I place HaShem 
before me, always.

(Psalm 16:8)
This is a great rule 
of the Torah!

(Shulkhan Arukh)


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The Written Works of
Rabbi Ariel Bar Tzadok

Copyright © 1997 - 2003
by Ariel Bar Tzadok.
All rights reserved.

Segulot (Spiritual Remedies) for DaILY USE

by Rabbi Ariel Bar Tzadok
Copyright © 1993, 2003 by Ariel Bar Tzadok.  All rights reserved.


As we seek HaShem’s mercy, I thought it appropriate to share with you all two very special segulot (spiritual remedies). 

Both of these are said to create a strong spiritual surge of kedusha (holiness) that will serve to protect one against harm and mishap.  They should be recited daily, all year round. 

 Segulah #1 for Blessing from the RaMBaN

This segulah was originally translated for my book Sefer Yikra B’Shmi.  The RaMBaN (Rabbi Moshe Ben Nahman) was amazed at the results of reciting these ten verses, or to write them in an amulet. 

It is written that whoever recited these verses every day will receive Divine protection and find grace and prosperity. 

Meditate and understand that the total number of Hebrew words in these verses are 91, the number of the union of the two holy Names YKVK and Adonai.  The number of letters (in Hebrew) is 365, the number of days in the Solar year, as well as the number of portions in the Incense Offering. 

These ten correlate to the ten sefirot.  The beginning letters spell out the ten-letter name of Havaya of MAH (Yod Vav Dalet, Kay Alef, Vav Alef Vav, Kay Alef).

1.  YOD, Hokhma:
Yoh-mahm Y'tzah-vey Adonai Hahs-doh Oo'B'lahy-lah Shirah Ee-me T'phee-lah L'El Hahy-yahy.  
In the day HaShem orders His mercy, at night His song is with me, a prayer to the G-d of my life.  (Psalm. 42:9)          

2.  VAV, Binah
Vah-ahnee T'fee-lah-tee L'kha Adonai Eht Rah-tzon Elohim B'rahv Has-dekha Ah-ney-nee B'Emet Yish-echa
And me, my prayer is to you HaShem, in a time of desire G-d in your great mercy hear me in the truth of your salvation.  (Psalm. 69:14)

3. DALET, Da'at:
Dah-rash-tee Et Adonai V'ah-ney-nee U'mih-kol M'goo-roh-tai Hah-tzi-lah-nee
I sought out HaShem and He answered me, and from all my fears has He saved me.  (Psalm. 34:5)

4.  KAY, Hesed:
Hah-teh Eh-lie Ohz-nekha M'heh-rah Hah-tzi-leh-nee Heh-yeh Lee L'tzoor Mah-ohz L'Bayt M'tzoo-doht L'ho-she-ay-nee
Incline to me your ear, quickly save me, You are to me a rock of strength a fortress of defense to save me.  (Psalm 31:3)              

 5.  ALEF, Gevurah:
Elohim La'hah-tzee-lay-nee Adonai L'ez-rah-tee Hoosha
G-d save me, HaShem help me speedily.  (Psalm 70:2)                                                                                                      
6.  VAV, Tiferet:
V'ah-tah Adonai Elohim, Ah-seh Ee-tee L'mah-ahn Sh'mekha Key Tov Has-dekha Ha-tzee-leh-nee
And you HaShem Elokim, do with me for the sake of your Name, for Your mercy is good, save me. (Psalm 109:21

7.  ALEF, Netzah:
Ah-tah Ha-el Oh-seh Peh-leh Hoh-dah-tah Bah-ahmrem Ooz-echa
You are the G-d who does wonders, the nations are informed of Your strength.
(Psalm 77:15)        

 8. VAV, Hod:
Vah-yoh-she-ehm L'mahn Sh'moh L'hoh-dee-ah Eht Geh-voo-rah-toe
He saved them for His Names sake to make known His strength. (Psalm 106:8)                                                 

9. KAY, Yesod:
Hih-neh El Yeh-shoo-ah-tee Ehv-tach V'Loh Ehf-chad Key Ah-zee Vih-zihm-rat Yah Adonai Why-hee Lee Lee-shoo-ah
Behold, G-d is my salvation, I will trust and not be afraid, for Yah HaShem is my strength and song, He has become my salvation.  (Isaiah 12:2)

10.  ALEF, Malkhut:
Elohim Ahl Tir-hak Mih-mey-nee El-oh-hay L'ez-rah-tee  Hoo-sha
G-d do not be far from me, My G-d speedily be my help.  (Psalm 71:12)         


Segulah #2 for Protection

In Sefer Amtahat Benyamim (page 29, Ot Zayin), it is written:

Tov Meod Sh'yikra B'khol Yom Hashira Ha'azinu . . .
Ki Yesh Bah MAG Pesukim V'sodo Gadol V'rahm.
V'al Yadei Zeh Lo Yusar Hatzelem Elokim M'alaiv,
V'lo Ye'ara Lo Shoom Ra B'olam B'oto Hayom.

Translation: “It is very good for one to recite every day the Song of Moses (Parashat Ha’azinu, Deut. 32:1-43).  Herein there are 43 verses that contain an awesome and great secret.  One who recites these verses daily will be assured that the “tzelem Elokim” (the image of G-d in which we were created) will never be lacking from him.  Also, no harm at all will befall one on the day he recites this.”

Like the segulah of the RaMBaN, this segulah requires of us the mere reading of verses of Torah.  Do not underestimate their value.  It was through the Torah that HaShem created the universe.  When we read the Torah, we are repeating those words that HaShem Himself spoke.  We also reverberate the essential foundations of creation and turn them to our good.


When coupled with proper behavior and a good personality, these segulot can work wonders in one’s life.  One warning though, a segulah only works for those who sincerely desire to walk the path to HaShem and thus by definition observe the mitzvot (both Benei Torah and Benei Noah). 

May HaShem bless us all that we change our behavior and be the best individuals we can be (Benei Torah and Benei Noah), created in G-d’s image and charged to act accordingly.

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