Eagles
Yom Kippur from the Sha'ar HaKavanot of the Ari'zal

The Works of Ariel Bar Tzadok
(C) 1993 - 2015 by Ariel Bar Tzadok. All rights reserved.