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Different Kinds of Angels,
and the Master Plan

by Ariel Bar Tzadok
Copyright © 2013 by Ariel Bar Tzadok. All rights reserved.

Angels are among us, but what are they really up to?   While we say that they work for God, what really is their master plan?

If we are all surrounded by guardian angels, then why do so many bad things happen to good (angelically guarded) people? Are the angels not doing their job? Or, is there more to their job than what we believe?

If angels are working for God, and they are faithfully executing the Divine Will, and still, bad things are happening to good people, then we are left with a troubling question, what exactly is it that is God's Will? What does He want, and what, if anything, do we have to say about it?

If we cannot get direct answers from God, then maybe we can receive some answers (however direct, or indirect) from God's messengers, the angels. Yet, contacting angels, while not impossible, is still not an easy task. After all, there are angels, and then there are angels.

There are angels, and then there are angels. There are angels that appear like human beings, there are angels who appear like dragons, and then there are angels who appear like things that defy description. Of all angelic appearances recorded in the Bible, never is there recorded an encounter with an entity that is anything other than a wonder.

The Bible is clear that there are many different types of angels. Although some are described by name and appearance, nevertheless, the full list of angel species, their descriptions, and their functions is nowhere biblically documented. Later Torah literature provides much more information than does the Bible alone. Yet, even with all the information that we do have, we can rest assured that there is so much more that we have not.

When angels interact with us human beings here on Earth, they always take on the forms of fellow human beings. As is recorded with regards to Abraham in his tent, Lot in Sodom, and Joshua overlooking Jericho, the angels here are all described as human beings, indistinguishable from other human beings. Even later, with regards to the angelic announcement of the birth of Sampson, a very human-like angel appears. His secret identity is not ascertained until the entity turns into a puff of smoke and ascends with the smoke of the sacrificial offering.

We have other recorded instances where the angels are described as some-what human, in that they are humanoid. However, these humanoid beings have a glow about them. Their skin color is clearly not human, and there are other elements about them, which we might interpret to be supernatural. While they are humanoid, they are certainly not human.

Then there are those angels, the likes of which are described by Isaiah and Ezekiel. These angels, referred to by names such as Ophanim, Hayot/Cherubim and Seraphim are clearly not human, possibly not even humanoid, and very clearly extraterrestrial in every way. While these entities certainly have their duties and responsibilities, they do not seem to be the same messengers that are appearing to, and interacting with, human beings. Thus we see that there are angels, and then there are angels.

Throughout Torah literature, there has always existed ways and techniques as to how to contact the various species of angels. It must first be realized that there are angels whose essential existence is similar to a computer program. They come into existence to perform a purpose or task, and once said task is complete, so are they. These messengers can be compared to a programmed operation on a computer. They might have differing levels of artificial intelligence to enable them to fulfill their mission, but that is about it. These types of artificial life forms have no soul. They have no past, nor any future. There is nothing to talk to them about, and therefore no means of dialogue with them.

While one may become aware of their presence, and with training, even possibly change their programming, (however much this may upset Heaven). This reality underlies a teachings of our Sages how Heaven can ordain a thing, and the righteous can nullify it. Needless to say, for such a righteous one to nullify such a Heavenly decree, he has to know what he is doing, and cannot rely on delusional self-deceiving wishful thinking, and hollow religious proclamations.

Those angels which appear to us from time to time as fellow human beings seem to be under strict instructions never to reveal their true identity, and to never allow our human wishes, and desires, to get in the way of them fulfilling their missions. While this type of angel has a soul and can very much think, its thoughts, nevertheless, are on its mission, and nothing else.

While every now and then one may be recognized, and if engaged in conversation may, from time to time, drop some interesting hints, or secrets about this or that, still, these angels very much maintain control of the relationship. They cannot be pushed, bargained with, or pleaded with. Indeed, those who try such endeavors will usually find a friendly face quickly turn very much unfriendly, often with very unpleasant consequences. Essentially, when it comes to this type, they (if they chose) contact us. We do not contact them.

The next type of angel is the type that we can very much reach out and touch. These angels are not physical, but they are nevertheless, always with us. These are what have become popularly known as our Guardian Angels. In Hebrew, these entities are called Magidim, Guides, and their purpose is to be our teachers, and even our protectors, if and when we deserve such protection.

