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“Demonic” Attacks & Psychic Warfare

by Ariel Bar Tzadok
Copyright © 2015 by Ariel Bar Tzadok. All rights reserved.


Do you believe in demons, and evil monsters? They really do exist! The only question is are they actual external autonomous life forms, or are they just figments of the imagination?


This difference is a very big one. But the difference is not whether one is real, while the other is fake. No, while actual external creatures could be very real, one should never think any less about the imagined creatures that inhabit our minds. They too are very real. Indeed, they may be more real, and pose to us a greater threat than any actual external, autonomous, evil life forms out there.


Learn this very important rule: a perceived threat is more dangerous than a real one. A perceived demon, or monster, is also more dangerous than a real one. The external world is not under our control, and in spite of any individual delusions of grandeur, the external world does not revolve around any one of us personally. Frankly, no one individual is so important that he or she solely merits attack from the world of demons.


This all changes when we discuss the psychological makeup of the individual. For each person is very much a world unto oneself. One's inner world very much does revolve around one's self. Therefore, all internal demons, bad feelings, and ill intent, all circle within one's mind, with one's self being the center. What this means is something frightening. Inside one's mind can be a place of beauty and light, or inside one's mind can be a pit of darkness, and hell. One always chose one's internal reality. One always chooses to gives life to, or take life away from one's own internal psychological demons.


One's own mind is one's greatest weapon against evil, but at the same time, one's own mind can be one's greatest weakness. Strengthening of the mind, therefore, should be one's highest priority. One thing is certain, a wise and competent enemy knows how to best attack an opponent. The best attack is not one with physical weapons, or with superior numbers. The best attack is to attack the mind, and to allow the opponent's inner weaknesses, and fears destroy them from within.


This method of attack is as old as humanity itself, referenced in the Bible, and recorded by Sun Tzu. Today, in official military circles, there is even an appropriate name attached to this, along with large investments of time, money, and effort made to seek its accomplishment. Today, we speak of psychological warfare, and even of psychic warfare. The first seeks to attack the conscious mind, and to manipulate it. The latter seeks to attack the unconscious, and to activate, and increase one's own internal demons.


This latter method is ancient, and is even seen used in the Bible, with the narrative about King Balak of Moab, and the wizard Balaam, who sought a way to attack, and thus weaken the Children of Israel. In the book of Numbers (22), King Balak of Moab is faced with a terrible threat from the perceived hostile Children of Israel at his border. Possibly considering his military options to be insufficient, Balak turns to another more sinister method of attack. If he cannot defeat Israel by force of arms, then he will seek to defeat them by force of mind. Balak turns to the master wizard of the day, Balaam, to use his Occult powers to curse the Children of Israel.


By some modern standards, believing that a curse could have any actual power to inflict harm sounds like a delusional hocus-pocus fantasy. Yet, in ancient times, and even in many cultures today, the power of the curse is considered to be an actual, and powerful danger. For those who live in a mind-set full of psychic and cosmic energies, who believe in the supernatural, and in the existence of demons and evil monsters, the power to curse is actual, and real.


Those who believe themselves to be cursed can actually cause the effect that the one placing the curse desires. It does not matter whether or not the curse, in and of itself, has actual power. What matters is that such a power is believed to exist, and once the belief is accepted in the mind, it is the belief itself that creates the effect of the curse.


Indeed, it is these self-same belief patterns of the individual mind that create all sorts of demons, devils, monsters, boogie-men, and other assorted “things that go bump in the night.” This does not mean that these things do not exist in reality. What it does mean is that, for most people, actual external reality is insignificant when compared to the self-created internal reality that each and every one of us creates inside our own minds.


King Balak hired the ancient wizard Balaam, seeking him to place such a curse on Israel. Once word got out that Balaam had cursed Israel, the superstitious people of the day, including many of the Children of Israel, would have become greatly despondent, and would fear to move against Moab, out of fear for further Occult consequences. This was indeed King Balak's plan. Balaam thought to play along with the charade, but at the same time, Balaam was a legitimate master of spiritual forces. In Torah literature, Balaam is considered to be an equal with none less that Moses, himself. While King Balak sought to deploy psychological warfare, the wizard Balaam sought to deploy pure, out-right psychic warfare.


Balaam is portrayed in Torah literature as a force to be reckoned with. Although Balaam is a servant to the gods and goddesses (see the Deir Alla Inscription), he can still (and does) receive messages from YHWH, the God of Israel. As the Biblical narrative goes, YHWH does not allow Balaam to curse Israel, but instead, on numerous occasions, Balaam is compelled to bless them.


