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Exposing the Face of Evil

The Occult, the Nazis & Modern Politics

By Rabbi Ariel Bar Tzadok
Copyright 2003 by Ariel Bar Tzadok. All rights reserved.

This essay is not about politics or current events. This is a lesson in Kabbalah. This lesson is on the nature of the subtle nature of the Klipot forces of evil, in theory and practice.

The problem with politicians is that that often fail to recognize the spiritual dimensions underlying the political arena. The problem with spiritual people, including some Kabbalists, is that they fail to recognize the necessary political application of their spiritual convictions and knowledge.

The Kabbalah teaches that in our physical realm of space-time, the forces of evil outweigh the forces of good. The natural pull of physical living often obscures our spiritual eye from seeing the invisible realm in which our entire physical universe floats like a small island barely jutting up out of the ocean.

We are surrounded by forces beyond our control yet these same forces exert their control over us in many ways like a puppet master pulls on the strings of the puppet.

The human mind and human emotions are most pliable. Those with knowledge of mental and emotional manipulation often take advantage of others; often without the others even knowing that they are being manipulated.

In Kabbalah, the forces of evil are referred to as Klipot. This is the Hebrew word for a shell or a husk. A Klipah encases that which is in it, in essence holding what is inside it prisoner. Yet, a Klipah is not a room like a jail cell. A Klipah is more like a second skin. Within a jail cell, there is room to maneuver. Within a Klipah, there is no room whatsoever.

The Klipot originated from what the Kabbalists call the "shattering of the vessels." This was an event in primordial history when G-d was creating the spiritual forces that were to become the underlying forms of all dimensions in creation.

Yet, as these "vessels" of the Divine light emanated forth from the Creator, a peculiar event occurred. The Light dispatched by the Creator to fill these vessels was too bright, and too strong for the vessel to withstand. The results were that once each of these seven vessels received the over-abundant Divine Light, they were unable to bare it, and thus they collapsed under the "heavy" weight.

The broken pieces of these vessels fell into the realms that would later become physical space-time. Yet, due to their distance from their lofty spiritual source and due to their breakage, these vessel fragments no longer embodied the holy purpose of form for which they were created. All that remained in these vessels was an echo of an idea, a glimpse of remembrance of their former glory.

This short sight of knowledge defines how evil forms. Evil comes about when there is an ignorance or denial of good. The fallen vessels lost focus of the definition of good and became by definition the architects of evil.

In essence, Klipot are the mistaken forms of the manifestation of the ten holy Sefirot. These manifest as malevolent autonomous life forms throughout the universe. At the same time, they also manifest as the forms of mistaken beliefs, emotions, and actions in the lives of people. Klipot, often present themselves as being something right and good. Yet, in actuality they are the source of all that is wrong and evil.

As long as the subject of Klipot remains academic and knowledge about them stays in the realm of theological discussion, they are not threatened thereby. Yet once one makes efforts to seek them out, to expose them, and to neutralize their influence in the world, then full-fledged war is declared.

The Klipot say that the one who knows the true pattern and source of the holy sefirot must never be allowed to expose the false sefirot as not being the true thing. If the one of truth were to succeed and expose the Klipot, those encased within these false skins would cry out and tear and rip at the Klipot until finally they were completely removed and discarded. Yet, all the while that people are deceived into thinking that the false skin (shell, husk) is their true covering, they will continue to nourish and support it, as they would their own.

Self-deception is the food that feeds the Klipot. Invisible forces all around us manipulate us by perverting our thoughts, feelings, and deeds. They do this so that we will serve their purposes. In essence, the forces of the Klipot look at mankind as we look at cattle. In the eyes of the forces of the Klipot, we humans are nothing more than animals, a food source ready to be manipulated.

