19 Tevet 5767, January 9, 2007

Pay attention, open up and allow HaShem to speak His Words of Living Torah directly into your mind and heart...
A Very Important Lesson
About Kabbalah Study...

By HaRav Ariel Bar Tzadok. Copyright (C) 2007 by Ariel Bar Tzadok. All rights reserved.

Distractions are numerous, yet the most seductive kind is the distraction of the intellect.  This is when one allows one’s mind to become so busy with thoughts, that one takes no time to silence the mind from thinking and open one’s heart to Heaven.  Indeed, one can become so “heavenly minded” that one becomes no earthly good.  Unfortunately, this has become a serious problem with certain type of religious individuals.

Serving Heaven and being religious have unfortunately become two different things.  Some people believe that because their minds are constantly filled with “heavenly” thoughts that they are heavenly people.  Convinced of their religiosity, all these “heavenly minded” souls do is just talk and talk about their heavenly ideas and thus by doing so, let slip by all the proper and necessary work that Heaven truly requires.

Silence your minds from thinking; stop your contemplations.  You are not destined to figure out that which is hidden; you will never discover that which is concealed.  Know for sure that the forces of Heaven who conceal a thing know very well how to keep it hidden from prying eyes.  No one will discover or uncover anything.  If Heaven chooses to reveal information to an individual, it will come about through other than academic acquisition.  The more you try to grasp by yourself, the less and less will you get.

Patience, silence, preparation; these are the keys to tuning in to the inner Heavenly broadcast.  Indeed, Heaven does speak to us, but not through the cluttered mind.  Therefore, when one allows his mind to be overly academic and to jump from thought to thought and idea to idea, one cannot slow down enough to hear and receive the soft silent Voice that speaks the Heavenly truth from beyond the realms and limits of the intellect.

I look out and see all types of predictions about the future.  People turn to scripture and holy writings and piece together many ideas and words to form what they believe is the proper form of the puzzle and thus get the answers to the questions they contemplate.  Yet, human intellect is a limited thing.  All our endeavors are just not enough to see the true great picture as it is being released from Heaven.

No matter what we learn, there will always be more that we do not know.  No matter how many holy writings we quote, we cannot make reality and history to unfold in the way we expect and want it to.  Long ago, our wise Sages warned us not to try to predict the future, for although certain small things can be foreseen, the greater picture never will be. 

Unless, one is given a revelation from Heaven, the future cannot and will not be known.  Revelations cannot come to the mind of the one who is constantly engrossed in one’s thoughts and studies.  When Heaven tries to communicate with such an individuals, it receives something akin to a ‘busy signal.”  Thus, the busy mind never realizes that its pursuit of knowledge is exactly what prohibits it from receiving knowledge.  Only one of pure heart and a silent mind will understand these things.

If you have to think about what it is I am saying, then you have already missed the point.  Slow down, close your books, and take time to be silent.  Call upon Heaven through the inner openings of your soul.  Heaven will hear your call and answer you.  You will learn more in a single moment of Heavenly revelation than through all the book learning, thinking and talking.  Stop thinking so much, stop trying to analyze and understand.  Just let it be. 

Heaven is in charge, not you.  You will receive what you are meant to receive when you are ready for it.  Heaven is waiting for you to be ready, ready to receive.  In order to receive, you must first stop yourself from grabbing and taking. Silence, be still, and call upon Heaven.  In the silence will be heard the Voice. 

If you are ready to receive then you will.  This is how Kabbalah is learned.  This is how the future is known.  This is how the concealed is revealed.  This is how the unseen is seen.

Still cannot figure it out, can you?  Still trying to take it all in and analyze and comprehend?  I guess the process of redemption will take longer for some than for others.
Shalom, Ariel Bar Tzadok

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