28 Shevat 5767, February 16, 2007


Shalom to one and all...
Oriental Martial Arts Are Totally Kosher
By HaRav Ariel Bar Tzadok. Copyright (C) 2007 by Ariel Bar Tzadok. All rights reserved.

Do not be deceived by the attempts of uneducated extremists who are perpetuating a deception only to advance their own hidden financial agenda!

I find myself in the very uncomfortable position of having to confront a dangerous deception being presented under the guise of a legitimate expression of Torah Judaism.

The study of Oriental Martial Arts has come under attack and falsely condemned as being forbidden by Torah because of its alleged origins in unclean and idolatrous sources. Such a claim is not only ridiculous and untrue; it is offensive, racist and prejudice. Those individuals perpetuating this falsehood are exposing their own ignorance of Torah Judaism and are in violation of numerous Torah laws. It is forbidden to speak slander and lies. It is forbidden to falsely condemn something as illegitimate.

Unfortunately most Rabbis today, unlike their counterparts in previous generations, have no education or exposure whatsoever into the belief systems and philosophies of other cultures. Therefore, they have absolutely no ability to recognize what is idolatry and what is not. Many modern-day Orthodox Rabbis have no education in comparative spiritual systems and therefore have no legitimate right to comment regarding them.

Unfortunately, many modern-day Orthodox Rabbis will condemn anything and everything that is ethnically different or foreign as being “idolatrous,” regardless of whether or not it truly is. The old saying holds true, little knowledge is greatly dangerous. When prejudice rules, truth suffers.

Many of our Rabbis are guilty of being uneducated and prejudice against that which they know nothing about. To make matters worse, many are even proud of their ignorance and prejudice and boldly proclaim their wanton beliefs like vomit, condemning everything outside of their own little feeble points of view. It is so sad that this perversion is done under the name and banner of Torah Judaism, when in truth Torah Judaism teaches the opposite of what many of these misguided teachers proclaim. This is a blemish upon our holy Torah and a disgrace to the good name of Judaism and Jews.

This prejudice and outright violation of Torah laws does not reinforce Judaism and protect Jews from foreign influences. On the contrary, it only makes those Rabbis speaking such look like fools and they only serve to flame the fires of anti-Semitism and Jew- hatred already running rampant in our world.

Indeed, when these so-called Rabbis speak about things, which they know nothing of, their transparency becomes almost immediately apparent, and their legitimacy is quickly dismissed by anyone and everyone who knows the subject at hand better than they do.

When Rabbis speak like fools, they are treated as fools. There is no greater Hillul HaShem (desecration of Heaven) more than this. Only when one speaks with wisdom and truth is one respected for what one says. There is no greater Kiddush HaShem (honoring Heaven) than this.

Please take this admonition to heart. I do not want to enter further into disputes. Nevertheless, the truth must be told, especially a truth that is so very vital to our national and personal mortal survival.

I condemn ignorance in all its forms. I condemn the ignorant that perpetuate ignorance. If one has a legitimate statement of condemnation about anything, then let the evidence be brought forth and discussed in the open forum of truth, exposure, investigation, analysis and intelligence. This is the Way of Torah and the honor of Heaven (Kavod Shamayim).

Oriental Martial Arts are not only completely kosher and acceptable for Torah observant Jews to study and practice, I would go so far as to say they are an obligatory course of study and should be viewed as part of Torah study itself.

I have already documented my sources to validate my opinions on this matter. My online essay can be accessed by clicking on the link below. I also have a audio CD lesson on the topic that is available in our online store.


Shalom, Ariel Bar Tzadok

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