The forces of the Klipot find ready and willing accomplices among many people who are willing to harm and hurt other people in the service of some evil purpose. The most glaring example of this was case of the Nazis who opened themselves up en masse to demonic possession. This led them to spearhead the murder of 60 million human beings during W.W.II. The life force that flowed from these millions of lost souls was supped up by the Klipot and eaten in the same way we would drink down a refreshing glass of cold water.

As macabre as all this might sound, it is all nonetheless quite true. What makes this revelation most pressing is that we are again on the verge of another major conflict, where the forces of this world are poised to do battle.

Urging on the Iraqis and the Al-Queda are the forces of the Klipot. These unseen forces of evil cloak the Al-Queda/Iraqi enemy with a sense of invincibility. The Klipot have deceived countless millions in the Moslem world that unlike the Nazis before them they will succeed in devastating and destroying the United States and its culture of freedom.

Most politicians care not to consider the spiritual forces that may motivate human conflict. Most spiritual people consider themselves so heavenly minded that they have become no earthly good.

One of the great deceptions that the forces of the Klipot have perpetuated is the force of the anti-war movement. The Klipot seek to subvert the battle initiative against their agents and to weaken the resolve and power of those who may seek to serve the higher cause of good.

In Kohelet, King Solomon, guided by the Divine spirit, wrote that, "To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven: a time to kill . . . a time to hate . . . a time for war . . ." (Koh. 3:1- 8).

This was written to enlighten us that we have an obligation to fight the forces of the Klipot however they may manifest. We must fight the inner battle to redeem our minds and hearts from foolish and false thoughts, emotions, and behavior. Yet, when a large segment of people have become possessed by the Klipot they serve to act as agents of evil. It then becomes incumbent that there is physical war to defeat them physically and to destroy their influence spiritually. Without this war, all good in the world can ultimately be conquered. The results of such a conquest would be the destruction of human civilization and the decimation of our entire planet. To avoid such an absolute fate, a war is necessary.

Weapons of mass destruction are no joke. Possession of such must be viewed with the utmost of seriousness. Terrorists have already attacked the United States, in one blow on 9/11, killing three thousand innocent souls. Their future plans call for much more death and destruction. The intelligence agencies of world governments who keep track of clandestine activity are well aware of the plans devised against their countries and their peoples. They know very well, the force of the Klipot that possesses their opponents and guides them to the most perverse and evil of human behavior.

Throughout the history of western civilization, there has always been a strong connection between military/intelligence circles within a government and religious/spiritual elements that were well versed in the occult. It is the practitioners of the occult who have explored and discovered how to contact the autonomous forces of the Klipot and to make bargains and arrangements with them for mutual benefit.

The example of the Nazis again is case in point. The secret Nazi police force, the SS, were renown for their occult practices and perverse sexual orientations. Indeed, the entire Nazi party was actually the political outgrowth of a German occult organization that began years before W.W.I. For those of you interested in more information on these topics let me recommend you some books that outline the details of what I have written here.

"The Psychic Battlefield" - A history of the military-occult complex.
W. Adam Mandelbaum. (St. Martin's Press, NY, 2000)

"The Occult Roots of Nazism" - Secret Aryan cults and their influence on Nazi ideology.  Nicolas Goodrick-Clarke. (NY University Press, NY, 1985)

"The Nazis and the Occult"
Dusty Sklar (Dorset Press, NY, 1977)

"Hitler - Black Magician"
Gerald Suster (Skoob Books, London, 1981)

There is an old saying: "those who do not learn from the mistakes of the past are destined to repeat them." Many are unaware of the occult connections of many present-day Arab leaders. I will not divulge specifics. Suffice it to say, the likes of Sadaam Hussein, Yassar Arafat, Muamar Kadafi, and Osama Bin Ladin have not survived decades of violent Mid-East turmoil and countless assassination attempts just because of their savvy and luck. They have other forces at work for them. Just note that each of these men has been surrounded all the days of their lives with pools of innocent blood. These are the forces of the Klipot in action, revealed and exposed before your eyes.

