29 Kislev 5767, December 20, 2006

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Humans and Animals
By HaRav Ariel Bar Tzadok. Copyright (C) 2006 by Ariel Bar Tzadok. All rights reserved.

There is a power that can unleash the remarkable.  There is a strength that can overcome even the most unexpected.  There is an ability that enables one to accomplish the impossible.  The power, the strength, the ability is not distant, it is not hard to find, nor hard to get.  All one must do is to embrace it and use it.

If you are only a mortal physical human, a product of chance evolution, a descendant of the monkeys of the jungle, then you do not have this ability, this strength and this power.  Animals do not have within them the Image of G-d, only the human has this. 

Are not all human beings created in G-dís Image?  Yes, we are, but we are a long way from creation.  Potential unused weakens and can even die.  Those who do not seek to discover their innate spiritual identities can never come to know their true inner power.  Such lost souls are indeed no better than monkeys. 

Is it no wonder then that our world is full of human beings who act like animals towards one another?  Some attack with their hands, others make their words to be weapons.  Some human animals attack the body, others attack the mind.  Both seek to cause harm and misery.  This is not the way of the true human being, created in the Supernal Image. 

The true human does not live in the jungle, for G-d has placed the true human to live in a Garden.  Jungles and Gardens are not physical places of residence; they are states of mind through which we perceive the world.  Violence has its place and conflict is inevitable, but how these are dealt with differs greatly between humans and animals. 

Humans always endeavor to build, even if dismantling is part of that building.  Animals do not build, they only destroy, they perceive a threat and without any forethought, consideration or planning, they just destroy until all threats have been vanquished.  Animals do not care about the consequences of their actions because, they are animals, they have no ability to think as humans do. 

Animals belong in their jungle; they can only enter the Garden domain of humanity once they are domesticated.  Yet, even certain benign animals, appearing all too safe and helpful are the ones humanity needs to treat with the greatest of caution.  Remember, the serpent was in the Garden, benign and trusted, and its seduction led to humanity learning to become like animals. 

The way of humanity and the way of the beast are as different as Heaven and Earth.  Animals only reside on Earth; they have no portion of Heaven within them.  Yet, those who are human are the children of the Heavenly father and the Earthly mother.  Two unique characters exist harmoniously within us, so untrue of the animal.  As human beings we can tap our Heavenly source, it resides not only within our minds and souls, it also permeates every gene that make up our bodies.

 We are Heavenly beings, only dressed in Earthly bodies.  Some might say that we look like animals, but our righteous behavior and moral character betray our true Heavenly origins. 

Those who know not Heaven might have lost what it means to be truly human; they may indeed have exchanged their inner Image of G-d for an inner image of an ape.  If so, then so be it.  Animals belong in the jungle.  Humanity belongs in the garden.  In time, the great separation will come and place each into their proper place.

When we choose to live in our Garden and to dismiss the animals in human form from our lives then we too can restore what we had thought lost.  In this way, we can unleash the inner power, reveal the latent ability and manifest untold strength that only a human being can express.
Shalom, Ariel Bar Tzadok

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