10 Heshvan 5767, October 31, 2006

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Wisdom -Hokhma
By HaRav Ariel Bar Tzadok. Copyright (C) 2006 by Ariel Bar Tzadok. All rights reserved.

Out of the darkness comes a light.  The light is small but bright.  It seems to come out of nowhere, yet within the light there is a sense that it has comes from a place that is the center and the source.  The light is ever so small but it changes the entire realm of darkness. 

In the dark nothing can be seen or know.  Out of the dark now, in the light I can see.  Yet, what is it that I am seeing.  I know it but at the same time, I do not know it.  In the light, however small it is, I can look and grasp a glimpse of the purpose behind the darkness.

The light, however small it is brings to me awareness.  In the light I can see, in the light there comes to me insight.  I am; I exist; there is an I and I am me.  The light shines and enables me to know that I am.  I know that I am, yet I am not thinking this, I instead just know it.  I am not feeling it, instead I the awareness is upon me, like the light itself.  This is what is called enlightenment.  The light within shines and enables one to know the I within.

Enlightenment is the revelation of truth from within.  Enlightenment is the awareness of that which is before that which is can be differentiated from that which is not. 

I exist; this is true even prior to my being aware that I exist.  My becoming aware of my existence and that I am is the first of all enlightenments and the beginning of wisdom.

Within me all that is to be exists, even prior to my being aware of it.  Within the small light, I am aware of myself yet I am also aware of the darkness.  I know that I exist within the light, yet I do not know what exists within the darkness.

I do not move the light from place to place, yet the light does move me from place to place.  As the light moves so I go, for I exist only within the realm of the light.  If I step into the darkness then I will no longer be able to see myself.  I will become invisible to myself and therefore I will become blind to the world.

I am in the light.  I exist within the light.  However small the light may be, it reveals to me that I am, that I am here, now.  What all this means I must learn to comprehend. 

I must learn to understand, but this takes us into our next lesson…

Shalom, Ariel Bar Tzadok

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