4 Ellul 5766, August 28, 2006



By HaRav Ariel Bar Tzadok. Copyright (c) 2006 by Ariel Bar Tzadok. All rights reserved.

I know that some of you will be upset by what follows, but I feel compelled to do what I believe is right...

Accept or reject what follows as you wish...

Everything here may be totally right, totally wrong, or somewhere in between... time will tell.

Dreams have been rather active and heavy lately.

Much is going on around us unseen to the eyes of most.

Trust not what the media presents, it is a distraction to keep you away from noticing the truth.

“They” are coming and will soon be here, indeed many of “them” are here already.

Fear not, for this is all part of the plan.

Everything that transpires is necessary and is for the higher good.

No, I cannot and will not be more clear and descriptive.

These words are not meant for those who do not understand them intuitively within.

You can dismiss this entirely as crazy words.

However, those who see with the inner eye will recognize what is revealed here.

No questions will I answer, so do not ask me.

Address all your inquiries to Heaven and the ever- flowing mercy of HaShem will enlighten your mind and heart.

Here is what I saw concerning that which is soon to come upon us...

“is before us like an exposed woman, what is not true of the seed concealed in the earth.”

“there is no mediator, for Benjamin is the son of Rachel, not Leah, pay attention to that which is close.”

“the kingdom of Edom is the brother of Israel, as it is written (Malakhi 1:2), “is not Esav Ya’akov’s brother.”

“it is concealed within the letters, and it is asked why are they not obligated in all the mitzvot.”

“He is in Mashiah, because he enters first into the Garden of Eden, and he recognizes the fragrance of the Garden.”

“Bakhor (firstborn), same letters as Barukh (blessed), also the G-d of Ya’akov is numerically equal to Barukh.”


This is all I have...

Stop! Take a moment, and say a sincere "thank you" to HaShem for all the the good things you have right now.