So, in reality, what is the big deal? To bless, to curse? Being that this is all in the mind of the believer, who cares, and what difference does it make? It makes all the difference to the believer!


In Biblical times, everyone was a believer. In modern times, most people still believe, even if and when they consciously deny such beliefs. The Occult method to commit psychic attack is to seek to introduce thoughts into the unconscious mind, and to allow them to simmer there, to create, and exasperate one's own inner, worst fears. Today, the powers of the Occult are no less effective then they were in Biblical times. Being that we are all human beings, we are all susceptible to psychic attacks on the unconscious mind.


Psychic manipulations wee once thought to be the realm of fantasy. Yet, modern research in psychology, and the science of brain functions show how the unconscious can, and is, influenced by subtle stimuli that, in many cases, goes unnoticed even by the conscious mind.


Psychic warfare is real, and is not longer a matter of hocus-pocus fantasy. We have modern psychological science to validate such things. Yet, such knowledge is not new, in ancient times, such sciences were also known. Then, however, they were called “arts,” specifically, the “magical” arts. Today, we recognize how such “magic” worked, and we see nothing magical in it. Nevertheless, the underlying psychology, and its subtle ability to manipulate, is at present, active, and in use today, no different than it was in ancient times.


The power of denial does not make something go away. Something real is nevertheless real, regardless of whether it is an external reality, or an internal one. While the substance is different, the harmful negative psychological effects are no different.


There is real evil in this world. There are real devils, demons, and monsters. They are not going to come out at night to drink our blood, but rather because they are inside our minds, they are with us always, and can inflict painful suffering, and harm at any time that we let down our guards, and entertain the thought of their presence.


In ancient times, Balaam's plan actually worked. Balaam conceived of a plot to weaken Israel sexually. He foresaw that in this one arena, the sons of Israel would be significantly weak. The Moabite nation mobilized, and instead of sending out their soldiers to spill blood, they sent out their women to spill seed! And the women were greatly successful. They infiltrated the Israelite camp, even to the highest echelons. Israelite resolve against Moab would be destroyed. A woman's lips would do more to undo the Israelite military, than an army of soldiers with swords.


This ancient scenario has been repeated so many times throughout history that no history book could ever record all the incidences. How many today have not heard of the infamous WWI German female spy, Mata Hari? We even have more recent events with Anna Chapman, a beautiful Russian woman in the United States who was exposed as an espionage agent. It seems that best way to defeat a man is through a woman, and too this day, almost no man has learned any better.


One's own psychological weaknesses create internal demons, and monsters that can corrupt, and destroy the mind from within. Knowing how to exploit this is psychic warfare. One perpetrating this on another is a psychic attack. No external magic is necessary here, the only magic involved is the magic of the human imagination. And the human imagination is the greatest tool for both self-defense, and for self destruction.


The only defense against such psychic attack is a strong mind. “The Force can have a strong influence on the weak-minded.” We can take the “Force” out of Star Wars, and replace it with our faith in God, our personal discipline, and resolve to reinforce our weak minds. Mental disciple is part and parcel of true, authentic spiritual practices. This is why the Torah path places so much emphasis on education. Education helps to expose the falsehoods upon which are built all types of lies that enter the mind, and once there, begin to create our internal monsters.


Education, mind you, is not learning what to think, but rather learning how to think. This is the ability to analyze things critically, with penetrating wisdom. This can only be accomplished by the disciplined mind. One way to discipline the mind is by first disciplining the body. This is why immersion in the martial arts, physically and philosophically, is an excellent compliment to the path of Torah and mitzvot.


The strong mind in the strong body is a temple that will not be defiled. In the place of inner strength no monster or demon can dominate. While our inner demons may not be chased away permanently, nevertheless, they can each be put under control, and kept in check. This is what transformational spirituality accomplishes, it creates psychological strength. This is why the forces of the Occult seek to destroy psychological independence. For the only defense against psychic attack is a mind capable of recognizing such attacks, and strong enough to stand against them with discipline, and calculated wisdom.


Religion today is being destroyed in what seems like a global psychic attack. As long as minds are weak, monsters will dominate, and evil will prevail. The change begins within each and everyone of us. There is protection from evil in the power of the mind. I wrote the book on it to explain how to do it. Read my book, Protection from Evil, and learn more. But don't stop there. You must implement it, and put into practice what you learn.


Read Protection from Evil by R Ariel B Tzadok

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