6 Kislev 5767, November 27, 2006

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The Warrior
By HaRav Ariel Bar Tzadok. Copyright (C) 2006 by Ariel Bar Tzadok. All rights reserved.

We are all warriors.  Whether or not we like conflict, we are confronted with it every day in all so many different forms.  One who deals with conflict is a warrior and being that we each face conflicts in life we are all warriors.

What makes one live life successfully is the same as what keeps a warrior alive on the battlefield.  One who knows the ways of warfare will therefore survive another day to face the conflicts of tomorrow.

There is only one rule in warfare and conflict in general.  One must win.  That is it, there is no more.  However, in order to win one must understand what is victory and what is defeat.  These are not defined with such ease. 

There is never one set definition for victory or defeat, for every conflict creates its own circumstances, every battle defines its own rules.  Victory and defeat are defined by the moment and the circumstance.  What is victory in one circumstance may very well be defeat in another, the opposite of course is also true. 

One must become a master warrior and learn both the arts and science of martial conflict.  For only one with the proper tools will be prepared to use them at the proper time, in the proper way, therefore elevating one’s chances for victory.

On the battlefield, regardless of its form, the first tool one must learn to use is the power of the proper focus of mind.  One must recognize that one is indeed a warrior and the conflict or confrontation before one is actually a battle.  When one conducts one’s business with this marital orientation one is best suited to address the issues at hand with military proficiency.

Martial confrontation is not about violence, it is about victory, about imposing order and creating peace.  Indeed, the purpose of every honorable battle is the creation of peace, order and stability.  One does not fight in order to destroy, one fights in order to build.

Life is always full of options, some better than others.  There are many ways to accomplish many goals, some better than others.  When all manners of options, ways and goals compete with one another for dominion, what we have is chaos.  There can be no stability in the presence of chaos. 

The way of righteous war is action to remove chaos and restore order.  Only in unity, single purpose and direction can there be progress.  The warrior is the agent of order.  The warrior seeks to remove chaos and impose order for the best of all.  The repression and even annihilation of competing options must not be seen as a moral conflict, but rather as a moral imperative.  Peace and stability must reign supreme; the warrior is the one who brings this about.

Although conflict is not bad and confrontation is not wrong, nonetheless, violence is not always necessary.  One who has mastered the warrior spirit can establish order and create peace with the greatest of weapons, the thinking mind and the wise heart.

The greatest warriors are victorious without ever having to raise a hand to fight.  Instead, they master use of the voice and the subtle art of persuasion to direct, educate and control.  Only when the ways of subtlety are proven ineffective will the warrior then initiate other more imposing steps.  The flow from stillness to movement follows the natural course.

Life confronts us.  Every circumstance contains potential conflict.  The warrior spirit knows well the dance of movement through life’s challenges and therefore becomes a master of living. 

One who lives the code of the warrior spirit walks in harmony with nature.  In doing do, the warrior comes the know the Living Divine Spirit within.  The warrior is thus the master of life, never the master of death. 

The warrior’s dance through life takes him from victory to victory, in all its many forms, never knowing defeat.  For the warrior spirit moves in accordance to the flow of Heaven.  In Heaven there is no such thing as defeat, therefore in the heart of the warrior, there is no such thing as defeat either.

The warrior surrenders to the Living Divine Spirit, and flows by its ever-changing course, therefore he is the agent of movement, creating harmony between Heaven and earth by confronting conflicts and overcoming chaos.  There are no questions.  There is no fear.

Shalom, Ariel Bar Tzadok

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