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This new combination of Torah/Biblical lessons contains 35 hours of lessons culled from the prophetic books of the Bible (Nakh).

These include Isaiah, Jeremiah, Haggai, Zecharia and Daniel, along with other lessons about the "End-Times" and the proper understanding of Mashiah in Torah Judaism.

This is one of the most comprehensive courses on Messianic/End Times Prophecies & Teachings from authentic Jewish/Torah sources ever made available in this format.

The classical Torah views are discussed with the addition of Kabbalistic and prophetic insights

This course also addresses many scriptures were mistaken as messianic prophecies with their mistaken forms being adopted by Christianity.

This course shows how the scriptures in question are historically understood and how the mistakes that have been embraced by Christianity came about.  This course endeavors to set the record straight to enable all students to have a proper and accurate understanding of Biblical scriptures without the veils of prejudice and dogma. 

All lessons taught by HaRav Ariel Bar Tzadok of Yeshivat Benei Nviim and


The individual titles in this course are:

The Sign of the Son - ISAIAH 7:14 in Judaism & Christianity
Isaiah prophecies the birth of a son.  In the next chapter a son is indeed born.
How then did this wondrous sign to ancient king Ahaz of Judah become associated with the birth of Yeshu
and the foundation of the Christian belief in a virgin birth?

This lesson teaches the historical application of Isaiah,
chapters seven and eight and shows its application to the times of its natural fulfillment. 
We then proceed to discuss the Christian Gospel of Matthew
and the use of this verse there to introduce the concept of a virgin birth.

Did Matthew the Jew really intend to mean this; is what he actually wrote being interpreted correctly? 
We ask this question and more.  This lesson is mean to be an exploration into theology and history
and is in no way designed to be confrontational or iconoclastic.

For centuries Christians have asked why Jews cannot see the so-called truth of their religion
as expressed through our Jewish Bible. 
This lesson helps to build bridges of understanding to enable those who so wish to comprehend historical and Judaic truths.

Isaiah 40 - Redemption Prophecies - The Beginning
This lesson begins our series in the final chapters of Isaiah. 
From Chapter 40 through the end of the book covers some of the most profound prophetic poetry ever written. 
Exactly what they mean are been a subject of discussion for centuries. 
These lessons will cover this material from the classical Torah point of view
as well as add original Kabbalistic insights of my own.

This lesson covers Chapter 40 and includes:
* The quantum nature of prophecy. * Psychological and physical redemptions. 
* Secret Torah, prophetic codes within the text. 
* The nature of the supernatural and the true transitory nature of human existence.

Isaiah 41
* The supernatural military intervention of angelic army of Mashiah. 
* The destruction and/or evolution of collective human society. 
* The great trial and accountability of all human governments for centuries of injustice.

Isaiah 42:5-43:11, Haftara Bereshit
* Ruah & Neshma - the higher and lower elements within human potential.
* Redemption means becoming a full human being created in the Supernal Image. 
* Torah makes us fully human.

Isaiah 43:12-44:23
* The limitations of human endeavors. 
* The future destruction of modern Babylon. 
* The miracles of redemption.

Isaiah 44:24 - 45:17
* The natural order, the supernatural order and the order above nature.
* G-d directs human affairs and politics.
* G-d is the author of good and evil, all things happen according to Divine design above the natural order.

Isaiah 45:18 - 46
* Quantum Prophecy.
* The two Names of G-d, YHVH & Elohim and their meanings.
* The natural evolution of humanity into the messianic era. 
* The infantile psychology of idolatry that leads to religious fundamentalism.... 

Isaiah 47-48
* Quantum Prophecy. 
* The fall of Babylon, ancient & modern.
* Identifying modern Babylon and how its fall might be. 
* Trust in G-d is the key to survival.
* The natural surrender of self to Heaven.
* Secrets of the holy Name YHVH.

Isaiah 49
* The future of the Jewish people.
* The destiny of Israel in exile amongst the nations. 
* The promise of return after years of abuse.
* Vindication in being a light to the nations and bringing salvation to all peoples.

Isaiah 50-51:8
* The legal contract that binds Israel to G-d.
* Essenes & Pharisees 
* How the righteous suffer at the hands of those who claim to know better. 
* Jewish & Christian differences with regards to understanding prophecy.
* The power of doing what is Biblically right.

Isaiah 51:8 - 52:12 - G-d, the Great Programmer
G-d is the Great Programmer.  The universe is His program.
The Programmer can and does write His program as He wishes intervening and making changes at will. 
The difference between the Torah concept of Teshuva and the eastern concept of karma.

Isaiah 52:13 - 53 - The Suffering Servant
Who is it? Israel, the Messiah, or possibly both?
This lesson addresses the differences between Jewish & Christian interpretations
and suggests how both need to be understood within the context of history and scholary review.

Isaiah 54
* The rewards of the suffering servant...
* Expansion of the borders of Israel...
* The end of humanity's spiritual childhood...
* The purpose of exile...
* The psychological reasons underlying global anti-semitism and the hatred of Jews & Torah..

Isaiah 55 
* Spiritual growth is a natural part of human development...
* All human beings who seek out Divine truth can find it and experience it.
* Israel's role as servant/priest to bring the Light of Torah to the world...
* Benei Noah join Israel in shining G-d's light...

An eight CD set.  These lessons open for us one of the greatest of mystery texts of the entire Bible.
The classic Biblical commentator RASHI writes that Zecharia is a closed book, similar to a dream.
In this series of lessons we will endeavor to open up some of these secrets and see the "secrets of the night."
The lessons in Zecharia have profound relevance to us today spiritually, psychologically and even politically.
The entire Book of Zecharia is covered in seven lessons
and this set also includes an eighth lesson on the Book of the prophet Haggai,
"Cultivating Courage & Overcoming Adversity."

