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Religion is more about man than it is about God, and that is the way God wants it to be. 

Bible, Orthodox Judaism, Kabbalah, & Meditation
All of our courses are geared towards
removing fundamentalism, extremism, superstitions, and prejudice from religion.


About Ariel Bar Tzadok and the KosherTorah School

Rabbi Ariel proudly welcomes to the KosherTorah School all peoples, of all backgrounds,
who wish to learn about the authentic, and original Biblical world outlook.

We are proudly a God fearing, Bible believing, Orthodox Jewish School.
We represent, practice and teach
the traditional moral and family values that are the foundation of a healthy and stable society.

And we welcome you to come study with us!

* KosherTorah is not just about the Bible.
* KosherTorah is not just about Judaism. 
* KosherTorah is not just about religion.
* KosherTorah is not just about God.

* KosherTorah is about us!
* KosherTorah is about building bridges!
* KosherTorah is about becoming a more decent human being!
* KosherTorah is about common sense, simple living, righteous behavior, and liberty and respect for all.

Read the KosherTorah School Statement of 42 Principles


For over thirty years, Rabbi Tzadok has been teaching the practices that originated in the Biblical “School of the Prophets.”  These Biblical teachings are the original, Prophetic Kabbalah, (which include the Ma'aseh Merkava, Hilkhot Devekut, and the Sulam Aliyah).

This school of Prophetic Kabbalah places emphasis on teaching individuals how to cultivate their own personal spiritual experiences in the attempt to spiritually connect with, and bond with God.

The other schools of Kabbalah, from the Zohar, the Ari'zal and others all place emphasis on academic, philosophical, (Jewish) metaphysics.  While understanding the terminologies of these other schools creates for one a common vocabulary of understanding Kabbalistic concepts, nevertheless, almost no one student of these schools understands how to transcend the dry academics, and to proceed into the experiential, and the practical of the prophetic school.

The goal of the KosherTorah School is to guide students how to cultivate actual, authentic, and personal spiritual experiences, the likes of which are psychological, and transformational. 

The purpose of spirituality in general is for one to learn how to explore one's inner self, and to discover, and unleash one's own inner, latent potentials.  To this task is the KosherTorah School dedicated.

The KosherTorah School focuses on teaching Biblical, and later mystical literature in a rational and pragmatic way to enable our students to extract their universal teachings from their numerous layers of myth and metaphor. The school proudly serves the educational needs of a global audience, and welcomes students from all walks of life.


Born and raised on Long Island, New York, Ariel Bar Tzadok traveled abroad to Israel in 1979.  While there, he studied in some of the finest Sephardic yeshivot in Jerusalem, including Porat Yosef (Old City).

While studying in Kollel Hekhal Pinhas in Jerusalem, R Ariel was blessed to become the private student of the renowned kabbalist, Rebbe Meir Levi, obm, the foremost student of the leading kabbalist of Jerusalem, Rabbi Mordechai Sharabi obm.

In June 1983, Rabbi Ariel received his Rabbinic ordination (Haredi/Orthodox) from Rabbi Ya'akov Peretz, Rosh Yeshiva (Dean) of Kollel Hekhal Pinhas, and Rosh Yeshiva (Dean) of Beit Midrash Sephardi in the Old City of Jerusalem.

Upon returning to the United States, R Ariel augmented his religious education with studies in Jungian psychology at the Jungian Center in New York.  Rabbi Ariel also expanded his education to include the other religions of the world, esoteric studies and practices, philosophies and psychological systems.  R Ariel also explored the teachings of many occult systems and cults. 

After developing a working understanding of the realistic parameters of human consciousness, and how it touches both seen and unseen worlds, R Ariel began his career in Rabbinic/Life Coach pastoral counseling.

After teaching privately for many years, R Ariel officially established Yeshivat Benei Nviim in 1992 to address the growing concerns of spiritual misguidance and misinformation that is pervasive in the Jewish community at large. Following in the footsteps of the great Sephardic Sages of the previous century, R Ariel began to use the teachings of Kabbalah, as a means to draw questioning souls back to a Torah way of life.  

Authentic Kabbalah is not a path of mystical philosophy, superstitious nonsense, or semi-occultic beliefs.  Authentic "Biblical" Kabbalah is simply the teachings of the Biblical prophets.  Their message has always been to draw souls back to a natural and simple way of life, as God has meant life to be.  The Biblical Prophets taught a meditative system which enables the practitioners to recognize and see the spiritual realities underlying everything in our physical world.   It is this instruction that R Ariel places in all that he teaches. 

