Religion is more about man than it is about God, and that is the way God wants it to be. 

Bible, Orthodox Judaism, Kabbalah, & Meditation
All of our courses are geared towards
removing fundamentalism, extremism, superstitions, and prejudice from religion.


Welcome to our KosherTorah School


Let me explain to you how, and why, we are different!


Most likely you have been to many other websites that teach religion, spirituality, Judaism, and even Kabbalah. Most of them offer a good amount of information. But very few out there actually teach you what to do with that information.


In other words, learning is one thing, but what about practice? How does one practice the age-old practical spiritual techniques of expanding human consciousness, and transforming one's individual life from the inside out. (In our tradition this is referred to as Ma'aseh Merkava, the Work of the Chariot, essentially teaching you how to become a “chariot” through which the power of Heaven can reside, and move).

Many other do a lot of talking, but the KosherTorah School seeks to make things, simple, direct, and “to-the-point.”


I would like to say that we make things easy, but that would not always be true. Whether or not your personal spiritual progress will be easy will depend entirely on you.

My job, as your teacher, is to point you in the right direction, and to then let you walk your path (not mine), and to discover your personal truths (not mine).


Here at the KosherTorah School I teach all aspects of religion, philosophy and mysticism, but I teach it in order for it to be understood, and then implemented into life-changing practice.


Religion is not about superstitious beliefs. Religion is not about playing “follow-the-leader.” Religion is not about obedience to “by-rote” tradition.


Religion is supposed to be about personal, internal exploration, and the discovery of one's inner truths, and the manifestation of one's untapped potentials. This is what we teach here at the KosherTorah School.


Our School uses the classical texts of Judaism, and Kabbalah to extract the messages of universal truths applicable to us all. As such our School has something to offer everyone. Therefore, we proudly open our doors to students from all walks of life, regardless of any differences.


And of course, for our Torah observant student body, we have a full array of courses in all areas of traditional Torah, (TaNaKh, Gemara, Halakha, Hashkafa, and more).


As I make it very clear in everything that I teach, our goal here at the KosherTorah School is to removing fundamentalism, extremism, superstitions, and prejudice from religion.


The KosherTorah School is about us, all of us, and how we can use the Torah model the way it was meant to be used from Mt. Sinai, as a guide to self-improvement, for ourselves and our world.


No polemics! No missionizing! No arm-twisting! No attacking other faiths. Just simple, and honest teachings. You can't get any more “kosher” than this!

Here at the KosherTorah School, you learn! You contemplate! You chose! You decide! Our School is for you, and with you.

Again, welcome.




Ariel Bar Tzadok

Director, Rabbi





About our School


In the world of Torah observant Judaism, our KosherTorah School shines as a beacon of rationality, coupled with sincere devotion, as we teach compassionate Orthodox Judaism to all who wish to embrace it. We place emphasis on understanding God's Law, and Rabbinic law, and how these two enrich the lives of those who chose to embrace them.

In the world of mysticism, meditation, and Kabbalah, our KosherTorah School sets the standard for providing rational insights into in-depth archaic teachings, as well as practical directions into little-known, secretive meditative practices, along with full psychological understandings of what these teachings, and practices mean, and what they actually intend to accomplish.


Our meditation courses are unique in opening up the teachings of the ancients, and enabling their practices, and experiences, to be available to modern people.


In the world of Bible study, our KosherTorah School seeks to bridge the many gaps that split, divide, and tear asunder the necessary unity needed by all God-believing, Bible-believing souls. KosherTorah is the only school which offers courses in the religious teachings, and beliefs of other systems, as seen through a Torah eye. We provide an education in this field, knowledge of which very few others are aware of.


Come Join Us


Our monthly supporters become “registered” students of our KosherTorah School, and as a token of gratitude for your support, I offer a number of free gifts.


Supporters, at the minimum $50.00 USD per month level, receive from me free access to the online recordings of the classes I have done live, during the period of their support.


In this way, your support grants you a free overall education in the number of topics that we regularly cover.


If you are new to our KosherTorah School, welcome! Please make use of all that we have to offer you. Our free libraries of the written word, and audio lessons will provide you with a wealth of education material. We only ask for you to express your appreciation for this opportunity, and to donate generously to our school.


For those of you who are now familiar with our school, maybe it is time for you to take the next step, and to join us, by becoming a monthly supporter, and the minimum $50.00 a month level.


Like I said above, we are here for you, because you are here for us!

We need your support.


Please support our KosherTorah School today – and every day!

Thank you again for your support, and again welcome again to everyone!


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