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Wolves in Sheep's Clothing

by Ariel Bar Tzadok
Copyright © 2013 by Ariel Bar Tzadok. All rights reserved.

Lots of people call themselves our friends and allies,
when in fact, they are not!
Friends and allies are not the ones who stand by us only in good times.
True friends and allies are those who stand by you in bad times.
True friends and allies are the ones
who stand with you shoulder to shoulder,
not the ones who smile in your face, and then later stab you in the back.

So how can one tell if one's trusted friends and allies can indeed be trusted when the going gets tough? The answer to this is simple, however inconvenient. One must know, really know, what a person is like on the inside, and what, if any, agendas such a one holds to be sacred, and would never violate.

Unfortunately, when judgment is superficial, a lot gets overlooked. When judgments are only skin deep, a lot gets ignored, even more may be denied.

It is good and important to stand together when there is common ground to gain, or a common enemy to confront. Yet, when such ground has been gained, or such a confrontation settled, what comes next? In the 1940's the two major Allied powers, the US and Russia, that defeated evil Nazi Germany, were faced with this exact situation. History records how the two once-allies almost immediately became bitter enemies, who then, on more than one occasion, almost brought nuclear annihilation upon the whole world.

Granted this is an extreme example, with global significance. Nevertheless, as time will tell, the friction between the United States and Russia is far from over, and may still yet play into the scenario that will set the stage for a World War 3 in our not-to-distant future.

While we cannot control global events, we can still learn from them very personal and applicable lessons. We must learn to chose our friends wisely, and to extend to them trust only once, and if, such friends have proven themselves to be friends indeed, and not just friends, in need.

As much as unity among like-minded souls is of vital importance, still, we must be aware of those whose call for unity on the outside, is nothing of the kind, when viewed from within. Unity is important, true, Indeed, it is vital. Yet, the greatest threat to real unity is the secret agendas of division that reside in the hearts of the many whose call for unity is conditional.

When a group says that everyone must be united under their banner alone, such a group is an impediment to real unity, and certainly does not actually promote it. Members of such groups consider anyone not embracing their banner to be inferior. Once one questions or challenges the group's divisive concept of unity, such a one is condemned to be an eternal outsider, and left to one's own devices to rot. Thus, in every call for unity, beware of the wolves in sheep's clothing.

Wolves in sheep's clothing, this is how we refer to friends, who indeed are not friends at all.

Some friends are sincere friends, until the burdens of friendship becomes too heavy, and then all friendship is severed. These are called “fair-weathered friends.” But, fair-weathered friends, are not necessarily wolves.

Wolves, intentionally from the onset, seek out prey to devour. They intentionally disguise themselves in order to approach the flock, and then from a position of trust, pounce, destroy and devour from within. Fair-weathered friends are weak links in a chain. Wolves in sheep's clothing are the acid that destroys the chain from both within and without.

Today, we live in a very complicated and confusing world. What was once a clear line between ally and enemy no longer exists. Today, many a proclaimed friend are in actually enemies, even amongst our own. Today, many with whom we seem to have no apparent agreement or mutual agenda, are in fact the ones, who in hard times, will be proven to be our brothers in arms and blood.

Religious agendas are the weakest links of them all. Peoples of differing religions will always side first with their religions, if they are sincere about their doctrinal beliefs. Peoples of religion will usually follow their religion's teachings with regards to nonbelievers. Nonbelievers will either be welcomed and warmly embraced, or coolly acknowledged, held at arms length and worked with only as it suites the religion's own personal agenda. As is seen in almost every case, it is the latter than materializes, and seldom the first.

The true agenda that unites peoples of differing backgrounds is the common cause of morality and righteousness. Race, religion, doctrine and theology will always be nothing but sources of division, strife, disagreement, and eventually betrayal. These differences must be ignored entirely, and put aside altogether, if true unity is to be accomplished by any group made up of various members. And circumstances may dictate that such groups must form.

Remember, good and evil transcend all lines of identity. Good and evil take on many different faces all the time. So, don't be fooled by the surface. One-time good guys might today be bad guys, and one-time bad guys might today be good guys. It may be confusing, but this is the way it is. Surface appearances can always be deceiving.

Evil is still identifiable today, sometimes by what it says, but always by how it acts. Like it says, “you will know them by their deeds.” Talk is cheap, and is easily deceptive, but actions speak louder than words.

Watch for righteous action. Watch to see to whom one is willing to act properly, with kindness and care, and if such a one has any ulterior, expecting something in return for one's support. Righteousness is as righteousness does.

Remember, the enemies of righteousness are legion. They come in many sizes, and shapes. Yet, they all still subtly (or not) proclaim the same message, “our support is for our kind, join us, or be left out.” Those who embrace this elitist message are no different from all the other supremacist movements growing in popularity, and power, today.

Chose your associates wisely. Watch out for liars, wolves in sheep's clothing. Be mindful of fare-weathered friends, who cannot be trusted in a crises. Gather now. Band together. Find like-minded souls and build together, strengthening and supporting one another.

Fight the trend of divide and conquer. Watch the wolf! Keep it at a distance! Beware the beast, for it grows. When the moment is opportune, it will rise again to devour all that it can.

Band together, watch the wolves, differentiate them from the real sheep. Work on turning the sheep into rams!

I confess that I am concealing much in what I am relating here. But, I must do this. Read carefully, read between the lines. See that which I cannot show you.

Get it now! Or surely you'll get it later!

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