(1) Rosh Hodesh Heshvan 5767, October 22 2006

Pay attention, open up and allow HaShem to speak His Words of Living Torah directly into your mind and heart...

In Order To Create...
By HaRav Ariel Bar Tzadok. Copyright (C) 2006 by Ariel Bar Tzadok. All rights reserved.

In order to create there must first be a spark of Will.

Only when there is a Will can a way become manifest.

Yet, Will alone is not enough; one must receive a glimpse of insight from very deep within; from the place where Will crashes into the Mind and becomes revelation.

Revelation must be understood well, a plan must be carefully thought out how to proceed.

The plan must arouse passion and determination motivating one to bring about its fulfillment.

Then the plan must be implemented with passion and focus.

All plans, all passion and focus add up to nothing unless the actions are carried out and the deeds are done, each properly in its time, each properly in its place, each properly in the right way.

Only the original Will can know the right way, only the final act can bring the original Will into fruition.

Will is the beginning of thought. Action is the conclusion.

The beginning is in the end and the end in the beginning.

The first in thought is the last in deed.

This is the secret order of the Way of Heaven and the inner workings of all humanity.

Learn it well. Follow it wisely and meticulously and forever will you know only success and prosperity.


Shalom, Ariel Bar Tzadok

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