The Mysteries of the Book of DANIEL
Daniel is the book par excellence that reveals to us the secret workings
of spiritual agents behind the scenes of every physical phenomenon.
Full of miraculous events, bizarre dreams and their ever more profound meanings,
Daniel takes us on a journey into the invisible realms underlying human consciousness and human activity.
* The relationship of the conscious/unconscious mind to the physical and spiritual universes,
* G-d's "Plan B" for the course of human events, after the destruction of His holy Temple.
* How our minds are subject to external angelic / dream influences,
* The subtle cause of anti-Semitism in the collective unconscious,
* The method of extracting tremendous amounts of life force energy out of the least amount of food,
* How dreams work and how our unconscious mind communicates with us consciously,
* The real meaning and manners of déjà vu,
* The difference between prophecy and Ruah HaKodesh (divine inspiration),
* The nature of Asiyatic angels and how they communicate with us (and possibly control us) through the unconscious.
* The Irin (Watcher) angels and their interactive role with mankind.
* How angels can control the mind and even produce insanity in those they so choose.
* The true psychological illness of werewolf-ism (lycanthropy) as suffered by King Nebuchadnezzar.
* the four states of brain waves and their relationship to the various forms of human consciousness.
* How the brain works for one to experience and interact with other-dimensional entities.
Other lessons discuss the Rise and Fall of the Four Conquerors, the coming of Yeshu, the Christian messiah,
the prophecy of the weeks, the wars of the angels, the raising of the dead and much, much more . . .


The Real & True New Covenant - Commentary to Jeremiah 31
Torah speaks about a coming New Covenant...
Christianity claims that THE CHURCH is this new covenant...
What exactly did Jeremiah say about this covenant; what would it be,
when would it come and how would we recognize it?
How did the original Jewish followers of Yeshu understand Jeremiah's prophecy?
Did they intend for it to be understood as modern Christianity has interpreted it?
This lesson explores Jeremiah 31 and also the Christian Bible, Epistle to the Hebrews (Chapter 8)
and takes us on a journey through history, prophecy and variant Biblical interpretation.
This lesson shows what happens when outsiders come to something they do not fully understand
and the dangers of their misinterpretations.
For those interested in the Jewish origins of Christian beliefs
this is another lesson in a one-of-a-kind series when an Orthodox Rabbi reads and reviews the Christian Bible

Many Messiahs -
Ben David, Ben Yosef and Ben Aharon?
How many messiahs are there supposed to be?
This lesson takes us on a journey through history, theology and the cherished beliefs of both Judaism and Christianity.

We discuss the Biblical concept of Messiah and understand it
in its proper form as a renewal of the Davidic monarchy and Jewish independence from foreign and secular rule.

We delve into the teachings of the Qumran community and the Essenes
with their beliefs based upon Ezekiel's prophecy that there should be a Messiah of Aharon (the priestly line).

We continue to discuss the historical character of Yeshu HaNotzri (Jesus) and his family
and movement the original Nazarenes (Ebionites).
We explain what their concept of Messiah was and what they wanted Yeshu to be.

This lesson shows what the original faith of Yeshu closest followers,
Peter, James and John was how it was radically different from later Christianity.
We explain details here that show how the original followers of Yeshu
were certainly not Christian by today's standards
and certainly would not have ascribed to modern Christianity's concepts about the Messiah.

We discuss the role of the Nazarenes in promoting the Civil War against Rome
and what actually led to the schism between Judaism and the followers of Yeshu.
The schism was originally political in nature, not religious.
We discuss the radical ancient Jewish origins of Paul.
We then discuss how the concept of the dying Messiah of Yosef developed
and how it has been understood by Jews and Christians through the centuries.

his lesson is certainly iconoclastic. However this is not a challenge or attack on anyone's faith.
Faith is sacred and above reproach.
This lesson merely deals with facts of history that can be documented and in most cases validated.
This lesson serves as a bridge between the Jewish and Christian communities
and will definitely answer for all to hear why Jews are not Christians
and why Jews do not believe that Yeshu was the Messiah.

Hevlei Mashiah B'Yameynu - Tribulations to Come...
Readings upon Sefer Hesed L'Avraham by Hakham Avraham Azulai.
This lesson discusses the pre-messianic sufferings to be incurred by klal Yisrael
and why it must happen and what we are supposed to learn from it.
This is a very important lesson that teaches us how to prepare for a very uncertain future.

The Merit of Yishmael - The Teshuva for Yisrael
Readings from the Zohar Kadosh, Parshat VaEra.
This controversial lesson begins with the Rabbi expressing his personal opinions
about the state of affairs inside Israel and the apparent failure in addressing the issues of terrorism.
We then study the Zohar which reveals to us the spiritual source of Yishmael's power
and their Divinely ordained hold on the Holy Land.
We discuss the hard and necessary steps what is necessary to strengthen Jewish repentance
and how this must manifest itself in all realms of life, social, political, economic and military.
The Zohar then gives us a warning about a future great war to erupt between Yishmael and Edom,
with Rome coming under great attack from a force from the ends of the Earth.
Then comes destruction, upheaval and an entire cleansing of the Earth.
Where should one go to remain safe? Listen to the lesson and you'll find out!

Transformations for Turbulent Times
The times, they are changing... yet, how many of us are ready for major shifts in the ways of the world?
This lesson addresses the pre-messianic travails, and that while change is inevitable, suffering is not...
When we know how to change, we can do so with ease.
Readings from Rav Avraham Azulai's Hesed L'Avraham, the Sefer Ba'al Shem tov,
Sun Tzu's Art of War, Rav Kook's Orot and the psychologist Erich Fromm.

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