King Solomon said it best; "there is nothing new under the sun" (Kol. 1:9). The methods and techniques used by the forces of the Klipot have not changed since the day Adam ate of the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden. Since the inception of human history the invisible forces of evil have played the same game of incitement and bloodshed, starting with arousing Kayin against Hevel until today where the entire Moslem world is being aroused against the West.

Until now, I have discussed the forces of the Klipot, as they exist outside of man. I have made quick reference to their cohorts among mankind. In order to fully perceive the nature of the Klipot and their power over us, we must delve into an understanding of how human beings use the deceptive powers of the Klipot to manipulate and subject others to their wills.

Remember, in man, Klipot manifest as our mistaken ideas, feelings, and behavior. We act in accordance to what we feel and what we believe. We base what we feel and what we think upon what we perceive. Modern psychology has done numerous studies in the realm of human perception. Our abilities to receive information are profound. Indeed, we can take in information unconsciously. Many things are etched into our minds that we do not even consciously remember. How many times have we heard about witnesses to a crime being hypnotized to enable them to recall specific details, such as license plates numbers, that are not consciously known.

Hypnotism is one of the practices developed by occult adepts for accessing the depths and unconscious aspect of the mind. Yet, the occult adepts also learned that just as you can reach into the mind and release hidden information therein, so can you also go deep into the mind and plant information. Post hypnotic suggestion, like modern cultic methods of brain washing all have their origins with the occult adepts who claim that they learned these secrets of mental manipulations from the masters of such, these "other beings," these forces of the Klipot who share our world with us.

Subliminal suggestion is a form of persuasion wherein which subtle messages are sent inside of another message. The conscious mind does not perceive the subtle message but the unconscious mind picks it right up. By circumventing the conscious mind, a message or image enters the depths of the subconscious directly without being filtered by or censored by the conscience of the waking mind. As such the subliminal message is more powerful and more readily followed. This technique is how companies advertise their products and how hypnosis is used to curb habitual behavior such as smoking and weight issues.

By having a direct line into the deepest realms of the mind, the forces of the Klipot through the means of mass communication have the opportunity and ability to place deep into the mind whatever mistaken idea, thought, concept, belief or feeling that suits their purpose. The unknowing individual experiences this new train of thought and adopts it like a second skin, not knowing that the source of this is from outside of him/herself. This is how Klipot are born and propagated in a society, through mass communication in movies, television, radio and the like.

The proof of the subtle destructive nature of these Klipot influences upon us is YOU. You are now reading these words. Do you agree with them? Do you more than intellectually accept the concept? Can you recognize the damage these forms have done in your personal lives? Are you willing to make any changes? Are you willing to act?

No rectification is accomplished in the physical realms, nor any unification of G-d's Name performed here on Earth other than through physical action. Thought, feelings and talk is cheap. Only actions (ma'asim) can rectify the physical world of Asiyah. This is why the forces of the Klipot work so hard to control every aspect of us that controls our behavior.

Our Rabbis have taught that prior to the existence of the illness the cure is created. Although the forces of the Klipot work overtime to confuse and deceive our minds and thus manipulate our actions, we do have a way to overcome them.

The way, the only way to overcome the forces of the Klipot is by refining and strengthening the greatest gift that G-d as given us: the human mind.

G-d has placed within us the ability to pierce through clouded thinking. G-d has enabled us to rise above the turmoil of our emotions. G-d has empowered us to control our actions. We have the ability to choose whether to act with either good or evil.

In order for us to clearly recognize the distinctions between good and evil G-d gave us His Torah. The Torah is the moral barometer for mankind. Torah teaches us right from wrong. Torah teaches us how to recognize both good and evil. Torah teaches us to embrace good, and to reject evil.

Torah teaches us that there are times for peace, love and happiness. Torah teaches us that there are times for war, hate, and devastation. All of these times, all of these events, all of these feelings, all are created by G-d and serve His higher purpose.

