3 Kislev 5767, November 24, 2006

Pay attention, open up and allow HaShem to speak His Words of Living Torah directly into your mind and heart...
By HaRav Ariel Bar Tzadok. Copyright (C) 2006 by Ariel Bar Tzadok. All rights reserved.

We human beings can act most unnaturally. Yet, who or what is it that defines what is natural? Should not nature itself be our guide; for does not the term natural mean something from nature?

What lessons does nature have to teach us? In what way are we supposed to learn? Is not this also defined by nature itself? Is not natural to be defined as that what happens without the intervention of human choice?

When one is hungry, does one need to learn to eat, or will nature not intuitively dictate to us what to do?

Silence your running mind. Stop thinking so many detached thoughts. Return to your place of origins and remember what it is to be human. There is innate knowledge within us that we are born with, a common sense, a conscience. Yet, along comes our racing minds with its so many thoughts and confuses the most simple of truths and the most common sense.

That which is natural will in the end survive, for it is what is supposed to be. All that we build, using the natural as our tools to create the unnatural is by its very nature destined to ultimately fall apart and break down back to its natural components.

Heaven has ordained what is natural and therefore it shall last forever. Humanity creates that which is unnatural and therefore like mortal humanity itself the unnatural will eventually come to its end.

One who knows the difference between Heaven and earth, between the immortal and mortal, will know life and wisdom and will therefore embrace the natural. That which is unnatural is as mortal as humanity its creator. Like humanity the unnatural by its very nature is subject to death. Indeed, by its very nature, that which is mortal is born to die. Therefore, the mortal lives with death and is death itself.

That which is natural is like the human soul; it is dual in nature. The natural way is at the same time both simple and complex. It is simple to embrace and follow, whereas it is most complex and difficult to understand. One who applies one’s mind to understand will end up confused. One who opens one heart to follow and flow will in the end arrive safe and secure at the destination of all life.

The natural way is both hard and soft, both harsh and lenient; all depends upon the circumstance of the moment. When it is time to be hard it is unnatural to be soft. When the moment and the place dictate harshness, it is unnatural to be lenient. That which is unnatural is by definition against the proper way. There are no other criteria to measure right from wrong, good from bad.

Learn well the way of nature; embrace its harshness and its softness. Know when to be one and when to be the other. Stray too far from nature because you think too much and the consequences will be what they will be.

Be soft when you should be hard and hardness will confront you. Be lenient when you should be harsh and harshness will overcome you. This is the reason why so many suffer. They pay no attention to the natural way; they make no effort to live life in accordance to natural truth. Forever they flow against the current of life’s flow; forever the current crashes them upon the rocky boulders of life’s lessons. This is truly a foolish course.

A fool has the right to be a fool. Yet, nature will never tolerate the fool. The consequences of foolishness are both terrible and swift, and rightly so. Life is meant for the living, those who want to embrace what life is, the force that gives rise to nature. The fool by walking accordance to his own designs embraces death and death will certainly embrace him.

This is the natural way of things. It is unavoidable. One may deny it all one wishes, but in the end, the natural voice will silence all opposition.

Shalom, Ariel Bar Tzadok

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