17 Tevet 5767, January 7, 2007

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Temperaments 1
By HaRav Ariel Bar Tzadok. Copyright (C) 2007 by Ariel Bar Tzadok. All rights reserved.

Some people naturally have a certain temperament.  Some people naturally have certain talents and can do certain things that others find very hard do to.  Some people, no matter how hard they try cannot do certain things that others do with such ease.  Why is this?

We have been taught that we are all created equal.  Yet, in reality, we see that this is just wishful thinking and fantasy.  Indeed, we are all born different, each with special talents and each with unique limitations.  To deny this is the heights of foolishness.  To ignore this is madness and a sure recipe for disaster.  Yet, why is this so?

Over and again, I tell you to stand in awe of the wonders of the universe and the mysteries of Heaven, but do you listen?  Do you pay heed to the most simple and sublime of truths? 

We are all different.  No two people are exactly alike, not now, not ever.  We have been endowed with our differences by our Creator.  They are not for the sake of dividing us, but rather to unite us, to make us better as a whole, than as separate individuals.  For in the multitude of peoples, working in harmony, is the honor of their king.

We are each a unique individual.  Our differences are what define us.  Our uniqueness, our strengths and weaknesses are what define us.  Discovering ourselves, our latent potentials and limitations is what life is all about.  What we discover about ourselves is what we call our personality.  This process of self-discovery is what life is all about.

Everyday we experience matters in life that bring out of us both our best and worst.  Daily life serves as our teacher.  We learn about the reality of our world and about the inner realities of ourselves.  Only one who knows oneself can ever know anyone or anything else.  For if one does not know oneself, who is there to do any learning?

Think of it this way, if one wishes to decorate one’s home, is it not important that one first have a home.  If not what is one decorating?  If one wishes to travel in one’s car, is it not first required that one have a car?  One cannot do things with something one does not have.  One can never learn about oneself if one does not have the most basic of understandings of who one is, what one likes, what one is good at and where are one’s natural limitations.

One who knows oneself well will live life to its fullness being who one is and not being who one is not.  Truth and honesty are the keys here.  Respect and honor for our differences are vital.  For just because we cannot excel in a thing does not mean others cannot.  Just because we find a certain thing hard or impossible does not mean another cannot do it with relative ease.

Just because we cannot excel in a thing does not make it hard.  It is only hard for us and those like us.  Just because we cannot understand certain things, it does not make those things stupid, irrational or something to be feared or ignored.  Fish breathe water and we drink water.  Which usage is the correct one?  Obviously, both!

to be continued...

Shalom, Ariel Bar Tzadok

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