5 Tishrei 5767, September 27, 2006
Shalom, some of you have questioned the new style and manner I have recently taken to teaching. This essay was written to respond to those inquiries. Pay attention to what I am saying... there is a lot more to it than meets the eye. This is the way I will be doing things from now on...
Torah Secrets
By HaRav Ariel Bar Tzadok. Copyright (C) 2006 by Ariel Bar Tzadok. All rights reserved.


Secret codes, so sublime, so mystical; who can understand them, who can grasp their meaning?

A code is a form of concealment. The code is used to substitute one thing for another. One who knows the means of substitution will understand the code. One without this knowledge can only view the form of the code without ever understanding what it is truly saying.

The purpose of a code is to keep outsiders outside and to only allow inside those who have been granted access. Herein lies the great danger.

Human nature is intensely inquisitive. Codes therefore attract much attention and are considered a great challenge, a prize to be won, a battle to be fought. The mere knowledge of the existence of a code invites multiple attempts to break it.

Many try and fail miserably. Many others try; fail miserably, but at the same time claim to have broken the code. Many outsiders who do not recognize the true inner meanings concealed within the code unfortunately accept these false claims. Many are those who are desirous for the code to be broken and still totally oblivious to what the code means. Therefore, those willing to be duped will believe anything that they are told.

Many go on believing that they have broken the code, know well its secret meanings and are happy with their false accomplishments. All this time the masters of the code consent to this deception, for they know that the veil of self-induced deception provides yet another layer of protection covering the real secrets being hidden.

There is no greater hiding place for a thing than out in the open, in the very place that one ignores and more so despises. This is the way of secrets. Mastering secrets requires one to master the arts of deception.

Only one who knows how to conceal a thing can protect a thing. Only a concealed thing can grow unhindered to full strength and accomplish its purpose, unhindered by opposition and the occasional interference by the bothersome curious.

Let us shift now from general to specific. For some, what follows might as well begin with the words, “once upon a time.” Not everyone is willing to accept what I am about to discuss as a matter of fact and history. Those of this persuasion will dismiss outright everything which I am about to address. So be it. I do not have a need or desire to confront or challenge. There is one reality that nature always proves true. In the end, what is true becomes self- evident. If what I am about to address is true, then it does not matter whether or not it is believed or accepted by anyone. Time will tell and future history will bear out past events, no matter how deep they lie buried in the ancient past.

Over three thousand years ago, according to our beliefs, a nation of individuals, representing all humanity, was chosen by a Higher Power to experience a most peculiar encounter with an extraterrestrial Force. The purpose of this encounter was to provide humanity with direction to enable us collectively to evolve to our highest innate potential.

This extraterrestrial Force entrusted us with a “book” of sorts. Yet, this book is no ordinary book of words, sentences, stories and meanings. This “book” can be more properly compared to a computer code, a multiple layer program that contains so many elements that even a vocabulary to describe them all has not yet been developed by even the most pioneering scientists.

We call this extraterrestrial communiqué “Torah.” It means “teaching” or “instruction.” It has become many things to many peoples. Yet the internal code used to unlock its true secrets and meanings still remain in the hands of a select few as it has for centuries since the initial reception.

For millennia now, Torah beliefs have been given a special title and realm of knowledge. This was the creation of religion. Yet, Torah was not meant to be relegated to this new domain. Torah is not a matter of religion. In actually Torah is what today we call science. Due to the fact that most faces of Torah shown today in the public arena endeavor to interpret Torah metaphor in literal fashion, many rational minds and scientists dismiss Torah as having any actual scientific merit or basis in truth.

As we see the secrets of the Torah remain concealed within it, in full view, open for all to see, yet at the same time, disregarded and dismissed. The secrets therein therefore stay as safe today as they have been for millennia.

Now, let us address the reason why the Torah must contain secrets and why for centuries it has been deemed dangerous to have these secrets made known to unprepared parties.

There is an inherent difference in the maturity level between children and adults. Adults not only have the benefit of experience and greater education than do children, they are also more biologically advanced. The adult human brain can comprehend information and analyze it, digest it and integrate it in ways that children have yet to learn.

Unfortunately children, within the context of their limited abilities of comprehension, are never are willing to accept that adults know more than they do. Children therefore place themselves, however innocently in danger’s way. If not for adult supervision and rules, many children would unfortunately succumb to the consequences of their limited scope of vision. When children endanger themselves, adults do not blame the children, they simply protect them from hurting themselves. Adults recognize the limitations of the child and act accordingly.

