25 Tishrei 5767, October 17, 2006

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Proper Pacing
By HaRav Ariel Bar Tzadok. Copyright (C) 2006 by Ariel Bar Tzadok. All rights reserved.

Fast, fast fast, I want to go fast. I want things to move quickly. I want to get to where I am going and I want to be quick about it. I want open roads to drive on. I want open lines in all stores, banks, movies and every place else. I do not want to wait in line. I want things to move fast, fast, fast!

Patience. It is one of those attributes that very few bother to embrace anymore. Everyone wants the things that they want right away. No one wants to wait for anything. We all want everything and we want everything now, now now.

Instant gratification is the term used today to describe the cravings for having what one wants, when one wants it. Although many will acknowledge the lack of wisdom in this foolish pursuit, most will, nonetheless still pursue it, regardless of what they say they believe about it. The addiction to instant gratification is one of todayís most serious ailments.

At best we live on earth for about a century. How many centuries have gone by? We run run run through life, whereas life itself proceeds at its own pace. Landscapes change, mountains turn into seas, and jungles turn into desert. Everything here on earth does indeed move, but at its own pace; one that none of us will call fast fast fast.

How fast is fast. How slow is slow. When I move at the speed I want, then I am going fast. When I have to go slower than what I want then I am going slow.

Fast and slow, who but I can decide what that is for me? Yet, fast and slow by natureís definition is drastically different from our own. This would be of no concern to us if we lived in a world not subject to natural influences. Yet, we do live in such a world and the pace of life dictates to us our own pace and not the other way around.

While we may wish for things to move fast, they often move slowly. There is always traffic on the roads and lines in every place. We are always, at one time or another, waiting for this thing or that person.

We cannot move at the speed of our own desires because there is always something blocking the way. This is only natural, this is the way of things here on earth and in Heaven, things are not too different.

Patience is called a virtue; it is meritorious and wise to embrace. Yet, we do not see the many that are addicted to patience. All we see are those addicted to instant gratification.

Until one can change the course and flow of the universe and of life itself, all addiction to impatience is harmful, wrong and foolish. Yet, who among us listens? Who pays any attention to the wise way and proper speed of motion?

One who embraces the Way of Heaven knows that life marches on at its own pace. One who wishes to live in peace with this world, with life itself will heed Heavenís directions and move at the pace of life. One will not try to rush ahead or cut in line, for in the end instead of being placed ahead, one will find that one has been left behind. Instead of gaining time, one will have lost it.

A thousand years here on earth is but one day in Heaven. Heaven moves with patience determination. Everything gets done, properly, right and in its time. If we would only embrace this lesson. Allow nature to take its course, and do what need be done, at the proper time, at the proper pace. This is spiritual wisdom. This can only come about when one lifts oneís eyes to Heaven and seeks out the higher ways.

One who does this will come to see and know the Way of Heaven and come to recognize time for what it truly is. Time is but a servant of G-d, as are we. When we serve Heaven, time will serve us. This is simple truth.


Shalom, Ariel Bar Tzadok

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