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   Angels?   Demons? 
Extraterrestrials from Outer Space? 

  Secrets of Inner Earth? 
Yes, there really are
Biblical/Torah teachings 
  about them all.   
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Ariel Bar Tzadok, Director, Rabbi

  Religion is more about man than it is about God, and that is the way God wants it to be. 

In-Depth "Biblical-Torah Kabbalah" & "Prophetic" Meditation

The KosherTorah School offers in-depth classes and courses in the following fields:
Bible: Original Semitic/Oriental Studies
Judaism: Old School, Eastern/Oriental Authentic Torah
Kabbalah: Prophetic/Merkava/Angelic/Ascent Traditions
Meditation: Practical, Hands-On, Experiential

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All new, in-depth online Sephardic Kabbalah study

from sources never previously available in English

Kabbalah of the Ben Ish Hai
The Book of Knowledge and Perception
Sefer Da'at u'Tevunah, Chapter 19
Lesson 1
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KosherTorah School Statement of 42 Principles

KosherTorah School is presently building
a new online library of free audio lessons
in all fields of
Bible, Judaism, Kabbalah and Meditation. 
We plan to have these ready in Summer 2015.

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Original Semitic/Oriental Studies

Old School, Eastern/Oriental Authentic Torah

Prophetic/Merkava/Angelic/Ascent Traditions

Practical, Hands-On, Experiential

End Times Studies Simple Wisdom Religion & Society Health Issues

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