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An Orthodox Rabbi Joins the Fight for Christmas!

Here in the US, there is a war going on against traditional Christmas observance, and it is high time that we non-Christians speak up in protest!

As a simple human being dedicated to serving God, I applaud my Christian neighbors in their pursuits of our common spiritual/moral endeavors.

I do not have to believe in Jesus Christ, or Santa Claus, to welcome, encourage and support these beliefs in my Christian neighbors, who hold these beliefs so dear to themselves.

Christmas is supposed to bear a message of peace on earth and good will towards man. This is a universal message that all should embrace, regardless of one's personal beliefs about Jesus.

Christmas Tree and Manger Scenes are reminders to Christians about all that's right about their faith.

These religious symbols do not divide, they unite!

Christmas Trees and Manger Scenes may not be expressions of my faith, but they are an expression of a faith, a faith that has the potential to be right and good for all.

Why then is there such an attack on these Christian symbols of what is right and good about Christianity, and equally an attack on what is right and good about the Christian people who so love and embrace these symbols?

Why the intolerance? Why the cultural and historical revision?

Why? I'll tell you why! Because, as a proud American of the Jewish faith, I have lived my life experiencing such intolerance towards my own religious expressions. I recognize intolerance and prejudice when I see it.

The assault on Christmas is not just an assault on symbols, it is an assault on all things Christian. All things Christian include, the Bible, the Jewish Bible, and thus by extension, anything and everything Jewish. (ref. Rev. 12:17)

Therefore, an attack on Christmas is an attack on everything that the Biblical tradition stands for, regardless of the many ways there are to walk the Biblical path, in accordance to the Word of God.

Why the intolerance? Because today, the attack of intolerance is not limited to Jews and Judaism, it has now come to include attacks on Christians and Christianity.

Everyone who stands up for the Bible, is being attack by everyone who stands against it. It really is as simple as this!

This is a cultural conflict over the soul of a nation, and of a culture.

In this battle, in my opinion, all those who wish to walk the path of the Bible as they see fit, must put all our differences aside, and stand united against a greater common ungodly foe!

We must unite in the spirit of the universal Biblical message of peace on earth, and good will towards all.

Therefore, even though Christmas is not my holiday, I believe that each of us should do our share to support and encourage our Christian neighbors in their celebration of it.

Support your local public domain Christmas Tree or Manger display.

If your local town does not believe it to be politically correct for religious expressions to be on public property, stand up and loudly disagree!

Proclaim that you, as a non-Christian, are very much happy with, and desirous of traditional American Christmas expressions, and the more public they are, the better it is for everyone!

So, allow me, as a proud, practicing American Jewish Orthodox Rabbi, wish to all my Christian neighbors a sincere and warm, MERRY CHRISTMAS.

And, to all my Christian neighbors who embrace Christmas, please allow me to echo the sentiments of many ministers and pastors. Keep the focus of this holiday on God, on the Bible, and on peace on earth and good will towards man. Differences of doctrine do not matter when unity of morals and righteousness takes precedence.

If we embrace this together, I believe that we will all be taking a great step forward in being a witness to the true power and spirit of our blessed God and Creator.

Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year!

Rabbi Ariel Bar Tzadok
Monroe County, TN.

Copyright 2013 by Ariel Bar Tzadok. All rights reserved.

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