20 Kislev 5767, December 11, 2006

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Of Women, Part One
By HaRav Ariel Bar Tzadok. Copyright (C) 2006 by Ariel Bar Tzadok. All rights reserved.

Male and female we are, but only together are we called humanity.  Different we are on the outside, this we all know.  Different we also are on the inside; this many do not understand and even many more want to deny.  Why should something so clear be something so confusing?

In a toolbox, there are different tools to perform different functions.  Hammers are used to bang nails using brunt force.  Screwdrivers are used to turn screws using a focused force.   Although one can hammer in a screw and one can try to screw in a nail, still both applications are best done with the tools designed for the specific purpose.

The universe is the toolbox of Heaven.  We human beings are the tools.  When we are used in the way in which we were designed we get the specific task accomplished in the best and most proper way.  If however, we lack knowledge of how to use tools we end up using the wrong tool for the wrong task and in the end making a mess instead of an accomplishment.  Wrong tools used in the wrong way create for us more work instead of making our jobs easier.  So it is with tools, so it is with human beings.

We each have our individual personality types.  We each have our likes and dislikes.  We each have our ways and natural abilities and limitations.  Only when we recognize these things about ourselves can we realize who we are, what we are, and what kind of tool we are, designed for what type of job.

Just by looking at a screwdriver one should realize that it was not designed to bang hard objects. Just by looking at a hammer one should realize that it was not designed to turn a screw.  How is it then that we look upon women (and men) and still do not recognize the clear natural distinctions between us and allow each to function in the role that nature has designed for us?

A woman’s biology is sacred.  She is unique in her body in a way that no man, not born a woman can ever be.  Try as many do to imitate, no one but a born woman can truly become one.  Only a woman born can give birth.  This makes women closer to Heaven more than any man.  Like the Creator, woman can bring forth life.  No man can do this, no matter how much like a woman he tries to become.

The inner woman, her psychology, is as sacred and unique as is her body.  Men do not understand the inner thoughts and feelings of women.  This is because of the male’s lack of spiritual insight.  When a man draws close to Heaven, he will understand the unique nature that the Divine has bestowed upon women.  Being that women are closest to the Divine in being creators, only a man who knows the Creator above can gain insights into the creators below.

Only a man who knows his Creator in his heart can gain true insight into human nature.  For although both men and women have feelings, passions and intuitive insight; it is women by nature of their anatomy that enables these traits to more easily ascend to the surface of consciousness and serve as guides to penetrate the mysteries of the universe. 

It is simple genetics; Heaven has designed women, more than men, to be sensitive and receptive to the Supernal Image.  This is why men have such a hard time understanding women (and often why women have a hard time understanding themselves).  When a woman stops listening to the external voices of men telling her what is logical, how she should act, how she should appear and what she should do, she can then become quite within and hear the inner Voice of Heaven speaking within her heart, guiding her to be above all else, a woman created to be a creator, formed in the Image of G-d.
Shalom, Ariel Bar Tzadok

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