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Mental Kung Fu

by Ariel Bar Tzadok
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Lesson 2 Imagine the Imagination Becoming Real

Truth comes from many sources, history is only one of many.
Human imagination is also a source of truth, indeed, it is the most vivid source.
Mind conquers all.

Kung Fu is not just fighting with one's fists and feet. Kung Fu is accomplishment and expertise in one's chosen area. One can become a Kung Fu (an expert), in any area that one may chose to make efforts, and accomplish one's set of goals. So many things can become possible for the one willing to apply Mental Kung Fu.

All things start with their beginnings. The beginning is the most delicate of times, when all that is to come must be properly prepared for, and foreseen. Evolution starts small, and grows big, very big. This is the way of nature, the way of the cosmos, and the way of each, and every human being.

Our bodies are born, grow and mature. So too do our minds. The mind needs to grow from its seed, and spread out its branches, and eventually offer up its fruits. Mental Kung Fu is something that everyone can practice, and eventually master. The domain of mind is as real as is the domain of physical. In fact, the realm of the mind, is even more real.

The mental imagery of Kung Fu is not magic. Just imagining an image in the mind does not make what that image represents to become real in either the physical or mental realms. A two-dimension image will always remain flat, without depth, and without a life of its own. Mental imagery, in general, only becomes real, taking on a life of its own, when we allow our imaginations to flow.

One must allow oneself to let go of all the distractions of the physical world that surround us, and delve deeper, and deeper into thought, into fantasy, and into one's imagination. One has to let go. This means taking day dreaming to a level where one experiences an inner refreshment.

In order for mental imagery to become this real within one's mind, one has to want it to be so. Therefore, one must focus on one's inner imagery, and embellish it, giving it a life of its own. The more and more we add to the inner fantasy, the closer and closer we come to making that inner fantasy a reality, at least from the point of view of mental perception.

An example of this is the famous story of Zhuangzi, who dreamed ever so vividly that he was a butterfly, that when he awoke, he contemplated whether indeed he was a man who dreamed himself to be a butterfly, or perhaps, in truth, he was really a butterfly, who at that moment was dreaming that he was instead a man.

Now, Zhuangzi was not a butterfly, nor could all his imaginations physically transform him into one. Yet, in his imagination, he could escape the world around him, and ever so vividly, fly away. Some today might call this self hypnosis, but this modern psychological term does not do justice to the depth of experiences countless meditators, and dreamers, have experienced over millennia.

After simple practice, many will discover that achieving this type of depth in mental imagery is not as hard as it may seem. Granted, for the one not accustomed to letting go, and surrendering to inner imagination, getting started doing this may take a little effort, but once begun, mental Kung Fu, when allowed to do so, can take on a life of its own, a life led by your imagination, and dedicated to serving you in both mind and body. After all, it is your mind. And your Kung Fu, can make you its master.

Allowing the imagine to create an full inner reality is an art, not a science. The imagination grows, only when we allow it to do so. We have to let go, and let the imagination roam free. At first, we may have to coax our imagination, and actually think about the different things, but in time, if we allow it, the imagination will take on a life, a will, and a direction of its own. This is where day dreaming turns into an experience with higher realms of consciousness.

In this deep state, like in a dream state, much of what we see appears strange, and outside of the realm of the normal. Yet, we must remember that what is normal in the outside physical world, and what is normal in the inside world of imagination are two totally different things. Both realities are equally real, each within their own context of being. And it is important that we never get the two confused, for any confusion between inner and outer reality can lead one down dark and confusing paths.  No running away!

Mental Kung Fu allows the imagination to run free, but at the same time keeps it tame, and under control. We focus the imagination specifically on the imagery that we create, and direct its intent specifically to what we want. In this way, we are harnessing internal energies to manifest as external power. This is the secret of many ancient meditative systems, as well as the power underlying physical Kung Fu, be it of the Shaolin or Wudan systems. Power always begins within, in the mind.

Allowing the mind to run free, while at the same time keeping it tame and under control might sound contradictory, but it is not. To try to explain this in words, cannot be done. One must experience it in order to understand it.

There are specific techniques used to strengthen and control visualization. Essentially these are exercises for the mind. Mental exercise is not limited to memory games, or relaxation practices. Mental exercise is the strengthening of all mental powers, until one can use the mind to accomplish any task. When accomplished, one becomes a Kung Fu (a master).

The imagination may very well our most powerful mental tool, and indeed, it can also be our most powerful weapon. Therefore, our imaginations must become vivid, expanded, and very firmly tethered to the realities of the outside world.

By tethering the inner imagination to actual outer realities, one makes a connection that may very well possibly lead to one manifesting what is in one's imagination, materializing it as external reality.

Allowing the imagination to run wild and free can take us in many different directions. The imagination can thus become an avenue of escape. Yet, mental Kung Fu is not about escape, it is about defense, and attack.

Mental Kung Fu defends us against anything attacking our minds, and our hearts. Yes, one can chose to run away instead of fight, but once one stops running, one finds that one's inner opponent is still there. Unlike, in the physical world, one cannot outrun an attacker in the mind, or heart.

Mental Kung Fu is the visual and imaginary practice of profound, but simple physical martial arts moves. In our minds, we punch, kick, jump and fight. We fight a perceived enemy, who may or may not be so imaginary. We attack or defend against the attacks from others, be it from their words, feelings, or thoughts.

Simply to ignore the hurtful negativity, coming from others, does not penetrate deep enough into the imagination to completely neutralize its negative influence. Mental Kung Fu, on the other hand, tears the hurtful negativity to shreds, and leaves one's mind, and heart, unharmed. More than this, mental Kung Fu strengthens one's resolve, and self esteem, assuring one that one can indeed stand up against the imposing negativity of another, and not be broken.

Mental Kung Fu begins begins in the imagination, true, but where it ends, is up to each and every individual. Running free, while tethered to external forms of reality, this enables mental Kung Fu to be convincing. This is what makes it strong. This is what we must learn, and learn it, we shall.
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