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   Angels?   Demons? 
from Outer Space? 

  Secrets of Inner Earth? 
Yes, there really are
Biblical/Torah teachings 
  about them all.   
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KosherTorah School
for Spiritual Studies

P.O. Box 628
Tellico Plains, TN. 37385

Ariel Bar Tzadok,

Director, Rabbi

Forms divide, essence unites.
Torah is a psychological archetype.
Torah Lessons are about the collective psychology of all humanity.
And yes, the same can be said about many of the world's faiths. 

  Religion is more about man than it is about God, and that is the way God wants it to be. 

Explaining mysticism in light of rationalism.
 In-depth classes and courses in the following fields:
Bible, Orthodox Judaism, Kabbalah, & Meditation
(We also cover many other topics, from many other fields)
All of our courses are geared towards
removing fundamentalism, extremism, superstitions, and prejudice from religion.

KosherTorah School Statement of 42 Principles

KosherTorah is Different - Here's Why!

2015 Essays

The Mental Kung Fu Series

Lesson 1
Living in the Light


Lesson 2
Imagine the Imagination


Lesson 3
Beginnings, the Tree & the Bull


Lesson 4
Circling with the Bull's Horns


Lesson 5
The Bull's Horns & the Eagle's Eye


Lesson 6
The Eagle Strikes


Lesson 7
The Thinking Man of the Chariot



Understanding Kabbalah Series

Lesson 1
the Sefirot


Lesson 2
the First Triad


Lesson 3
The Keter-Da'at Syzygy


Way of Enlightenment Series

According to the Torah Path

Secrets of the After-Life, 1


The NaRaNHaY Soul and is Relationship to Consciousness
(After-Life, 2)


The Reality of Hell
(After-Life, 3)

The Triangle of Freedom
Exodus, Creation & the Sabbath


About Religion, Faith, Science, and Proofs

The Quantum Flux of Religious Realities


The Truth about the 72 Names of God,
and some other Truths about Religion


The Two Commandments
"Heard" from God

Torah and Yoga,
a Proper View

One Law to Rule Them All

To Gaze Upon the True “Face” of God

What is Israel?
What is a Nation of Priests?
What is the Real Lesson of
the Book of Esther (Purim)
Modern Golden Calves in Black Hats
An In-Depth Analysis
YHWH-Adonai, Knowing God
About Successful Relationships
Sacrifices in our Times

Staying Faithful to the Center
(A Guide to Halakhic Observance)


The Meaning of Freedom in the Passover Story


Leaven (Hametz) on Passover in Quantum Torah


To Pray Alone, or with a Minyan


Natural Balance, Respecting Boundaries

Torah, and the Languages of Man
Secret of Unity
Scapegoating and At-One-Ment
The Living Voice
Priests of Israel, and Priests from Israel
Pre-Adamic Humanity (2013)
Is Tomorrow's Twilight Yesterday?
Secret of the Star of David and Seal of Solomon
The Test of Bitter Waters
The Fix for Foolish Fundamentalists

Nature's Instinct & Torah's Law,
The Secret of the Union of Elohim & YHWH

Orthodox Women Rabbis in Halakha
Learning from Every Source, No Matter What
Same Sex Marriages

“Demonic” Attacks & Psychic Warfare


The Wisdom in Work

Respect and Tolerance
Tisha b'Av Today, a Warning for the Future
Mind Building

Meditation Prerequisite 101:
Out with the Bad, In with the Good


Torah Monotheism
& the Truth about Other Gods


Condemnation of Religious Violence

How To Understand Kabbalistc Kavanot Meditations
Guardians, not Jailers

The Difference Between the Original “Secrets of the Torah”

and the Zoharic Kabbalah

Capturing God's Blessings and Using Them


Reality Check for the Rosh HaShana Holiday


The Avinu Malkaynu Prayer in Kabbalah


Successful Changes –

How to Accomplish Real Repentance


Rational Kabbalah


Secrets of Forgiveness for Yom Kippur


Mistaking Tons for Pounds Not a Good Idea


The Apocalypse of Succot


Adult Genesis, Scientific Torah


Knowing Noah's "Commandments"


Some Lesser Known Truths about Circumcision


What is Proper Sacrifice to God?


A Lasting, Happy Marriage


Why Evil


Where Do Ethics & Morals Come From?


Violence & Hate


Luria/Franklin, the Power in our Hands


The Dangers of Studying Kabbalah
Without Correlative Spiritual Experience


The History of Kabbalah, Let the Truth be Told


The Evolution of Religion


True, Truth & the Mind of the Prophet

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