Magidim are our personal conduits to the other dimensional planes, and to those that dwell in them. If and when one was to astral travel in one's body of light (haluka d'rabbanan), one's Magid actually serves as one's chariot (merkava) of transportation. Essentially, one begins to experience one's Magid as an external entity, and as a being separate from one's self. Yet, as the relationship develops over time, and with training, one merges one's consciousness with one's Magid, and essentially joins minds with him/her.

When there is a communication of any sorts from within this state of merged consciousness, we have channeled, telepathic communication. Some call this Divine inspiration, or Ruah HaKodesh. It may very well indeed be such, or then again, it may be something entirely different. Not every channeled work that comes from a higher source necessarily comes from God, even if and when it comes from a being that we may call (for lack of a better word) an angel.

Magid work is very common. Indeed, over the centuries, many a great Torah sage had his individual, respective Magid, who was responsible for channeling to him many profound secrets. Yet, being that the Magid was an individual's Guardian Angel, such a Magid was limited in teaching said individual within the context of that one's learning and mental context. As such, all Magid revelations are subjective in nature. This is what is referred to in prophetic meditation literature as the Espekloria Sh'ayna Me'ira (the unclear mirror). Rather than receiving a clear and pure reflection of absolute, universal reality, a Magid only reveals that which is unique to each individual. This is why the numerous works of Magid literature do not all calibrate with one another. Each one reflects the reality of its author.

Once one has achieved the level of Magid absorption, one can indeed penetrate further into the higher realms, and seek contact with actual Cherubim, and maybe even Seraphim. However, contacts of this nature, which include actual revelations from the Sandalphon and Metatron collectives, are most often very dangerous.

Entities of this collective are ancient, conscious, sentient beings, each with a life and purpose of its own. To be drawn into conversation with a flesh and blood human here on Earth is considered a terrible inconvenience, an almost painful experience for these entities. They do not like to be drawn here, unless it is absolutely necessary and directed by above.

If and when a human being is successful to call upon one of these entities, and contact is made, usually in the halukha d'rabbanan (astral) world, the first thing any one of these very fiery entities asks is why has a mere mortal of flesh and blood drawn them away from what they were doing in order to talk to him? If one does not have a very, very good answer and reason, one might find oneself quickly succumbing to a heart attack, or some other form of quick death.

These entities are not to be trifled with. While ways of contacting them are known, nevertheless, such methods are closely guarded secrets of those “in the know.” To release such secrets could be compared to putting a loaded gun in the hands of an infant. The resulting damage could be lethal.

What we must learn from all this is that we live in a very complex and crowded universe. We must learn that reality is far from what we think it is. We must learn that others are watching our every thought, our every desire and certainly our every word and deed.

Essentially, human beings here on Earth are like toddler children in school. While we think that we are here to play, there is an entire school administration in place to make sure that we are educated. We may be totally oblivious to the school administration, and the school curriculum, but regardless of our ignorance, these things are nevertheless there, and indeed, they are strictly enforced.

What we think is real, is a fool's dream. Our entire reality is like a single bubble among infinite others. All the bubbles bump into one another, and push each other around. Some even pop others. Our individual bubbles are our individual subjective perceptions of reality, which we are so convinced (and wrongly so) that each is the ultimate true objective reality. And we wonder why others are so stupid and dumb that they cannot see the things that are so clear to us. Often, the reason for this, is that one's person's reality is not the others. This is true in this world, and most certainly in the higher worlds.

Quantum reality is as much a reality in human consciousness, as it is with the sub-atomic particles that form the vessels for said consciousness.

Yes, angels are among us. Yet, they live in a quantum state of flux, which makes their reality very much relative and subjective. They know this, and know of no other way. We are the ones who do not know this. And so, it is the job of the messengers (angels) , from higher domains, to teach us, and direct us so that eventually we will get to the point where our education can take hold, and the purpose for us being in school is accomplished. This is why THEY are here, and this is THEIR plan.

It might not as nice and pretty as we would wish, but this is the underlying truth beneath all our individual relative, subjective realities. They are all expressions of Din and Gevurah.

Rigidity is called Din (judgment). Rigidity is Gevurah (severity). As long as we are narrow-minded in a singular point of view, we will forever be under the powers of the subjective (din/gevurah) nature of this reality, which we ourselves create and maintain.

The master plan exists in a quantum state of flux, and until we can elevate human consciousness to such a quantum state (Hesed/mercy), we will have to remain in school until such time that our lessons are complete. This is THEIR plan, and THE PLAN. This is why THEY are called the WATCHERS. THEIR job is to watch us, and help us grow.
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