It is a well-known and evident fact of life that just because one matures chronologically in years this by no means has a relationship to the level of one’s psychological maturity. Many are those who are adults in body and yet remain children in mind. While this may have some benefits, true, still, one who does not mature and embrace adult responsibilities never achieves the fullness of what it means to be an adult.

One who is not an adult cannot be trusted with adult things. Therefore, growing up must be more than chronological. The job of the mature adult is to educate and direct children to reach maturity. This applies to both chronological children and psychological ones. Mature adults have the responsibility to educate immature adults and to teach them how to be mature, responsible and disciplined. This is true on an individual level and this is true at the collective scale of humanity as a whole.

Many are those who are mature adults. Many are those who are immature adults. Immature adults cannot handle the responsibilities of their mature counterparts. If given a mature task the immature adult, like a child, is unable to handle it. The results are that damage is done to oneself and often to others. Indeed, the damage caused by immature adults one towards another is often severe. We merely need to look at the history of human events to see the carnage and savagery of immature adults acting with the out-of-control nature of children.

An adult due to his physical size and social role in society is able to direct and discipline a child, directing him in the ways of maturity and responsible adulthood. This natural advantage however is lost when the mature adult endeavors to educate the immature adult. The results of this interaction are often disastrous with the immature adult, instead of receiving direction, acts out with rejection and resentment, often with flares of violence. The mature adult therefore has to act with care, subtlety and craft in order to educate his immature peers and at the same time not arouse their childlike ire.

The ways and means of directing immature adults into maturity must therefore be carefully guarded and concealed so as not to arouse resentment, anger and worse jealously and violence. This natural state has been the truth of human reality as far back as records can document.

Into this situation comes the Force from “beyond,” wherever that may be. It has intervened in order to provide instruction and direction to enable maturing individuals to continue along the path to psychological adulthood. It provided a framework and system that can be passed down generation after generation to educate, direct, enlighten and inspire. It gave us the Torah. The only condition for receiving it was that the Torah’s directions must be followed.

We all know that when we acquire something new, especially something that needs to be built, it comes with a set of instructions. How many of us have learned, often through hard experience, that following the enclosed instructions is the key to successful assembly. As this is true with physical objects, so it is with humanity itself. We too have our instructions manual; this is Torah. When we follow it everything seems to work out well. It is when we decide not to follow the proper directions then matters get out of hand and things break down instead of build up.

There you have it, the meaning and reason why Torah was given to the nation chosen to represent humanity. The instructions were to follow the Torah and thereby serve as a light to the rest of humanity leading them into proper psychological maturity. By doing so, we as a race would then be able to commune with those who gave us the Torah and thus join a greater universe of beings doing what I guess we will find out when the time comes. Of course, that time has not yet come, but judging from the rapid changes in humanity, technology and developing current events and science, our eventual close encounter draws ever closer.

The Torah was designed to have multiple levels of meaning and application for each generation of humanity and for each level of human psychological development. Thus, anyone can look into Torah and find meaning and relevance in it. However, that which the individual sees is but one of the infinite facets that there is to be seen. The guardians of Torah have always maintained that there are infinite levels of understanding the Torah and as many ways of understanding each individual level. Historical scholarship has shown that the library of Torah based material is overwhelming.

As humanity evolves, greater and deeper levels of Torah information are being discovered and exposed. As our knowledge of science and technology develops and we apply many of its lessons to Torah research, indeed, Torah beings to unveil itself as being the multiple dimension extraterrestrial resource that it is, replete with strata of until now unknown knowledge. The Givers of Torah placed all this within it, with more yet to come. All that is needed for this discovery is for humanity to evolve to the point to learn how to look and what to look for.

These deeper levels of knowledge concealed within Torah are not meant to be publicly taught until such time when humanity as a whole has evolved psychologically to a point that such knowledge can be integrated successfully and used constructively. It would be irresponsible to place dangerous tools into the hands of unprepared children. Yet, while we wait for humanity as a whole to evolve, entitled individuals who have matured to a proper level may be granted individual access to the knowledge for their own personal betterment and improvement.

This is why Torah was written in code form, to provide access and opportunity to those who have proven themselves mature and responsible and at the same time to prevent access to those not yet mature and responsible. The decision between whom is who as always has not been in human hands.

Torah appears to us in its most external form as a collection of stories and ritual observances. Throughout the centuries, Torah masters have admonished us not to be deceived into believing that the surface is all that there is. Unfortunately, their warnings have often been ignored. For centuries, there have been arguments, even wars, over the correct meaning of the surface of the Torah, how certain stories are to be understood and how specific ritual observances are to be observed.

