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The Living Voice

by Ariel Bar Tzadok
Copyright © 2015 by Ariel Bar Tzadok. All rights reserved.

In the beginning, there was One.
Or was there?
Before the beginning, there was Zero.
But how can we know this?
What can we know about what was before the beginning?
If before there was Zero,
and after there is One,
how did Zero become One?

It is said that before the beginning
Zero equaled One.
But how can this be?

It is further said that before the beginning Zero was more than One, Zero was infinity.
How can this be?
For since the beginning, Zero is just zero, One is just one, and each number is its own.

Before the beginning things were different from how they are now.
The beginning was a time of change.
Before the beginning Zero was equal to One, and to every other number.
After the beginning, this was all different.

Now, pay heed, for here is the great secret!

Nothing was changed in the beginning.
What was before the beginning still is,
in that place that is before the beginning.
We exist in the place after the beginning.
There is no change, on the contrary, there is something new.

The worlds before the beginning, and after the beginning exist side by side simultaneously in both space and time.
The worlds are bridged by the one bridge that can connect them.
The one bridge is the Living Voice,
the voice that spoke, “Let there be,”
and there was.

Before the Voice spoke, the Mind thought.
The Voice spoke, “zero,” “one” and more.
The Mind before the Voice thought, it thought of many things.

In the Mind, Zero, One, Infinity were all just ideas, concepts of thought.
Before the beginning the Mind thought, and all things were included in thought.
All was, all existed, yet, there was no distinction of separation.

We could say that all was One, but there was no One before the beginning.
Therefore, all was Zero because before the beginning nothing yet exists.

The Mind is the great Zero,
and that is why the Mind gave rise to Voice.
The Mind before the beginning cannot be known, it is forever the Great Mystery.

We know existence after the beginning.
Our universe exists since the beginning,
and is bound by the form the Voice spoke in the beginning.

In our existence, Zero is zero, and One is one.
Yet, before the beginning, this was not so,
or was it?
We cannot know, we cannot say.
All we can do is use the bridge of Living Voice, to return into the Mind.

What will we see there?
Nothing! There is nothing to see!

What will we think there?
Now, this is the Great Mystery?
The journey beckons us all,
the mystery is intoxicating.

But who can go from One to Zero,
and back again,
without getting lost on the trip?
This too is the Great Mystery that beckons us, “Come.”

Those who walk the path know the Zero, and they know the One.
They alone can see how Zero equals One, which equals infinity.

Seeing with eyes both opened and closed
is the only true Vision.
Hear the Words of the Living Voice.

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