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Secret of David's Star & Solomon's Seal

by Ariel Bar Tzadok
Copyright © 2015 by Ariel Bar Tzadok. All rights reserved.

We live in a three dimensional reality, but ours is not the only one. There is another.

Height, weight, depth, we all know these. Yet, as these exist here in this universe, all around us, surrounding us is a second parallel universe. It too consists of the three dimensions of height, depth, and width. This other domain is separated from us like two sides of the same coin. Maybe this realm is the place modern science calls dark matter. Matter is matter, be it light or dark, seen or unseen, known, or unknown, here or there.

There is our three dimensional space, and then there is the other. Sketched in a diagram three dimensional space could be drawn as a triangle. Yet, we have two realities, thus we have two triangles. Just as our spaces overlap, so too will the diagram that represents them overlap. We thus have two triangles. To differentiate between them, we place one triangle facing up, and the second one facing down. Overlapping one another, the two triangles form the hexagon, what in ancient times, was called the magical star. Today, this symbol has come to represent all things Jewish, and we call it the Star of David.

Historically speaking, there is nothing Jewish about the Star of David. An ancient legend calls the star, the Magen (shield) David, and claims that this symbol was emblazoned on King David's battle shield. Yet, this legend, like so many others of its kind, is what we call in Hebrew, Midrash. These are stories related to teach moral or ethical lessons, without need for historical authenticity.

For centuries the Star was understood to symbolize magical properties. Maybe this indicated an understanding of the overlapping worlds that the Star was said to symbolize, and how one world can be accessed by the other. This access is, after all, the foundation of what real magic is all about. In magical circles, the Star is called the Seal of Solomon. Like the association with Solomon's father David, any actual association of the Star with the historical Solomon is pseudepigraphal.

Due to these ancient associations with Jewish leaders, the Star eventually was adapted (or imposed) on the Jewish nation to be their collective symbol. This is just one of so many interesting examples with regards to symbols, their origins, and their modern usages. Long before it was adopted by the Christians, the Crucifix cross was originally a Jewish sign that represented Jewish religious martyrdom under Roman oppression. The Nazi swastika was originally a mystical symbol in Eastern religions, (and for many, it still is). The swastika is even found in the ancient Middle East, including some Jewish archaeological sites. Its origins was a sign of something positive long before the Nazis made it into something negative.

The ancient Jewish Star did not start out Jewish. Indeed, its adoption as the Jewish symbol comes from relatively recent times. There is essentially nothing Jewish about the Jewish Star, and in spite of legendary tales, the star has no real connections to the historical King David that we should call it the Star of David (Magen David). The fact that the star has been adopted as the seal, and flag of the modern State of Israel does not add to its authenticity, or reflect the status of its antiquity, (or lack thereof).

The star is today seen as just a symbol, but as we have seen, it certainly did not start out that way. The star's earliest association is with the schools of ancient magic. In the ancient magical schools, very similar to the Biblical prophetic schools, gaining access to our parallel dimension, and to communicate with the beings that inhabit it, was considered primary.

While the star symbolized the merging, and overlap of the two worlds, the point at which the two worlds would open to one another is rarely exposed. The point where the two worlds merge, and one gains access to the other, is in the center of the hexagram. The center of the hexagram star becomes the seventh point. Thus the star of six, becomes the star of seven. Six and seven equal thirteen. Thirteen is the numerical value of the Hebrew word, Ehad, One.

Thus the star of six, which is seven, represents the One. And who is this One? You might think that it represents the One of the universe, but in reality the One that it represents is us. The one in the center of the star. who unites the two worlds. is none other than a human being. This should come as no surprise for everyone should know that magic does not come from God, but rather it comes from man.

The one in the middle of the star activates it by powers inherent within oneself. And how can this be? This can only be so because each and every human being who inhabits this three dimensional space of ours, equally inhabits the other space parallel to this one. Essentially, each of us is in two places, literally two worlds, at once. Maybe this explains why the human mind is split in half, with half being focused on this reality, (consciousness), and the other half existing in a realm of darkness, and the unknown, (the unconscious). Dark matter is as invisible to light matter as the unconscious is invisible to the conscious mind.

The mind of the one who unites the triangles of the star is the one who knows, and understands how to travel safely back and forth from one's own conscious mind down into the unconscious, and back up again, in peace. This consciously directed mind-travel into the realm of the unconscious, unleashing from there the powers within, is actually a process where the natural forces of the dark matter universe are able to slide over into our universe, and interact with our natural laws. This function of interactive energies, agitated by mental focus, and mental command is the foundation of the actual mind technology that for centuries has been called practical magic.

Two things the Torah makes crystal clear. One is that we human beings are to seek an actual bond with God. The second is that we human beings are prohibited to engage in, or interact with forces, dominions and powers of what we have come to call, the occult. In the mythology of a split universe, these two commandments, to seek God, and to shun other spirituality, are viewed as mutually exclusive opposites. Yet, as the example of magical King Solomon shows, an example established thousands of years ago in ancient times, one can remain holy to God, obedient to His Divine Will, in complete compliance with all the laws of His Torah, and still be an expert, and practitioner of the magical sciences, but only if one knows exactly what they are, and how they are to be properly used, in accordance to the laws and Will of God. It is only outside of these parameters that the occult becomes the forbidden thing that is described throughout Scripture.

