14 Heshvan 5767, November 5, 2006

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Motivation - The Heart of Six
By HaRav Ariel Bar Tzadok. Copyright (C) 2006 by Ariel Bar Tzadok. All rights reserved.

I know now what must be done.  Clarity encompasses me.  Everything makes sense, everything fits into place. I must now act.

I feel compelled.  I must act.  I must express that which is inside me.  I feel so much energy swelling up inside me needing to pour out.  Passion, explosive power, spreading out; these words best describe how I feel.  They flow into my heart.  Hesed – Expansion – the first of days that form the week of my spirit.

I want to explode outward; I want to express every bit and essence inside me.  Yet, there has to be a limit.  I know that enough has to be enough.  I feel that I must withdraw and be reserved; for it is in my reserve that I can best restrict what is inside me and therefore best express it, through limitation.  This flows into my heart.  Gevurah – Limitation – the second of days that form the week of my spirit.

There has to be a balance between my passion for expression and my feelings to be reserved and even secretive.  Balance is the key.  I must know how much is enough and how much is not enough.  Only when I can balance what I feel with what I want will there be peace and harmony inside me.  Knowing this is my heart, my center.  Tiferet – Balance – the third of days that form the week of my spirit.

I must express my newfound state of balance.  The benefit of it is most profound and stabilizing.  By imposing it and bringing order, by conquering chaos I bring alignment and justice to the world outside myself.  Imposing it can be good.  Conquering can be good.  Victory can be good. These are the benefits of balance.  These flow forth from my heart.  Netzah – Imposition – the forth of the days that form the week of my spirit.

The benefits of balance bring their own rewards.  The glory of proper living, proper behavior and proper attitude are clear and evident when balance is imposed and chaos is dissipated.  Life is thus beautiful and even glorious.  This flows forth from my heart. Hod – Benefit – the fifth of the days that form the week of my spirit.

I feel so enriched when everything falls into place.  I feel so alive, so creative; everything is in balance, everything is in alignment, everything is working the way it should.  My creative energy flows; it is the foundation of so many things.  This truly expresses all that is in my heart.  Yesod – Creativity – the sixth of the days that form and finalize the week of my spirit. 

Thus, my feelings of compulsion arouse within me the awareness of my limitations.  This causes me to pause until I balance the two in my heart thus creating order, justice and what I know to be proper.  I am again compelled to impose this sense of order onto chaos, for the benefits thereof are self-evident.  In doing this I become alive and I feel enriched with the spirit of creativity to make so many things. 

What was once only in my mind flows into my heart.  My heart becomes enriched and empowered.  What I once only knew in theory, I am now motivated to put into practice.  Only through practice can I come to truly know that which my mind sees and my heart feels.  This is where my spirit unites with my soul.

Expression and limitation, imposition and benefit, balance and creativity, these six define the inner workings of my heart; they describe the world within me and the world above me.  For as this process goes on inside me, this self-same process occurs in Heaven.  As I am motivated to create here on Earth, Heaven is likewise motivated to create above.

G-d in Heaven is invisible and unknowable.  Yet, we receive a glimpse of the Divine through that which G-d does.  Yet, that which we see is just a small part of the whole.  Being human, we can never see the full image of creation; we can only experience our small portion of it.  We can only see G-d’s “small face.”  G-d’s activity in the universe is a portrayal of only a small part of the full Divine essence.  G-d in creation therefore is masked with a small face, and a level of concealment.

Shalom, Ariel Bar Tzadok

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