Yes, it is clear from numerous places throughout the Bible that it is G-d's Will that there be war, bloodshed and destruction upon those whom are deemed evil in Divine Eyes. Many times G-d arouses natural disasters to befall those not in His favor. Many times G-d Himself arouses nations to war. Read your Bible and you will see that this is self-evident.

Let us now return to exposing the Klipot. Are you ready for war? Are you ready to devote yourself to fighting an evil enemy who is devoted to die and to destroy all others at the same time? Osama Bin Ladin was quoted as saying that his people wish to die more than our people wish to live. How do you wish to respond to such sentiments?

War is coming. It will not be avoided. Its outcome is unclear. Iraq is not only hiding its weapons of mass destruction, it is also hiding its plans to use them. What we read about in the newspapers and hear about on the news is only a small portion of the full true story. The full details are carefully guarded military and intelligence secrets, and so they should be!!

The Klipot is strong in our country. Throughout the United States and Europe there has arisen an anti-war movement. Mind you, no such thing has arisen in Israel. The anti-war crowd preaches love and bliss. They want more negotiations. They feel there is no need for war. It was this same sentiment that preceded W.W. II. Hitler took advantage of a weak Western block and six million Jews paid for it with their lives.

There must never be weakness in the face of evil. There must never be folly in the face of evil. There must never be hesitation in the face of evil. Weakness, folly and hesitation are the seeds planted by the forces of the Klipot to destroy their enemies, the powers of good. All too often have the Klipot been victorious because the forces of good have not been firm enough in their resolve to violently oppose evil in all its forms.

Terrorists should be killed. The peoples and nations harboring them should be destroyed. The United States government should not only think about the use of nuclear weapons against Iraq, these weapons should be prepared and ready to launch.

Either we will crush the forces of evil, or they will eventually rise up to crush us. A festering sore only grows worse all the while it is not rigorously worked on once first noticed.

Many centuries ago a great Chinese general wrote a classic on military strategy, philosophy and tactics. This classic Chinese work, the Art of War by Master Swun Tzu, is studied in every military war college around the world. It is excellent reading and I highly recommend its study. However, I have a better military planner than that of Master Swun, I am referring to the Bible.

The Bible contains all the stories of the wars of Abraham, Ya'aqov, Moshe, David and the later Kings of Israel. By studying the Biblical books and stories that deal with human conflict we learn a great deal how G-d wants us to interact with our fellow man in these times of conflict. Even Master Swun would have been impressed if he had the chance to learn them. Indeed, most of Master Swun's advice can be seen right in the Biblical stories.

The Bible is not written as a guide for war. It is written as a guide for life. Unfortunately, war is a part of life. If we fail to recognize this and thus fail to perform our Divinely ordained duties, instead or inheriting life, we will inherit death. This is one of the strange Divine paradoxes that G-d has ordained. War, which brings death, ultimately brings life, whereas the avoidance of a necessary war, which apparently saves lives, in the end takes more.

Ours is not to question why, ours is but to do and SHUT UP about it!

Torah Law is clear. Kabbalistic teachings are clear. War it is! Yet, before we march off into battle against Iraq and other world terrorists organizations, let us first fight and defeat our worse and most subtle enemy: the forces of the Klipot. Without first defeating the spiritual Iraq and terrorists within our souls, our minds, and our psyches, we do not stand a chance against their physical counterparts.

Learn a lesson from father Ya'aqov; before he met his brother Esav, he first wrestled with Esav's guardian angel. Only once the angel was defeated was mighty Esav and his army of 400 like putty in Ya'aqov's hands.

Walk the path of Torah, like our father Ya'aqov before us. Serve G-d, seek out, expose and root out the Klipot. Fight them and defeat them within yourself, or you will already have lost the fight, not only the fight for freedom, but also the fight for your soul.

This essay is not about politics or current events. This is a lesson in Kabbalah. This lesson is on the nature of the subtle nature of the Klipot forces of evil, in theory and practice.

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