The secret of the Star, originally known as the Seal of Solomon is that it places the proper practitioner in the middle of the two parallel worlds, symbolized by the triangles, and through the power of his/her mind unites the two. Now, here is the secret. The two worlds of the two triangles can only be united through the mind of the practitioner, when the practitioner merges his mind with its own unconscious higher counter-part. Only part of this deeper self lies in the domain of the dark matter, but this element is only what we call, the tip of the iceberg. The surface of the unconscious mind is called the sub-conscious. Uniting this with the conscious will build the bride between the two parallel worlds. There is a great and awesome secret contained in this knowledge, best left concealed for now. Once the conscious mind merges with, and transcends the subconscious, then focus and attention can plummet to the depths of the actual, and true unconscious exposing an ever so slight revelation of the true power within, one's higher self. This is also perceived as one's spiritual guide (magid), totem, or guardian angel.

This level of consciousness exists in its own higher state, which actually underlies both of the parallel dimensions surrounding us. Essentially, this exposes another two entirely new, (and deeper dimensions). These two higher dimensions are the realities underlying the dimensions symbolized by our two triangles. Essentially, we now have four interactive triangles, with the One in the middle, uniting the whole. This is the secret of Ehad, the mystery of thirteen, referenced above.

Only the One can initiate proper use of the power that comes through the unity symbolized by the thirteen. This is the state called holy. This was the level of King Solomon. The King subdued all forces in all parallel worlds to his will simply because his will was united with, and subject to the Divine Will. Solomon was King below, as God was King above.

For Solomon, occult powers were nothing more than tools in his hands to better serve the Creator. Indeed, Talmudic and other legends tell us, some in graphic detail, that Solomon called upon the daemonic races of inner Earth to assist him in building the Temple in Jerusalem. These races of other beings, from our parallel dimension, willingly and joyously crossed the dimensional divide, to build that edifice that they too knew would serve as the House of the One.

Solomon's Temple had a parallel edifice in the dark matter realms. It is through this edifice that the daemons worship God, even as human beings worshiped in the edifice in this dimension plane. There are those who say that although our Temple was destroyed thousands of years ago in our dimension, that other edifice still stands and is still in active service in our parallel dimension. Thus, technically speaking, half of King Solomon's Temple still exists, and stands in the parallel place of the parallel Temple Mount in parallel Jerusalem.

The secret of the one who sits between the two triangles to merge them, thus becoming the seventh point is the one who is able to enter the parallel Temple, and to worship God there, as ancient Israel did in ancient times. Of course, only those who possess the key to Solomon's seal understand how to open this door and to enter therein. As it says in Scripture, “these are the doors to God, only the righteous may enter therein.” This is the practice of holy and sacred spiritual technology, based on the powers of the mind.

The goal was, from the beginning, to ascend to God, and to worship before His Heavenly Throne (for those who will understand this metaphor). In order to accomplish this, the practitioner had to unite the worlds, symbolized by uniting the triangles, thus creating the Star. This teaching should help one understand why the ancient Merkava and Hekhalot literature spoke about ascending above, alongside a detailed and intense understanding of practical magic. For the holy one, the two become one.

Yet, not all who walk this path are successful in joining together all the worlds. Travel into the subconscious, and later unconscious is wrought with actual dangers. Not all who walk this path exit unscathed. Those who become ensnared in these domains fail to perceive the underlying unity, and then work the unity of the lower two triangles without the integration with the upper two triangles. When this happens we have the works of the occult, those forbidden under Biblical law. Two creates division. Five symbolizes One. One is thirteen, Ehad. In the spiritual realms, math works differently than it does here in this realm.

There is one triangle of three dimensions. We live in it. There is another triangle of another three dimensions. We live in that one too. Together, the triangles become the Star, and the Star is the secret of the integration of the parallel worlds through the medium of the human mind. One Star leads to the next, and the seven become thirteen. Together, the whole is One. This is the wisdom that God revealed to Solomon, making him the wisest of all men. The name Solomon, in Hebrew, is Shlomo, which means peace, and completion. Those who seek the wisdom of Solomon, and practice it in truth will, like him, discovery both peace and completeness.

The Star symbolizes our parallel worlds, and the one who unites them, for peace. If this is the chosen symbol for the Jewish people, then their mandate is, indeed, a difficult one. Bringing peace to all, and uniting all under the One, has been proven to be a formidable task, indeed.

Israel in Hebrew is spelled, Yod (10), Shin (300), Resh (200), Alef (1), and Lamed (30). The total is 541. 5 + 4 + 1 = 10. This is one triangle (three numbers). 5 is one number, 4 is one number, and 1 is one number. We thus have three separate numbers. 10 (first triangle), plus 3 separate numbers (second triangle) equal 13, the secret of the whole, the unity, the One. All this potential is concealed within “Israel,” and revealed to those who can penetrate its facade, and see down to its true essence. This is the legacy of the “wise children of Solomon,” who bear his seal.


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