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 Religion is more about man than it is about God, and that is the way God wants it to be. 

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A Taste of Tikunei

Original Translations of
the Tikunei Zohar, with Commentary


Tikunei Zohar 22

"Place me as a seal upon your heart." (S.S.8:6).

What is the seal placed upon this place?

This is the sign of the Shabat and the Yom Tov holidays.

These are considered equal to the covenant of circumcision.

Like this is Shabat, the Shin thereof corresponds to the Shin of Shadai.

This includes within it the three supernal Hayot and the three Fathers.

Bet is four, the fourth of the Fathers and fourth to the three Hayot.

This is the Image of Man, but not [the] Man [himself].

This is what is written, "and the image of their faces ... the face of man" (Ez. 1:10).

Rather what Man? Yod Vav Dalet - Hey Alef - Vav Alef Vav - Hey Alef.

Shabat is Shadai.

YKVK is the private domain; it is 4 wide by 10 high.

Yod Vav Dalet - Hey Alef - Vav Alef Vav - Hey Alef.

Yod of Shadai corresponds to the sign of Shabat and the Yom Tov holidays.

Yod hints to the ten sefirot.

This seal is for the son of the King.

However, for the servant of the King his seal is Shadai, from the side of that which is said, "all who are called by My Name, for my Glory I created them, I formed them, I even made them" (Is. 32:7).

And what is this? This is Metatron whose numerical value equals that of Shadai.

He is the Small Man, in the Image of Above.

This is [the meaning] of "if like sons, or if like servants."

One who is of the image of the Lion, his seal will be the white face.

One whose seal is the Bull will be the red face.

One whose seal is the Eagle he will be green of face.

One whose seal is the Image of Man, he will be the black face,

like the Torah says, "I am black and pleasant" (S.S.1:5)."




This is one of many poetical, metaphorical, archetypal teachings in this the most sublime of Zoharic teachings, the Tikunim.


The Tikunei Zohar is a work independent from the body of the greater Zohar. It stands on its own as a separate and unique system of teachings.


It is formatted into seventy sections called Tikunim. A Tikun is literally translated as "rectifications," but here such a translation does not apply. Here, the term Tikun is best translated simply as a "section."


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Secrets of Early Genesis

What the Bible teaches
about the beginning
is known to only a few,
and understood by even fewer.
Now, it is time to "let my people KNOW."

This is a selection of 11 essays that explore many of the secrets of the ancient world, as recorded in early Genesis.

1.  Bereshit, Beyond Commentary (1995)
2.  Did You Know? Things You Should Know
    about the Beginning of Genesis (2009)
3. Something is Missing in Genesis! (2016)
4. Adult Genesis, Scientific Torah,
     Not for  Kids of any age (2015)
5. Adam, Animals & Extraterrestrials (2009)
6. Identifying the Sons of G-d in Genesis 6   (2008)
     (Published in Aliens, Angels and Demons)
7. Vegetarianism, Benei Noah & Mashiah (2000)
8.  Noah’s Flood, A Lesson on Preparing for Modern Day Disasters (2007)
9.  Noah, Lesson of the Flood: Natural Law or Natural Judgment (2010)
10.  Some very important lessons that we need to learn from the stories of Noah, Nimrod, and the Tower of Babel. (2012)
11.  The Way the Torah Was before Religion (2015)

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Secrets of

Kabbalistic Prayer

Kabbalistic Insights 
into Accessing the Divine
A Selection of Essays 

Table of Contents

1.  How to Follow God

2.  Finding God, First Steps

3.  Living Torah, Finding YHWH, the Original Way

4.  Daydreaming, Step One to Expanding  Consciousness

5.  Guide to Psychological Divination, Accessing  the Inner Mind/Higher Soul

6.  Practical Meditation for Bonding with God, (Kosher "Divination")

7.  Prophetic Prayer, Aligning with "God," the Universal Mind, Commentary to the Standing Prayer, the Amidah.

8.  Because of Amen

9.  Secrets of Positive Thinking

10.  A Prayer for Battle

11.  Prayer for Spiritual Guidance

12.  Prayer for Torah Guidance

God is the Creator of nature.
God established the laws of nature
in accordance to
hidden Divine wisdom.
The laws of nature
reflect the Will of God.
Therefore, to follow the laws of nature
is to follow the Will of God.
This should be clear to all to see.
Yet, man must exit 
the prison of his own limited mind
and escape back to the real world of nature,
in order to there learn nature's Way,
and thereby come to embrace nature's Creator
and the Creator's Way, the Torah.
This is how we follow God.
We learn and live by Torah.
Look around you,
existence itself bares witness to this.

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