R Ariel speaks out publicly to set the record straight by providing accurate and correct information about what is authentic, and what is not, authentic Kabbalah, and Biblical spiritual practices.  R Ariel holds to the policy to critique ideas, beliefs and practices only, while never mentioning individuals or groups by name.

This is why our School is named "KosherTorah," to serve as a source for practical and realistic Biblical teachings, that strip away the hype and cultish garments of so much today that passes itself off as authentic Biblical/Torah Judaism.

Over the many years, while staying rigidly faithful and true to his Orthodox Torah origins, R Ariel has expanded the KosherTorah School to meet the needs of an ever widening audience.

It is the KosherTorah School policy
not to tolerate any distinctions or prejudices based on race, religion, ethnicity, skin color, sex,
sexual orientation, or any such unbecoming classes of division or exclusion. 

R Ariel firmly holds by the motto, "united we stand, divided we fall." 
All are welcome to study at the KosherTorah School.

R Ariel also does not shy away from commenting on relevant issues of social, political and spiritual importance that he believes are appropriate and necessary for Rabbis to address.

R Ariel is also the author of a number of books.  At this time, these include:


Behind the Veil: Insights & Messages Regarding Current Events in Light of the Teachings of the Prophetic Kabbalah

The Simple Path: Uncommon Common Sense from Psalm 119


The Kabbalah of Relationships: Between Men & Women, You & Your Soul, You & Your Body


The Greatest Story Never Told: Torah: Not for Jews Only! The Bedrock of Universal Spirituality


Using the Holy Names of God: Developing Psychic Abilities, Using the Secret Codes Within the Torah


Let There Be... KNOWING: Using the Prophetic Kabbalah & Ma’aseh Merkava to Expand the Powers of the Mind/Soul


Secrets of the Cycle of Time: A Prophetic Kabbalah Journey Through the Jewish Year


Aliens, Angels, & Demons: Extraterrestrial Life in Judaism/Kabbalah & its Vital Relevance for Modern Times


Visions of the End of Days: A Kabbalistic View of the Book of Daniel With a Guide to Dream Interpretations


The Evolution of God. Experiencing the Fractal Sefirot of the Kabbalah.


Protection From Evil: Exposing & Neutralizing Harmful Spiritual Forces in Light of Torah & Kabbalah


Walking In The Fire: Classical Torah/Kabbalistic Meditations, Practices and Prayers


Available now from

Over the years, R Ariel has been featured in numerous newspaper articles, radio talk shows and television interviews. He has spoken for university groups and lectures around the country.

He was also a guest on:
* NBC-TV's national prime-time series "Ancient Prophecies,"
* FOX-TV's "Millennium Prophecies," and other special programs aired on the * HISTORY CHANNEL, aside from
* History Channel's Ancient Aliens

He presently hosts on-line classes and an open forum, internet radio style program for all registered students on the KosherTorah School student body.   Rabbi Ariel's videos can be found on The KosherTorah School YouTube Channel.

Rabbi Ariel also hosts an interactive page on Facebook.

In 2011, R Ariel fulfilled his life-long dream to move out of the congested urban areas and relocated to the Great Smoky Mountains in rural Eastern Tennessee.  Following in the footsteps of the ancients, he chose to be close to nature in order to draw closer to God. 


In Honor and Memory of my Teachers

My Rabbi and my Teacher
Rabbi Ya'aqob Peretz, Shlita
Rosh Yeshiva, Kollel Heichal Pinhas
Rosh Yeshiva, Beit Midrash Sephardi

Rav Peretz inspires honesty and integrity in all his students.
I am honored to be counted as one of them...
His integrity is the inspiration for the KosherTorah School
You will hear his words through mine...


My Rabbi, my Teacher and my Friend
Rabbi Meir Levi, obm

One of the leading students of the head Kabbalist of Jerusalem
Rabbi Mordekhai Sharabi, obm.
We learned together privately, one on one, in the Heichal Pinchas kollel.
If there is any wisdom that I have gained in studying the Kabbalah;
it is due to Rebbe Meir obm.

May his memory be a blessing for us all.

The Works of Ariel Bar Tzadok
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