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Revealing the "Secret,"
The Actual, Correct Way
to Pronounce and Use the Name


by Ariel bar Tzadok
Copyright (C) 2012 by Ariel Bar Tzadok. All rights reserved.

"And it shall come to pass throughout all the land, says YHWH,
two parts of it shall be cut off.
They shall perish, and the third shall remain therein.
And I will bring the third in fire;
and I will refine them as one refines silver,
and I will test them as one tests gold.

He shall call in My name,
and I will respond to him.
I said, "He is My people;"
and he shall say,
"YHWH is my God."

(Zekharia 13:8,9)

This teaching reveals the ancient, proper way
how the Holy Name YHWH was originally pronounced.

This essay not only teaches the Name,
but also provides a complete meditative exercise
that one can follow on a daily basis.

This teaching emphasizes connection with the Malkhut level of human and Divine consciousness. This is called in Hebrew, bonding with the Divine Presence (Shekhina), which again, is the ingrained intelligence, sentience and will within every living thing.

Before one can ascend above into higher levels of consciousness through the use of more advanced techniques, one must first be firmly grounded. This teaching provides such a grounding in relaxation.

This technique, although in modern form, is of ancient antiquity. It is the reason why the Torah proclaimed to Israel, "Hear (Listen) Israel YHWH our God, YHWH is one," (Deut. 6:4). It is also the reason why the ancient Sages would introduce their secrets with the Aramaic term, Ta Sh'ma, "come and listen."

This teaching is a 4600+ word instruction on 15 (8.5 x 11) pages.

The instruction is in PDF format and is available for automatic download once purchased.


Sections in this Teaching...

1. Why the Silence and Not the Sound

The Name YHWH is considered so sacred that it is forbidden to pronounce. One can contemplate it, but one must never allow its sound to pass beyond one's lips. Why is this so? This section addresses this issue and provides practical answers and instructions.

2. The Ark and the Secret of the "Bird's Nest" in Inner Earth

Now, here is a secret, hinted to by our Sages, but for wise reasons, never before spoken out directly. Although the priestly services are no longer performed in the Jerusalem that we know, nevertheless, Temple service, here on Earth, has never ceased. This section speaks about the true location of the "lost" Ark of the Covenant, and about those who safeguard it to this day. Reference is also made to the secret location of the Messiah, and the place of origin of the messianic armies.

3. The Secret of the Malkhut

This physical world is the anchor, upon which the higher dimensional planes are held in place. The importance of the physical universe and its relationship to the human collective mind

4. Divine Inspiration is for All

Men and women alike, Jew and Gentile alike, can all receive Ruah HaKodesh (Divine inspiration or literally, the holy spirit), all in accordance to one's behavior.

5. What The Name YHWH Means

The Name YHWH comes from the root Hebrew verb HOVEH (Hey, Waw, Hey) and means, "to be." YHWH is the "Being," the "Consciousness," and the "Sentience" of existence. An explanation of what we truly know about God. What God is and what IT is not.

6. The Proper Name

Today, we do not dare speak the Name. But we can nonetheless contemplate it silently in the mind. Where we learn the proper Name from. Bonding with the Name.

7. Procedure

I have written often about different types and forms of meditative practices. There is not one that is better than another, rather, they are each like spokes on a wheel, they are each meant to connect one to the center Source. This present teaching is a simple meditative technique presented in seven easy-to-follow steps.

8. Results & Expectations

In time you will find yourself becoming more relaxed, more clear headed, and feeling very much closer to God. More than this, your extra sensory perceptions will begin to grow.

You can acquire this material right now
and start practice with the Name immediately.

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(Tel) 1-423-253-3555

The Written Works of Ariel Bar Tzadok
(C) 1997 - 2012 by Ariel Bar Tzadok. All rights reserved.