On the surface of matters, one may view the Torah as being the source of much destruction and devastation that has come to humanity. As bad as things have been with entire nations warring over their interpretations and applications of Torah, human history would have been significantly worse had the Torah not been there at all. Wars would still have been fought.

The depths of Torah knowledge can only be accessed by a specific code key. This key will never be stumbled upon haphazardly. The Givers of Torah protected well their treasures. Instead, they entrusted the keys for unlocking the deeper knowledge in the form of the code. The code itself is intensely difficult and at the same time intensely simple. This contradiction is something no childish mind will ever be able to balance and integrate, whereas the mature adult mind, with some effort and training is able to master.

While the human mind enjoys the challenge of unraveling the complex part of the code, it cannot succeed in doing so without the simplistic part. The human mind is baffled by simplicity and finds itself often unable to grasp it and embrace it. Yet, without simplicity, complexity will also never be grasped and embraced. One needs to draw close to the one in order to embrace the other. Only the psychologically mature will be able to learn and thus do this.

The code for unlocking the deeper levels of Torah is given to those individuals who have shown themselves sufficiently mature and responsible to receive it. The keys to the code are a gift. They cannot be earned or acquired by any means. One receives them individually from a specific individual who has already received them, or one does not receive them at all. This is a one to one transmission. This is the way the system was established in the beginning. It will maintain itself this way until the dawning of a new era for all humanity, when collectively we will evolve beyond our present status.

In the Hebrew language, the historical bearer of the code, the term used to define this reception is simply the Hebrew word for reception. This is Kabbalah.

All too much public information is disseminated under the name of Kabbalah; the vast majority of it is absolute rubbish, garbage and trash, having nothing to do with the authentic deeper knowledge of Torah. Of course, the disseminators of these information systems will argue and fight saying they have the true Kabbalah and that all contradicting them is false. We have heard such arguments about the true interpretations of Torah for thousands of years. There is nothing new under the sun with the modern claims.

The code remains safe. The true Kabbalah remains well concealed, out in the open, trampled upon and ignored by almost everyone. Everyone seeks the depths of unraveling the code using the best of their intellectual faculties. Yet, the code will always defy intellect. The key to the code is simplicity. Simplicity is a function beyond intellect involving a realm which today we can psychologically call spirit. This is a dimension of mind that the intellectual cannot grasp, for it is the opposite of intellect.

The psychologically mature mind is the spiritual mind. The spiritual mind will be one that can embrace both simplicity and complexity. In doing so, the mature mind experiences the ability to embrace and integrate opposites. This is a necessary ability for one who wishes to venture into the concealed truths of the universe. Everything in reality is not as it appears to the physical eye. Science is quickly becoming acutely aware of this. Not everything in the universe can be grasped and understood within the limitations of our present outlook and intellectual approach. Being able to accept contradictions and to “go with the flow” becomes of paramount importance to one who wishes to evolve, understand the universe and to embrace Heaven.

The original Givers of the Torah knew well this matter. Extraterrestrial as they are, they are also extra-dimensional beings. In our mythologies we have come to call them by all kinds of religious names, most common being angels. Yet, these entities are far from being sweet, kind and loving. They are most foreign and different from us. Yet, they have a connection to us, in that it is their role in the universe to look after us and to assist us in our evolution so that we can one day join them and fulfill our universal destiny.

The Torah therefore reflects humanity well. It has its surface and it has its depths. Just as no human being today has ever reached the depths of one’s own unconscious mind, so too has no one ever reached the depths of Torah. One depends upon the other. The greater we allow ourselves to evolve psychologically the more windows of Torah can be opened to us. The keepers of the keys are faithful in their duties. When we do our share, they will do theirs. Yet, it is each individual that must make the proper moves and not wait for the whole of society. When the individual is ready and makes the appropriate moves to evolve and mature, they will be met in like kind. And thus the process of evolution continues.

I have now revealed to you much about the proper workings of human psychological evolution, the origins of Torah, the nature of its code, and the true meanings of Kabbalah. Now you must decide what you wish to do with this information.

I will continue to provide for all my readers the instructions necessary to embrace both complexity and simplicity. Yet, I warn you, as a student of Torah, I write following its format. My written words also have levels of meaning. What I say on the surface conceals that which I mean beneath it. Learn well what I write and you too will be able to see the simplicity within the complexity and by doing so be lead to unlocking the secret code.

This is Kabbalah and I will endeavor to be a teacher to all those who are willing to learn, to learn properly, to mature and to grow psychologically, to embrace simplicity.

Silence now your mind and still your heart, return to the place of unity and experience there the reality of the One.


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